The water fast thread


Well if somebody says he can’t stand the hunger anymore then I would say it is better to drink a small amount of juice instead of giving up or what do you think? And besides that lemon juice has nearly 0 calories. I said that sports and physical activity is beneficial during a fast, not that you have to work out, of course if somebody wants to that is okay too. And these are not my ideas they come from the biggest fasting clinique in germany, it’s all one their website. What kind of serious damage do you mean?


I could eat absolutely anything! :slight_smile: Just thinking of very simple foods like natural yoghurt make my saliva flooding.

This is the beauty of this, even healthy food will be tasty when you stop! Previously when I stopped my 3 day fasting a strange thing happened: I have raw maca powder and I hated its mostly bitter and moderately sweet and strange taste. People usually mix it with juices and food to avoid that taste and even marketing advertizes maca for its health effect rather than its “awful”/unusal taste. After stopping a 3 day fast I eat a few spoons of that powder alone and it felt incredibly delicious! Now I like its bitter-sweet taste and I can simply eat the daily several spoons of the powder alone and of course I could whatever amount I wanted (but sometimes I have to drink a bit of water between spoons as the powder is extremely dry).

Hot dog sounds quite attractive but I would start with something lighter and healthier! ;-D I will probably drink the juice of anti estrogenic vegetables and I add some boiled eggs and yoghurt. Yummm! Just thinking about it…

Recently read an interesting article about processed foods in general. I was quite a McDonalds fried potato addict and just found out that a simple pack of fast-restaurant fried potato can consist of 9 ingredients (!!!). Processed foods often go for optimizing out the self-rewarding system of your brain to become addicted and according to the article this is possible only with more ingredients so simple and natural food does not have a chance against this. This of course results in much more overeating unlike consuming natural foods.

BTW, it seems that I may be very sensitive to light when sleeping. I made my room 100% dark and could have 6 hours of very good quality sleep the last two days. I had relatively good but short lasting little-bit-more-than-semi boner both days and thinking about sex could result in the old metallic boner without physical stimulation! Not bad, especially if we take into account that my serum albumin and SHBG are probably sky high because of fasting!


one thing I noticed after completing an 11 day fast earlier this year was that after coming off the fast my tastebuds were resensitized and even food like pizza tasted too salty to me. Something like boiled eggs and yogurt doesn’t make my mouth water yet, but I imagine when I get to 15? days like you are at then stuff like that will sound really good to me!

I’m surprised you are still getting morning wood, I stopped getting it two days into the fast. I think I could only get an erection if I tried really really hard. BTW did you lose any size from propecia? I lost a little bit of length and girth, so im hoping that an extended water fast will help restore those things. Cdnuts reported that he regained some size from an extended water fast (like 31 days I think).

Hey since we are both fasting, I hope we can post on here often and keep each other company. Its a terribly lonely feeling just fasting by yourself, at least I think it is. It feels almost like my world has stopped and im in some sort of strange limbo zone. Its almost like my life shifts from seeming “too real”, to almost seeming like a dream. I don’t know if that makes any sense to you or not.

One other thing, how are your energy levels doing? I find that I am already moving slower/get tired easier only four days into the fast, but I seem to recall that during my last fast my energy levels were pretty steady up until the last day of the fast. (I fasted for 11 days).


I’ve been throwing that idea around actually…I’m not sure if I’m going to implement it or not, actually I was thinking of spicing up my water with a little bit of lemon juice with a pinch of sea salt thrown in, but yeah I don’t know if I should do it or not though. In my past fasts though, about 6-7 days into the fast I usually broke down and started drinking perrier mineral water instead of distilled water. I don’t think drinking mineral water is too bad, because I still felt benefits from those fasts even though I drank that, but yeah, who knows? I guess its just a matter of the water fast being such a grueling and difficult thing to do, so naturally we don’t want to do anything that would take away from our hard effort.


I almost never have a morning wood even outside fasting. My sleep is terrible, usually low quality 4,5-6 hours. I’m writing this after waking up with racing heart after 4,5 hours of sleep and I’m not sleepy at all. Despite this I can get it up with physical stimulation. The wood I mentioned previously was special because I could reach a full wood without any physical stimulation for the first time in 3-4 years. It can be a problem that I usually go to bed too late (0-2 am) but unfortunately I’m never sleepy at around 8-10 pm.

I never had a problem with size. One tiny think I’ve noticed is something on the right side of the base of my penis. A bump appeared there and a small pit in front of it. This is not on the freely moving part of the penis but next to my right balls. Noticeable only in erect state but now it seems to go away, it is already unnoticeable if I have a very hard erection.

Sure! :slight_smile: Its not hunger that makes this difficult but rather the extreme boredom and mentally empty feeling. Its incredible how much pleasure comes just from eating, no wonder that we “waste” so much time on it! :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to get some interesting books or dig yourself into any other activity. It will be unbearable for 30 days without doing something. Dig yourself into something, forget about the world and just let the time go!

