The water fast thread


I wonder who did longest fasting on forum, and which improvoments has seen?


I think it depends on the individual and in my opinion for most people its both, especially that the two probably depend on each other. After lowering my estrogen my cock has become warm and functional again, still my libido and psychological erection triggering didn’t work. Rarely when I masturbate I can turn on my pussy hunger and raging libido but only when I near to coming (and I can keep it there for long). From this I suspect that mechanically I probably have everything (healthy penis, nerves, …). From the missing libido and terrible sleep patterns I suspect that its a terrible brain chemical imbalance that must have a lot to do with “neurologic” problems as pussy hunger starts in your brain.

I’ve read from several sources that fasting is extremely good for the brain for many reasons (search for it if you are interested). My experience is that I can learn very quickly, and definitely not slower than before fasting even at day 19. My mind is clear. Fasting also triggers several gene activations.

I would be curious whether these hair loss drugs can leave some crap in the brain that gets cleaned out slowly…


LOL, water fasting with coffee??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Maybe with camomile tea without sugar, but event that is more than water…

Its very hard to overcome negative feelings in the first 2 weeks and boredom just adds to it. For me this is a similar challenge like running for 15 or 30 minutes without stop: I simply can not do that without focusing my mind on something else. By focusing on something else (not running) I can run for much more than 30 minutes. The same is true for fasting!


Mine will probably be one of the longest (at least 31 days) with monthly blood test results: before fasting, day 31 of fasting, one month after fasting. Many say that you start getting better after some time of ending the fast when your body starts to build up again from the incoming nutrients. Note that I already feel the difference, losing the 15 kilos of fat considerably changed my body composition and made me less lazy & tired. At the same time doing the lightweight exercises is quickly pushing my body composition to the extremely lean one that I had when I was 17-18 years old. Even if I gain nothing more this is already something and fasting is a very good exercise to gain willpower.

Almost forgot this: I started fasting with maximum serum albumin and almost max SHBG. despite this I masturbated twice during the fast (just because, to fall asleep easier). The second occurrence was 2 days ago. Despite having zero libido and not too good orgasm (probably because I had really poor sleep the previous night) I had great erection and probably the biggest load I’ve seen in the last years and it was shooting 10-15cms. I think this is also good sign.



thanks for the heads up about exercise! I really think that is the missing piece, so far for me I spend day and night inside and on the computer, so no wonder I am going crazy! I am going to start doing light exercise now. Hopefully this will help improve my mindset.

I’m also jealous as hell that you are already on day 19! Damn I wish I was already at day 19.


You commit very trivial mistakes my friend! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  1. Never compare yourself to others because you can always find someone who is better at the time and that is disappointing. I’m not saying that I’m better, but even if I’m currently better that’s probably only because I’m not competing with anyone. Brad Pitt probably had a better life than I had and if I would compare myself to him that would be disappointing. I’m simply competing only with myself and progressing towards a goal I’ve set. I’m already satisfied with the improved body composition so fasting was not for nothing, just survive the first terrible days and you too will get this gift! :slight_smile:

  2. I’ve already overcame a lot of physical problems and I have only sleep/libido problems. I guess you and a lot of others have managed to get a lot of things under control and in that case it is not the end of the world. Don’t act as if pussies and fucking were the center of the world. There are a lot of other things you can focus on. Think of it as extra time that you can use to improve other aspects of your life while you are experimenting. You can only win with this, and even if we cant cure ourselves the pfs foundation may find something soon… Lets say you get back your pussy hunger in the next few years: If you spend that time productively you will have much better life, more confidence and self esteem and you will be a much attractive/interesting/valuable guy for girls and not just another average boring wannabe pussyfucker. Time to use the computer for useful things! If you are not in the mood for anything then “punish” yourself for this with a few pushups and situps, maybe with jogging! ;-D

Note: I have to admit that exercise is difficult while fasting so don’t be surprised, its not only you who may take it with difficulties but you can get used to this and it pays of very well in the long run. I haven’t done enough exercises in the first week and my body and muscles become soft like the body of a snail and felt like a 100 years old. Don’t commit this mistake!



congratulation by fasting! keep posting your results. the result will only appear weeks after breakfast. 4 weeks at least.

I did a couple 3-4 water fast. I´m preparing my self to a 10 to 15 days. Water fast and work its impossible for me.

are you working?


Thank you!

