The water fast thread


Wow 110% agree. What you wrote are exactly the same conclusions I made for myself. Yesterday for the first time I had the thought that I’m actually thankful for taking fin, because it made me the person who I am now. I’m stronger and more free than I ever was in my mind. If this poison and the 2 years suffering didn’t stop me, nothing can.


At first it was pretty hard to admit that this poison (probably just like similar catastrophes in life) can make one stronger in some way. Quite sure that most of us will value life more after a successful cure. I’m already ways more greedy and ambitious than the pre-fin myself when it comes to my career. A few weeks ago I was thinking about getting a better payed job abroad and at some point freeing myself from “wage slavery” if I have enough time (in life) to do that… I was never thinking/dreaming about stuff like that before. Asked for and reached a sum of +33% (!!!) net pay rise (3 pay rises in a row) in the last 8-9 months despite the fact that I already had above average salary (yes, I’ve worked hard in the past too to deserve that)! The pre-fin me was just hiding in the corner at the desk without even dreaming about asking for a pay rise. Well, being a bit more ambitious (“jerk”?) definitely pays off when it comes to career and there is no place for shyness. Similarly, if I get my cock working again I will try to get every girl I see on the streets and plan for pulling half of the universities on my rod for sure! ;-D


I´m cautios about this.

PFS leaves your very exhausted anyways.

Water fasting is very demanding to the body.

It is very imprtant your elimanatuion organs are working well before doing this,

otherwise you may get toxic overload as released toxins cant find a way out.


I’ve completed day 5. The only things that I experience are a little tiredness, a little hunger and a lot of boredom. My morning urine became extremely dark but it gets lighter through the day, it also burns like never before especially in the morning. Lost more than five kilos and I think about 5kilos of fat from this from several parts of my body - some areas have became noticeably lean and my skin became about half as thick as before at several spots. The last night I could sleep 9 hours without interruption/waking up and before this I don’t remember the last time I could sleep 6 hours in a row, woke up every 3-4.5 hours.

I forgot to mention that I had slightly and constantly elevated blood pressure between 135/85 and 145-90. When my GP found this out 3 months ago I bought a blood pressure meter and since then I measure it usually 2-3 times a day with an accurate device. Yesterday my blood pressure was around 130/85 and today it was around 120/80 like old times. I’ve just measured it before adding this edit and my current blood pressure after about 1,5 hour of sitting/netsurfing is 117/75. Note that I haven’t measured such good results in the last 3 months at any single point of time even when I did it after a long rest by sitting in front of my computer.


thanks for the update, how long do you plan on fasting for? I am starting a water fast tomorrow as well.


guys is anybody imroved his vision quality with fasting?


I plan for 30-45 days depending on how things going. If I feel bad or get sick of it or become truly hungry then I interrupt earlier. Note that fasting is much more powerful fat-loss tool than I could imagine it previously. Some sites say that during a prolonged 30 day fast you lose on average half kilo a day but most of the loss happens in the first 10-15 days - I have no more doubt about this. If this goes on then 30 days will make me as lightweight/lean/skinny as I was maybe only in the middle of my teenage years. With the current weigh loss speed I have at most 5-10 days left to lose most of my visible fat with which I reach an already very lean body I had at the beginning at my twenties. The top half of my six pack is already visible to some degree. I’m curious about the effects of 45 days but it has good potential to transform my look into that of someone escaped from a concentration camp (although I don’t really care about this like some some do, regaining weigh is the easiest…). :slight_smile: My weigh loss definitely isn’t the result of dehydration as I drink much more than average (always when I feel that my stomach is about to get empty), at least 3 liter of tap water a day but rather more. Fortunately it doesn’t increase much the number of my pissing sessions a day but it makes each session lengthier…

Note that about 2 weeks ago I performed a short 3 day fasting and I haven’t noticed anything but this time the first 3-4 days were much worse (especially days 3 and 4) in terms of hunger/fatigue/burning-dark-pee but still nothing unbearable. Day 5 was quite OK but boring, as fatigue goes away I think I have to find some way to fight fasting related boredom.

I have very good vision but historically my right eye alone has always been much weaker and blurrier alone. Covering my left eye will be a very good testing tool. If it won’t take any extra effort to read something with just right eye or if it catches up with my left one then we can count it as an improvement. But why don’t you try it? You don’t have anything to lose (besides fatty overweight).


Please everyone who is currently fasting or about to start keep providing updates.

Thinking about attempting this my self eventually.

Best of luck to everyone


i wish to have my vacations now to start my water fast. 15 days is absolutely impossible at work.

30 days after my last 3 days water fast, i´m taking melatonin and its working perfect. 3mg from now foods. This is a knot out sleep

some people say that 4 days water fast it´s waste of time. I´m very exciting to do a 15 days because 4 days works for me.


Day 10 finished. I think this day was the easiest: no fatigue, no hunger and I had a lot of things to do so I had no time to get bored. Days 6-9 were terrible. I could sleep only 3 or 4,5 hours and woke up with high heart rate (90/sec) but otherwise very good blood pressure. (Note: today I’ve slept 6 hours.) I’ve encountered this previously as part of PFS but some water fasting forums say that it is normal to have fluctating pulse. After waking up the high pulse goes away (if I stay in bed it doesn’t) and I can not sleep back and I continue the rest of the day as if I was a pile of crap. I’ve never been a good sleeper but since PFS having only a 3 or 4,5 hour sleeping is frequent for me (brain chemistry???)

Lost a total of 10kg fat since the beginning. I’ve only a few kilos left mostly on my ass and above my cock in a triangle but even these areas have at least halved in the last 10 days.