To me this seems to be very fluctating. Sometimes I feel like a 100 year old, it takes extreme effort to stand up and walk but sometimes I’m extremely fresh and energized. It was worst on days 3-4 and 10-11 for me but even these days it takes extra effort to walk upstairs.

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed in the past days is hyperpigmentation. Originally I’ve had only a few (maybe 20) birthmarks on my whole body. After hairloss drugs the hormonal change has created maybe 100-200 tiny red spots that gradually grew into almost birthmark like spots. A few days ago about 20-30 spots have appeared on both arms. Somewhere I’ve read that this has something to do with a chemical released somewhere by the endocrine system.


time is going by so slowly… painfully slow.

between looking at pictures of delicious food on the internet, I also try to remind myself why I am water fasting, and how advantageous the ultimate benefits will be.

Another thing I have noticed is that im not actually hungry, not in a physical sense, rather its mostly mental. I don’t want to eat just because im hungry, but rather I want to eat to taste the food. I guess the truly tough thing about fasting is that you really have to temporarily give up on tons of worldly pleasures, which include: eating, drinking (both beverages and liquor), smoking, exercising, masturbating/sex, etc. (actually I could masturbate if I really wanted to, but at the moment I have no desire whatsoever for sex.) So naturally fasting is grueling since you are forced to live a very rigid lifestyle for a while.

Another thing I make sure to remind myself of is IF I finish this fast (goal is 28 days), then I will have an increased appetite, which will allow me to eat even more when I finally come off the fast. Ever since I took fin, my appetite was shit, but after each fast I do, my appetite gets better and better, so hopefully after breaking the fast I will be able to gorge myself (on a daily basis) on the foods I love. Speaking of post fasting eating protocol, a lot of people say that after you water fast you should eat a very health diet to maintain the benefits from it, however I disagree with that. The only time it makes sense to maintain a healthy diet post fast is if you fasted for weight loss and want to try to keep the weight off, but barring that, there is not really a reason to adhere to a strict diet post fast. I personally have never noticed a lessening of gains from the fast when I broke my fast and went back to my old diet again. (lots of unhealthy, processed fatty foods, etc) Of course this is just my experience, it might be different for others.


I heard about a guy who did a water fast and his side effects got worse. Anyone know more about that?

I’m considering doing one but the risk of this puts me off.


can you provide a link to what you’re talking about?

From my own experience, every time I have fasted (I have fasted twice so far, am on my third fast right now) I have experienced improvements. I can’t comment more about the guy you’re talking about since I don’t know anything about his situation.


I was told about it by a member of the forum but unfortunately he’s unwilling to disclose any further information about it.


I realise that’s totally unhelpful, it’s incredibly frustrating to me too.

Can anyone in this topic comment if they’ve experienced worse sides after a fast?


My idea on that is a time loss,

try to get full panel blood test

wait for several years after quit

and get full panel blood test again

you will,see whats failing so if there is a failure only thing is time to show us.

its very likely to the offset in bloodwork readings after time

in my case it was thyroid, i feel “fine” after t4 treatment thats because it lowering high cortizol by converting t4 into t3


I’ve only done 2-3 day water fasts, and they have generally not been helpful to me. Energy drains away, dick shrinks, libido dissipates.

But I can attest to what was mentioned above re: “resensitization” of your taste buds when you do fasts or restrictive diets. I subsisted only on bone broth soup for a week, and got my appetite for other foods back.


nopecia, did your friend say how long he fasted for? From my experience, the only way to get any benefits from a fast is to fast for a minimum of around 11 days, but of course it is better if you fast for longer than that. If you only fast for two or three days then I don’t think it will benefit you very much, and yes, what merrychristmas said is correct, while fasting you will have lower energy and libido, and your dick will shrink too, however these are all temporary side effects. Another important thing to point out about water fasting is that you don’t experience the benefits while you’re fasting, rather you only experience the benefits after you break the fast and begin refeeding.


I know him, but i wont telll his nickname. He had only ed and numb penis and he did one week fast then he got tinnitus ,depression and brain fog. But he is just a exception.


I dont tthink pfs is a hormonal problem, its a neurologic problem and hormones wont cure your disease but may provide some relief.


I sometimes think,there is no pfs after 5 years, this is an organ failure or damage maybe, if you are hormones in balance after 10 years maybe this is nothing.

maybe this is a premature andropause start, why progesterone and proviron helps all of us
i usually think,i am 80 years old guy
think like that and live like that you will cured

but i was not a sweet guy, i mean cold, no feelings, i am still have no feelings

and think about smokers they are also dying


oh ok, I know what probably happened. He probably quit the fast in the middle of a serious detox and it had the end result of freeing up a bunch of previously “locked in” poisons into his body, thus triggering his side effects. At least this is my opinion on the matter. Then again, maybe he’s just an exception.