I’m working but its only mental work in an office. Just finished day 20 but mentally I’m crystal clear, I learn quickly and thinking is lightning fast. The physical side is also okay, finished a total of 80 pushups, 60 situps and I’ve just arrived from a ~5km walk and I feel fresh, maybe too fresh to go to bed unfortunately.

If you are doing continuous heavy physical work through the day then that probably conflicts with a long fasting. I feel that doing a bit more heavy stuff like going to the 5th floor on stairs I definitely feel the difference between fasted/non-fasted states.

Good luck with your fasting! The force to be with you! :wink:


Finished day 20: Sleep pattern is still varying and crappy. I don’t really sleep a lot but despite this I’m mentally clear and physically OK. Energy levels were more or less stable in the last 5 days. Half cm of my frontal hairline has severely thinned out in the past 5 days, totally lost about a 1cm2 patch of hair from my hairline above my left temple, that are was originally a bit thinned area for 2-3 years. The dark piss seems to get a bit lighter and no longer so acidic or maybe I just got used to it… I have absolutely no food cravings, the “psychological hunger” is also under control (disappeared) since about day 15 so this is not a limiting factor in ending the fast. It is important not to focus on McDonalds and KFC food even if you pass by these places, focus on other areas of life!


day ten of waterfast…hunger has mostly abided, now its just a matter of finding stuff to stay busy with so that time goes by faster! Anybody else reading this thread that is fasting besides me and robotmouse?


keep up the good work, guys. just remember, the most important part of the fast is how you break it.

as gradually and as gently as possible.


havent you fasted a lot before pax? I seem to recall reading a couple of threads where you were talking about it.


yeah, still have pfs though. i didn’t understand what i should have been doing to my body nutritionally post-fast. I’m doing okay now, pretty well in the gym, actually, but i still have libido and erection problems.

“Midnight-wood” happens a lot now; i creamed my sheets twice last night.


how much would you say your erection problems improved as a result of fasting? I mean, on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest, what was your EQ before fasting and your EQ afterwards?

also how much do you weigh?


3 days ago I started gradually get more and more tired. I think I’ve done too much exercise during my water fast. 3 days ago I felt that its extremely hard to walk upstairs to my flat. Every breathe took effort (really!) while trying to fall asleep in my bed. The day that followed was even more horroristic. It was a struggle to breathe and walk and sometimes I felt that I fall off the chair in the following moments. That day at around 3am I woke up lying on my left side with rapid heart beat and every heart beat hurt like hell deep inside the left side of my chest. This scared the shit out of me. I “went” (or almost crawled) to the fridge and put together a small dish of greek salad and ate it by chewing every piece of it into nothing, it took about half hour and sent a small bottle of kefir after it, then went back to my bed. I knew that this was the (necessary) end of my fast after twenty something days, 3 weeks plus 1-2 extra days.

I woke up 3 hours later (yesterday morning) and felt like shit/fatigued/depleted. Because of the heart pain I decided to fill myself up with nutrients: went to the market and bought everything that my eye desired: I bought about 15-20 different kinds of nuts/seeds (a lot of them, half kilo from some of these), fresh fruits (cherry, sour cherry, strawberry, blueberry, other berries, …). I’ve taken a look around the market and I’ve also felt the urge to eat some cheese, fish, and some boiled eggs and kefir. I spent basically the whole yesterday by (over)eating, mostly nuts/seeds, some fruit (mostly berries) and some veggies (a few raw carrots and kohlrabies). I think I ate nearly half kilo of the (mixed) seeds that I bought, I simply couldn’t stop eating them and finally went to my bed with full guts. This day morning I woke up after 8 hours of very good quality sleep, went to the toilet and left there probably the biggest crap of my life. :slight_smile: I felt like a pregnant women but totally emptied myself within a few seconds. Despite my not at all gentle introduction of food my bowel movement and digestion is exceptionally good. Before the water fast my crap was basically like glue and took extra effort to get it out of myself, it was sticking even to the toilet like glue. Now it is rock solid and OK.

The good about all this is that I woke up in very good mood. Although I had no wood I was in the mood to play a bit with myself (!!!) and I actually enjoyed it a lot and the orgasm was 100% like original old ones. (My erections are excellent and since I had the libido this time my prostate also produced tons of fluid - in the last year I had problems with libido and arousal.) For a very long time I couldn’t achieve a really intense orgasm with stretching muscles and good feeling that follows it. I went back to my bed slept another good 3 hours, I could have engaged in some cuddling too but unfortunately I don’t have a gf currently… :slight_smile: Its a very good sign that I have exceptionally good mood, I’m very fresh, and interestingly I’m not really hungry. Today all I wanted to eat instinctively is a little bit of cheese (a few small pieces) and kefir. All I eat right now is kefir and it feels great.