I’ve read on some water fasting forums that your pee can get more acidic while fasting. I guess this was the cause of my terribly burning pee that improved in the last 5 days and my seems to get a bit lighter (at day 5 it was so dark brown I almost couldn’t see through a 10cm high pee in the toilet in the evening).

I also had a urine test at day 5 along with a partial blood test done by my gp (no hormone profile). The urine test confirms the high urine acid and some other things were also high but I’ve searched for “fasting and high …” and different sources said its normal while fasting. Glucose was half of the bottom range.

My free time is spent on learning stuff (work/career) and invested several days & hours in searching for food to eat after the fasting. I will start with ingredients that are mostly anti-estrogenic and in the first few days probably only with vegetable juice. Another thing I was searching for is foods that contain stuff to balance brain chemicals. Later I introduce heavier stuff: yoghurt, diary and meal. Its also a pain in the ass to find real/organic food sources. I’m afraid I will have to buy most of the food from “untrusted” sources. Adding some supplements like CoQ10, Vitamins, pycnogenol, D3, Calcium is also on my list but I’m not sure about these…


robotmouse, im sorry if I missed it but how much did you say your weight was to begin with?


As far as I remember I haven’t mentioned my metrics. 182cm tall. 70-75 kg full muscle before hair loss drugs. I started the fasting with 83kg from which about 10-15kg is fat. Now I’m 73kg and most of the fat is gone. The result is pretty spectacular, I feel that my jeans became quite loose around my thighs and on my ass and I seem to be in my original fit shape. The remaining fat is on my ass and above my cock in a triangle (note that in contrast to typical men I started to gain weigh on my ass even before pre-fin but I never had fat above my cock).

Most people wouldn’t believe but the 10th and this (the 11th) day were the easiest from the whole fasting. Now the only annoying thing is boredom with which I try to cope by reading. My sleep also seems to be a bit improved. I woken up in the middle of the night but it was a “normal” wake-up and it was very easy to sleep back (just like pre-fin times). It also seems that I start having dreams everyday. On high untreated estrogen I haven’t dreamed anything for more than 2 years.

It also seems that sometimes when I wake up I have a libido-ish something. In that state I feel the female body interesting but it can trigger only a part of the original pre-fin sexual response, it elevates heartbeat quickly but it seems that there is no signal sent downwards so the sensitive penis and excited prostate is definitely missing from the picture… Another interesting thing is that for me achieving an erection is easier in the evening, I’m afraid this is because my high morning T also causes high E.


I was going to start my fast a week ago, but due to pressing social obligations I could only begin it yesterday. I’ve only been fasting for one day, but I can already feel the difficulty, even though I’ve water fasted before, water fasting feels like such an immense responsibility, its hard to describe. Its always funny how before actually starting the water fast I always feel like it will be really easy, but once I actually begin the water fast I begin to realize just how hard it really is :wink:

robotmouse, what are you doing to pass the time?


Question: “can supplements still be taken during fasting?”
When I will begin a week or more of fasting I would like to keep taking supplements such as iodine, DIM, methylcobalamine, forskolin, zinc, copper, selenium.
Any idea?


I dont think its a good idea to take supplements while fasting. The whole point in fasting is that you force your body to use its own resources.


I agree with mark, if you’re gonna fast, then fast. IMO supplements have the possibility of decreasing the effectiveness of the fast.


I’m just digging myself into books and articles on the internet. About food, my career, and sometimes I pick up a guitar to learn playing! :slight_smile:

I’ve just finished day 15 and its terribly difficult. I have constant low energy especially in the morning (probably as a result of low blood sugar) and I’m often very-very moody. Interestingly sometimes in the evening I feel very fresh and energized but at the same time it makes it more difficult to go to bed. Lost almost 15 kilos, soon I’m going to buy some new jeans as I’m already starting to become a skeleton, its already visible through clothes and people are already noticing it. Still, digging myself in something and forgetting about the world helps a lot! Definitely look for some interesting TODOs if you haven’t yet done it! Thinking about the goal - an at least partially successful reboot - also helps a lot!

It is possible that I won’t be able cross the 30 day limit without becoming bones and skin only so I may stop at day 30, before the planned 40-45, we will see. At day 30 I will do a blood test and its result can also affect my decision whether I continue or not.

Just keep goin, it gets better/easier after 3-5 days!


I feel ya! Even though I’ve fasted before, it doesn’t get much easier to do. I’m only on day three and I already feel overwhelmed. For the past few hours I have been watching documentaries on hotdogs mmmmmm. I really really want to eat but I know that IF I ate, then as soon as I ate I would realize that I wasn’t nearly as hungry as I thought I was. So I’ve been trying to make myself realize that my feelings of intense hunger are only an illusion.

Some things that I have found that help with fasting are: hot showers, and music. From what I’ve experienced, hot showers help to regulate mood, and also they reduce appetite temporarily. (for at least a few hours) While music on the other hand is a no brainer, it just helps to distract you, and pass the time.

by the way, what are you currently craving? for me, I am craving fried rice or a nice chili cheese dog.


Everytime you get hungry just drink water with some lemon juice (freshly pressed from a lemon) and the hunger will go away for some time. If the hunger gets to strong don’t break the fast but drink some fruit juice.


You’re not supposed to take in anything other than water for a proper water fast. You’re also not supposed to exercise as you also advised, that’s crazy. You will be too weak and if you indulge in weight lifting or something strenuous could do yourself serious harm.

I completed an eight day water fast last month. I haven’t really noticed any improvements as a result, other than the obvious weight loss. Nor was it particularly difficult, although it can be very tedious as you have to put your life on hold and limit movements. Thankfully I had no headaches but did experience muscle cramps and a night or two of insomnia. I may try a 10-14 day fast towards the end of summer.