The water fast thread




Just curious, but has anyone done a water fast and then used possible epigenetic modulators? For example, starting a water fast and on day 5 start taking quercetin, sulforophane, and then T boosters (yohimbe, tongat ali, etc.). I ask because it may be that during water fasting our body is more receptive to epigenetic changes. And I’m thinking a demethylating agent and HDACi combined with T boosters may un-silence 5 ar in the nervous system and up-regulate its expression? Just a hypothesis.

Maybe even just taking T boosters during a water fast.


Nopicia congrats on the 10 day water fast. I’m in day 2 of my first fast. It’s a juice fast and I can already feel how crazy hard this is. Midnight tonight will be 48 hours for me. Im shooting for eight days. Maybe I’ll take it to ten days but I’m most likely going to stop at 8 as I have to much work to do in the coming weeks and want to recover asap.

Anyway . Now that it’s been a few days how are you feeling? Did you try taking DHEA, trib or tongkat after your fast to see if you responded to any of it differently ?

Any overall improvments in your condition?

Have you put your weigh or any of it back on yet?

I’m 2 days in and my stomach already looks and feels smaller.

I also started feeling dizzy and groggy at the 24 hour mark.did any of the negative side effects that you experienced during the first two days go away on on the 3rd or 4th day?

I have to say so far I’m not as week and hungry as I thought I would be but the dizzy feeling and confused feeling is killing me so far… I figure by day 5 if I’m still feeling this dizzy and out of it I’m going to cut it short


I’m not nopecia but my experience is the first 2 days are the hardest, then it seems like a switch is beeing flipped and everything becomes much more bearable. After 10 days or so it again became much easier and I felt nearly like I was eating normal. Although my brain was only functional 50%, but I think thats normal for most people during a fast.



I’m on my 4th day today of a juice/water fast. Midnight tonight will be 5 days. Yea it got easier after the second day but this still sucks really bad. There is nothing about this that feels healthy to me in any way. I’m stopping at 5-7 days. Have not decided yet.

Also I’m still working which is the main reason this is so hard.

To get up to 14 days I will have to build my tolerance. I’m going to recover and in a few weeks do a longer one and so on eventually building my way up to 14 day juice / water fast .


I’m 5 days in to my fast. It’s been A juice fast for the most part but I am making it a point to limit the amount of juice I drink as much as possible to make it as close as a water fast as possible. For my first time sense I started I feel somewhat normal. Weakness is still their all over my body but I’m not dizzy, my stomach does not hurt, and I don’t feel like I’m going to throw up.

It’s to early to known if I will continue to feel this good for the rest of my fast but it’s a positive change that’s very consistant with “feeling better after 5 days” like everyone claims. Also my muscles feel ache like for the first time so I wonder if my body has now started to eat the protein from them which is y I’m feeling more normal.

I plan on stoping at 7 days with the plan to make my next one 14 days. I’m happy with the result so far as I only intended on making this first one 36 hours so I’m already going the distance with 7 days.


The more often you fast the easier it gets. This muscle aches are afaik catabolic processes in your muscles, so yeah your body has started to digest itself, which is normal of course (and healthy). Are you having headaches? I had insane headache during my first fast, but this greatly improves the more often you fast.


The first 2 days my head was killing me. I was dizzy and honestly just felt terrible. The second 2 days the same symptoms just not as bad. Today. Half way through my 5th day I actually feel good. All of the symptoms are gone. I just feel a little weak and mentally I feel like I really want to eat. As of now it’s all mental.

When u put it like that, my body has started to digest itself, that’s actually pretty scary. But it sounds like you have fasted for extended periods of times and have lived to tell about it so I’m good with it. I’m still stoping at 7 days because this is just my trial run. If I feel like this all the way to day seven than I’m doing 14 days my next time.

By yea the headache sucked. Did you get the headache the entire time during your first fast ?Or just the first 2-5 days ?