This comment is more of a stream of consciousness blurb than anything, it doesn’t actually pertain to much or contain any useful information, that being said…

So one side effect of fasting is extreme irritability. Usually when not fasting I am a VERY calm guy, who doesn’t get mad and tries to be as understanding as possible of people, however now that I’m fasting I feel like certain things just really set me off. One thing that really irritates me is how people like to claim (brag) that they did a water fast, and then when you read their fasting logs, they actually were drinking broth/juice/coffee/etc while doing the water fast, which actually makes it NOT a water fast. Seriously I don’t get why people insist on calling it a WATER fast if they’re not even actually drinking only water. what the hell???

regarding water fasting itself…its a different kind of hell I’ll tell you all that. I’m almost tempted to call it one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Although its not difficult because of physical reasons (for the most part my body feels fine, hunger is not too bad anymore and I feel no pain or discomfort in my body), rather its trying because of psychological reasons. It is pure hell contemplating the length of the fast (28 days), and knowing that you cannot eat anything at all during that time period. I don’t know about you all, but to me, 28 days is actually a really long period of time. Hell even a 14 day fast seems like an extremely long period of time. So naturally a fast twice as long as a 14 day fast just feels overwhelming. I have found that so far the only way I can get through this fast is a day at a time, that is to say, everyday I have to pump myself up, and remind myself of why I am doing this fast, only by doing that do I gain some small amount of motivation. Its funny because when I began the fast (on a full stomach, as I had just eaten some delicious pizza hours before I began the fast) I felt like the fast would be a piece of cake and would only require patience and some discipline. However the mistake I made was romanticizing the idea of the fast, truth be told, there is nothing romantic about fasting, its grueling and tough, at least for me it is.


Hey man! Have you found out something to do for yourself? I’m learning new stuff, on Monday I will use this knowledge to interview for 2 well paid jobs!!! :slight_smile: Start doing something! Just survive the first 3-5 days that is crap but after that it is crucial to stay active both mentally and physically! Walk a few kilometers every day, 5x20 pushups, 3x30 stiups, something light for your legs.

Mental: dig yourself into something that you may find useful to learn for future purposes. Try not to thing negative, I’ve found out that talking to someone for a few minutes can do wonders, your energy level depends a lot on your mood. In the first 10 days my mood has swang like hell, in the morning I wanted to die but after startup I could often end the day positively and energized. After day ten I could slowly get my food craving/addiction into control.

Look for healthy food, not for delicious! :slight_smile: After the fast even a small piece of natural yoghurt will be delicious. Think about buying a 3dl natural yoghurt and eating it slowly with a small spoon in little portions. Also, regardless of your condition I think it would be advantageous to start eating with anti estrogenic vegetable juice mixed with some protein (like boiled eggs and various beans) and some supplements (vitamins, etc) to counter unbalanced intake.

I’ve finished day 19, and I go at least 31 days where I have a scheduled blood test. This is almost 3 weeks and food craving/addiction is already under 100% control. You will be able to do it! I’ve lost about 15 kilos and bought some slim clothes, to be honest I like my new look! I look young and fit again! Thats also something that you will like if you have some overweight. My weigh loss has slowed down to 0.5kg/day. Even if I get extremely skinny it wont look that bad according to my estimations.

All this is about willpower/self-control. Fortunately I’ve always lived a dangerous life and I have a lot of self control. Note that after the fast everything will be delicious, even healthy food! All you have to take care is buying healthy stuff and regulating the amount of your intake. Eating some junk food is OK in my opinion but I will limit it to 1-2 occurrences/week (and in the first month I will eat only lightweight/clean food as start). Even this is already dangerous as junk food is more addictive (as I mentioned in a previous post) so eating it sometimes and limiting it to 1-2/week also requires willpower. If you don’t have to have an anti-estrogenic diet, and you are doing a LOT OF physical activity (several hours of sport, or hard physical work) then you can eat basically ANYTHING and your body burns it, I know this from experience. Unfortunately as a wage slave in an office you simply don’t have the time/chance to exercise/move enough.

You are a hero: you have already done one of the most difficult steps: you have started!!! :slight_smile: Keep going, read something that can be useful in the future, play some video games, go out for a jogging, and think about the possible positive outcomes and the taste of vegetables and healthy food! :slight_smile: You have to counter the carvings/boredom/fatigue on both mental and physical side and then you will feel normal!


The first 3 days are the most terrible. You feel like crap both mentally and physically and you piss acid after a day. According to an article I’ve read it takes your body about 3-5 days to switch to ketosis (fat burning mode) and this period is a huge stress for the body. After 3-5 days your body is in ketosis with about 50% efficiency, that means that your body burns about 1kg fat per day (that is about 3500kcals). After about day 10 your body optimizes fat burning and it burns only the needed calories (that is 2000kcal on average, half kilos of fat). In my opinion that article was right about these things.

So yeah, 3 days of fasting is just a waste of time. Just to quote from another article: Only a few people is able to do a 2 week water fast (it needs a lot of willpower) and this is enough to lose a lot of fat (10 kilos) but even less people have the willpower to do a 1 month fast, people usually do it only if they are motivated to heal something. The real healing effects start to kick in after week 2 and yeah, that is the turning point where the “crappy feeling” starts to become controllable.

I’ve also read about some extremely fatty people who did 60 and 90 (!!!) day water fasts, I still cant believe it…