The water fast thread


Please post your experience if you have done a waterfast, i.e how many days, benefits, side effects etc. Also, any useful information from the web can be posted.
I am planning to do a 3 day waterfast to observe my body’s reaction. If no serious issues occur, i will do another one for one week.
Also, during the waterfast can you supplement with amino acids to prevent severe muscle loss?


i did several 3 days water fast. Water fast you canot eat anything, only drink water.

i´m preparing my self to a longer water fast.

for me helps my sleep pattern, help my concentration at work, better recovery pos workout, increase skin oil, better reaction to suplements, vitamins, little morning erection apears(very rare before fast), better well being, better mood.

i see beneffits only after 3 weeks after refeed. Be patient, and do many as you can.

I also in a new diet, a free saturated fat diet.


Costa, I’m one of those who did a water fast, you can find many more on this forum. Fasting is one of the few things you can do that give you improvements that stay afterwards unlike the drugs I tried . I continued taking my supplements during the fast, so amino acids shouldn’t be a problem. If they help to prevent muscle loss I can’t tell, but doing sports and working out during the fast does help. If you find that a waterfast is too rough for you, you should drink 2-4 small glasses of juice a day, that will make it much easier.


Thanks for your reply man! I believe fasting is one of the natural ways of healing the body. It certainly has its benefits. I have done some 24h waterfasts with no problems at all. But if im going to work out during a longer one i would like to take some amino acids because muscle tissue catabolism will be a problem. Even in intermittent fasting some experts advice on supplementing with aminos that have less than 5 cals, hence they dont brake the fast before workout.


You’re not supposed to work out during an extended fast.


During my first waterfast I didn’t workout, but I lost quite some muscles and weight. During my second fast I did workout (and drank juices with total 150kcal a day) and didn’t lose any muscle strenght (yes muscle volume did go down a bit but that’s probably because of waterloss). I can put on the same weights I could before the fast.

If you decide to fast in a fasting clinic, they put on a sport and activity program for you.


few days of fasting is bullshit, if they want to try fasting at least 21 days

from 6 weeks fasting can cure almost any disease, 3 days make no difference because your body takes 72h to ketosis phase and to 45 days to complete regeneration required


I fasted for 10 and 13 days, each time it helped me so much.


6 weeks can cure but nobody can endure this…


what benefits did you experience from fasting?


When I did a 4 day water fast last year it really helped my mental sides. I also did a 7 day water fast this year but I didnt notice any long term benefits from it but by that point my mental sides had cleared up.

I think anyone who is suffering from the mental side effects should try a 4 day water fast.

Other benefits I got from fasting were better sleep more energy, stronger bones and better oral health but those benefits only lasted a few weeks.

I plan to try and do a 10 day water fast in the summer. I dont think one fast alone is going to undo all the damage Finasteride did to us but maybe a number of long fasts over time could be the answer.


I have done both a 21-day and a 30-day water fast. It’s not a fast unless you only drink water.

Nothing else. Only water.

Btw I still have pfs. Also I don’t have billions of dollars at my disposal so I had to start working immediately after the fast…which probably wasn’t smart, but I could feel my prostate and I could piss very easily afterwards fwiw.


pax, did you experience any sexual benefits from the fast?


In the first week after fasting I noticed that my sleep got better, in week 3 I noticed my forehead is oilier, this week I noticed more scalp ithing and hairloss. My eyesight is still unstable, on some days better on some worse.

The improvements from fasting come very smooth, but they come. I see it as an recovery accelerator, the best I found so far.

Maybe a waterfast is most efficient but drinking 1 glass of fruit and 3 glasses of vegetable juice a day makes the fast so much more comfortable, and still gives you nearly the same benefits. If you can, do a waterfast, but if not a “juice fast” is fine too. That’s my opinion.


I was always curious about how yours turned out. Could you go into more detail about what it did for you?


Guys I want to do a 2 weeks water fast, but I am so skinny I am affraid something bad might happens to me if I do so. I have following questions:

1- Can you do a long water fast on your own at home or you need to go to a clinic?
2- How much weight do you lose after a 2-week water fast?
3- What do you do during the fast? I mean, do you just stay in bed/home and do nothing or you can go to work and do your day-to-day activities?
4- How do you break your fast? with what kind of food? Can you go back to work after the fast immediately or you need some time to recover?
5- what signs should you watch during the fast to know if you can continue or you should break it?
6- I think I need to gain some weight so I can endure a 2-week fast. How do I gain weight?
7- I don’t know what kind of excuse should I make to get 2 weeks off from work and how to deal with co-workers comments and questions regarding my weight loss after fast. I have already lost a lot of weight on a low-carb diet and get these kinds of questions every day.

Any comment is appreciated guys. Please let me know if you know of a good website to get more information on water fast.


this should help:


Just an update from me:

I’m loosing so much hair right now … it is scary. Scalp is itching sometimes and my forehead is much oilier than it was before. My libido is good, maybe a better than before but I’m not sure because libido isn’t really an issue for me. I’m planning to drop 90% of my supplements within the next 1-2 months and then fast again.

If you are having sleep problems, fasting is the best thing you can do.


I’ve finished a 3 day “trial fast” and it was able to trigger this extremely oily forehead for me too on day 3. I had oily forehead only 3-4 years ago before the hairloss drugs.

The previous 3 years pretty much destroyed my life but along with that destroyed life some bad things have also been destroyed. One of them is shyness and caring too much about what others say. In some way this shitty hair loss drug was an eye opener for me and it made me much stronger and I hope I can use this power in the future for other than killing myself. I’ve basically lost my whole social circle as I got fed up with being mentioned as “possibly gay” and I’ve just found out how many assholes are there outside wanting to exploit your problems/flaws (and I didn’t anymore enjoy going out anyway). You don’t have to provide accurate and scientific answers that account for your thin or extremely thin body. You share what you are willing to share with others. Everybody has secrets.

  • How have you lost so much weigh?
  • I don’t know.
    That’s it. Noone has anything to do with your weight. Period. I’ve seen this “what others say” attitude at many places around the forum…

Recently I’ve mentioned the 30 day water fast to a good old friend and he basically said that I’m an idiot (in a good manner). The average people will never understand this. My plan is 30 days but I may go for 35 or 40 if I can pull it off. Fortunately I’m an office worker so doing it without holidays is possible.


Just think of girls with anorexia: they usually die after reaching twenty-something kilos while their normal weight would usually be at least 50-60 kgs. Their progress is also much slower than 1-2 months so I guess they have more time to deplete essential minerals than you in case of a 20-30 day water fast. You should probably have some serious health issues to run into problems.