So your pretty much saying that for my next fast I will have an easier time making it through the first 5 days ?


I completed an eight day fast around this time last year. I was worried going into it about headaches, as due to the nature of the fast you can’t take any meds to stop them. Luckily I never had any, which may have been related to the fact I had stopped taking caffeine before so wasn’t in any withdrawal from that either. Or maybe I just drunk plenty of water and that was enough. I never really encountered any major problems aside from muscle pain a few days into it around my ass and thighs where I had already lost muscle, so that convinced me to stop from going longer.

The best advice I could give would be to drastically lower your calorie intake a day or two before and make sure what you eat then is unprocessed and healthy, to give yourself a better chance to adjust. Also consider doing a 24 hour fast or close enough once maybe a week before to prepare yourself.


Sounds like good advice. I will do both of these things for my next one.
U get any long term gains from your 8 day fast?


im seriously screwed up i had PFS from saw palmetto that i could deal with then i took arimdex to try to help and i developed PAS (post arimidex syndrome) And its basically exact same as PFS estrogen doesnt work now i even bought estradiol cream and took 2x female dose and did nothing !!! just like DHT cream.

I am sure i have DHT and Estrogen antibiodies.

i am thinking i will commmit suicide via a water fast. ONe last chance at a recovery maybe at day 40 i will recover


At first I didn’t really believe in fasting, but with the auto immune disorder theory, fasting suddently seems alot more interesting. I already tried fasting for 18 hour period (between 6:00 pm until noon the next day) on week days for several weeks, but I didn’t see any improvements.

Within the next 2 or 3 weeks, I will try to go for a 3-day fast. I don’t think I am capable of trying much longer… especially with social events, the kids (need to feed them), work, etc.

I will post here when I do try it and let you know how it goes.


I did a 5 day fast.

Could hardly stand up on day 5 felt really bad so i stopped.

Food was amazing but i broke it too fast and bricked my stomach

Wish i tried 21 day fast when i only had pfs.

Fasting seems good for both the epigenetic & autoimmune theory.

Can’t see pfs being anything else. …


What do you think is the shortest period of water fast someone could do to feel benefits? I know there’s no way I could go for 10 days, or even a week!

I think I can do 2 or 3 days about once or twice a month. Is this worth it or am I wasting my time?


4-7 days once a month.

Takes 3 days just to get into ketosis. Big healing only starts after 7


I read that fasting after 5-7 days causes the body to replace the old immune system cells with new ones.


Thanks for the responses. I will try to aim a 5 days fast at some point …

I was going for a 2-day fast (just to get my body used to it) as of yesterday at noon, but when someone at work sent an email that it’s my birthday tomorrow, I got caught up in a birthday lunch today ! So it will have been 24 hours. I’m not really affraid of the physical or psychological aspects of a fast, but it’s gonna be a big challenge to make that fit in my schedule (kids, work lunchs, social life, etc.). I will try to see where I can fit 5 days and do it as soon as I can.

By the way, I read that you can take 2-3 table spoons of Coconut oil each day. It helps maintain muscle mass and doesn’t interfere with the fasting benefits. I think it also helps to limit the hunger sensation.


will a bone broth fast cause autophagy>


A window of opportunity just opened up for a 2 day fast … I know I’m probably not doing it right, because I didn’t give my body the best conditions (I cracked yesterday … had 3/4 of a bottle of wine and many chocolate cookies!), but I’m gonna give it a try anyways. Next meal will be breakfast on thursday morning.


A 2 day fast can do more harm than good. The body uses the glycogen in the liver and muscles the first 3 days, which means you’ll be losing muscle. After 3 days, it switches to ketosis, which means it’ll use mostly fat as fuel, and burn up the junk you have stored in your body. That is when the healing effect of fasting occurs. So I wouldn’t recommend doing a short fast, but bear in mind that I’m not a doctor and my knowledge is based on research and consultation with my endocrinologist.