Well, this is quite far from my original planned scenario but the heart pain was a warning sign for me and the end result seems to be relatively good so far. I’m continuing with simple and clean food intake and after giving some time for my body and heart to rest I start with some cardio + short intensive weightlifting exercises in the gym. I’m still thinking about how to select food: consciously, or rather instinctively as I did in the last days but I will probably go the golden middle way.

I have the scheduled blood test on 6th of June and really curious about it (mostly about PRL and E2) especially because of my new/better body composition: much less fat, and since yesterday my whole body/muscles simply feel powerful and tight again. I think I wont have problems with exercising and weightlifting but lets see how things go in the following days.


-robot mouse

congrats on getting as far as you did. I can definitely emphasize with you on the refeeding process, it feels wonderful.

just FYI, when I broke my previous fasts it took up to a week or so for my morning wood to return. I don’t know how your body works though, just letting you know though so you don’t worry too much if your morning wood doesn’t come back immediately.


Thank you!
BTW, whats up there? :slight_smile:

It was only a bit more than 3 weeks but I think the reason for this is that I wasn’t a morbidly obese guy anyway and I’m very active both mentally and physically. A few kilometers of walk per day is basic for me and the mini exercises at home also helped a lot to deplete before day 30. Someone less active could easily do this for 30 or 40 days. What I’ve learnt from this is that the signs of depletion came quite quickly, in my case I started feeling it (difficult breathing) 2 days before the heart pain.

Another side effect: it seems my skin has dried out terribly all over my body. This became quite noticable a day after starting to eat. Even if I just bend my elbow I see that the skin crinkles with a lot of small little wrinkles. Before this my skin looked almost perfect. Is this simply the consequence of extreme fat loss?

It was a nice experience though and it seems that finally my sleep has improved somewhat and I definitely have some libido too along with better mood. I’ve checked out some nice legs and asses while shopping and I could engage in some… :slight_smile:

Before hair loss drugs I had brutally good wood almost everyday. I havent seen any in the last 3 years. In best case I wake up to a semi-erection (like I did in the last 2 days). This is not a mechanical problem for sure. My erections are perfect if I help manually and if I have some degree of libido my erection is like metal. I’m pretty sure that the source of my remaining problems is imbalance in brain chemicals and the consequences.


I’m doing ok at the moment, I decided to revise my fast goals. Originally I was shooting for around 28 days, but I realized that for me, that would be extremely hard. Basically what has happened is that in the past few days I can feel my energy gradually starting to decrease, so not only do I have to deal with intense boredom everyday, but also I will have to start dealing with intense tiredness as well, thus I don’t think that I could realistically stick it out for 28 days, as a result I am only going for 21 days now. However the only possible complication I have now is that lately I have started getting extremely out of breath, and having very shallow breathing. I mean, during the entire fast my breathing has been shallower than usual, but starting today, it is actually becoming difficult to breathe. As a result of this I am monitoring my situation carefully and if need be then I will end the fast even before 21 days, although I am hoping I can carry through, since its only one more week.

Its funny how since I resolved to end my fast at 21 days instead of 28 days, my perception of time has changed all the sudden, now that I have decided I will end my fast a lot earlier, time seems to have slowed way down all the sudden. Now it seems like it takes forever for a single hour to pass, its really awful! So yeah, assuming that health reasons don’t cause me to break the fast prematurely, this last week of the fast is going to be grueling door to door combat against my boredom, my tiredness, and also my hunger :wink:


EDIT: nevermind


Without vigorous exercises and walking/running a lot like I did it should be possible for some to reach the 1 month mark but the twenty something days is also very useful. My health has definitely improved and yours will also do the same if you eat well. Just find some interesting stuff to read, otherwise its a neverending long boredom.

I’m already visiting the gym, I went there 3 days in a raw and today I’ve done a “brutal” 3 hour ~1000kcal workout (that is a lot). My stamina is multiple of what I had before the water fast but the maximum weights I can use are a bit smaller - but frankly, who cares? :slight_smile: