The water fast thread


I think I could reach one month physically speaking, but psychologically speaking I lack the resources to do so. Frankly the most taxing part about fasting is the boredom, its nearly unbearable. Everyday I go through moments where I feel like im just going to break.

Regarding the post fasting refeeding protocol, a lot of people here act like the most important part of the fast is to continue eating healthy after breaking the fast, however in my experience, this has never been the case. I mean yeah, a healthy diet probably won’t hurt, but at the same time I don’t think that eating unhealthily will endanger the gains made by the fast. For both times that I fasted, after breaking the fasts I returned back to my diet of mainly junk food and fast food and I never noticed any reversal of the gains I made from the fast. IMO eating healthy is overrated, but then again it could just be my body.

I too experienced an increased in stamina from my previous fasts, interesting.


That’s somewhat true. What I’m afraid is fat that turns T into E. The problem with junk food is that it brings a lot of calories and I get hungry quickly not too long after eating the junk. With some well chosen snacks (like carrots/olives/…) you can enjoy snacking without being hungry for long hours. BTW, once or twice a week I allow myself some junk food but even in that case I try to choose less junky stuff like good quality half-hawaii pizza or subway sandwiches. :slight_smile: Plus I do a mega 1000 calorie workout 3-4 times a week, no more than 1500-2000 calorie intake a day, mostly anti-estrogenic. You may not need this, and you may have completely different problems than the ones I have (estrogen dominance).

If you are a lucky guy who doesn’t get fat even after a lot of calories or even after eating clean sugar (I know some guys with this trait) then eating junk may not be so big problem for you.


ok yeah, that makes perfect sense. We probably have different body types, so we have slightly different issues. You are correct in that I am the kind of person who can eat a lot of food without putting on much weight, thus dietary issues aren’t as big as a concern to me.

how are you doing in terms of morning wood and erection quality since you’ve started refeeding?

I noticed something interesting today; so yesterday as you know, I was remarking about how my energy levels have absolutely tanked and I feel extremely lethargic and stuff, however today I decided I would treat myself with some mineral water, and within almost 20 minutes of drinking the mineral water I had all my energy back and the lethargy I had been dealing with for the past couple of days had completely disappeared. Naturally after this happened I became quite alarmed and stopped drinking the mineral water and switched back to distilled water. (I am afraid that drinking mineral water may disrupt the detox process) While I’m not sure exactly what happened, I think that as a result of fasting, I was suffering from a calcium deficiency (thus explaining my extreme weakness and tiredness), and once I drank the mineral water (I was drinking perrier brand and it has like 3% daily intake of calcium) it gave my body the calcium that it needed, thus explaining the sudden restoration of my energy. Anyways, I’m still not sure what to think about this, and I really really really hope that it doesn’t affect the detox process that I am in, however on the other hand during my previous two fasts I did allow myself to indulge a little bit and I drank some mineral water during those fasts and I still experienced benefits so I know that drinking mineral water during a fast can’t be that bad, however for me I’m probably going to mark it off and stick with distilled for the time being. Anyways I think its possible that mineral water might just be useful in a longer water fast as a one off thing to help temporarily alleviate the worst side effects of water fasting.



what´s your body fat percent before and after the fast?

theory says: less abdominal fat, less estrogen, higher testosterone.


By doing heavy exercises (like ~1 hour cardio, fast temp biking or running) or other kind of non-lazy heavy weighlifting my body can be turned into a fat burner machine within a few weeks. Long ago (before hair loss drugs) I was a phyisical worker who ate food like bacon and fried bacon without limits, still the body fat was below 10%. After hair loss durgs I couldn’t win against body fat in any way and I was always tired. It seems that fasting can reverse this. I’m just trying to persuade you to eat healthy stuff because I’m now experimenting with eating mostly raw stuff and it is not only delicious but I never feel tired even after a big meal. And this affects your overall health too! I mentioned that my poop was like glue and this has a lot to do with junk food, the quality of poop depends a lot on the bacteria (flora) of your belly, and the bacteria depends a lot on what you eat. You know, here people say that “sooner or later you become what you eat”. :slight_smile: I eat junk food at most 1-2 times a week, the same with meat and dairy products and it seems that this is enough for me without any cravings. I’m also counting my calories with the help of a free site and this helps me a lot in finding the right foods: for example foods that are low in calories and can be used as a snack, it also helps you in optimizing your total daily protein/carb/fat intake. This may sound too much hassle but within a few days you memorize a lot automatically from these. In the long run your body will thank you this! I feel extremely well now despite eating a lot of healthy food now (and I’m also doing extremely heavy cardio without tiring my heart/lung too much, my stamina rocks!). I gained back 5 kilos but most of this is muscle on my thighs as the result of high intensity cardio. With good food my muscles regenerate within a day despite torturing my legs for about an hour each day with intense exercise. I could never regenerate so quickly before (but my food intake was much more junky).

Now I have at least a little libido too unlike before the water fast. My sleep quality has improved that has a lot to do with morning erections. Now I can deep sleep for 4,5 hours and then I can sleep back relatively easily for another 3 or 4,5 hours of deep sleep and this seems to improve a little every week. Yesterday was the only day in the last 3-4 years when I woke up with a real hard boner (not only with a semi-hard one). I was sleeping with face down, slept about 8-9 hours and I was quite happy to wake up with a good boner and mild horniness. It didn’t last more than a few seconds, but its far better than anything else in the past. My erections have been quite good in the last half year but its much easier to reach a hard boner if you can stimulate yourself mentally (libido) and this is what is missing for me and I’m pretty sure that poor sleep, low libido, and lost morning woods have the same reason: some kind of brain chemical imbalance. Again: my physically induced boners have been really good in the last half year but reaching them is quite hard especially when you are not interested in sex… Before hair loss drugs my mentally induced boners reached rock hard within about 15-20 seconds without any physical stimulation but I was never good in reaching boner by physical stimulation. Thinking about wet pussies and a good bed hump always worked and it seems that to some degree it starts working again! At the same time my frontal hairloss seems to restart and catch up.

If you start become deficient in some important nutrients then you feel extreme fatigue: it takes extra effort to take a breat or to make a “heart beat”. In my opinion that is the boundary that is already a “not so funny” state because extreme mineral deficiency can easily result in heart damage or heart failure. I don’t think that refeeding yourself a little would considerably affect detoxification. A lot of detox happens because your body breaks down tissues (mostly fat to gain energy) and drinking a little mineral water doesn’t really bring a lot of extra energy into your body to stop the tissue breakdown and mineral water isn’t that heavy even in minerals. (Except if you drink the delicious fruit flavored ones that are 100kcal/half-liter) but even those have little extra energy (but these have a lot of ugly chemicals inside). I have to admit that once I’ve also drank half liter of mineral water (a collegue gave it as a “gift” :slight_smile: and it was very delicious and a little sweet compared to normal tap water.

Think about the people who do the detox with vegetable juice! They drink a lot of nutrients without much calories! After a few weeks you can think about switching to this kind of fast. I havent done that only because buying veggies just for their juice would be too expensive and I’m in a little bit of crap right now to spend too much but I think continuing the fast with 1-2-3 weeks of juicing can also be very helpful, I will do my next fast this way for sure.


Note that there is no accurate way to measure your body fat unfortunately! Most electric scales that measure body fat are extremely inaccurate because body fat distribution is so much different for people and these scales measure the electric resistance of your body that is affected by a lot of other factors than simple body fat (for example by the water content of your body!).

When you fast your body loses a lot of minerals it seems that the ability of your body to keep water decreases a lot and you dry out a lot. I think this because after 3 weeks I was thristy much often and I drank about 5-6 liter tap water a day, still my skin looked much more dry and had small little wrinkles on many places on my body (around eyes, arms, …) and this seems to slowly go away in a few weeks when you start refeeding. Another sign of extreme water loss is that if you start refeeding quickly (like I did) you gain back 2-3 kilos within a day without building muscle and seemingly without gaining any fat (if you eat the right foods). That 2-3 kilos that come back is probably the water your body can keep again with the help of nutrients. Note that those electric scales are extremely inaccurate and drying out affects them a lot! My electric scale seems to show much less than the actual fat anyway (I know it because it didn’t really show my extra 15kg fat!). It showed only 12% body fat with my extra 15kg overweight (I was 85kg total). And after 2 weeks of fasting it went down to 5% and it seems they put in a limitation so that the scale never shows less than 5% because after week 2 it showed 5.00% all the time. (BTW, 5% is said to be the minimum healthy fat for men, but I’ve lost a lot of fat even after week 2 so it isn’t true that my body fat was 5% at week 2 and also at week 3…). Scales are bad at this.

I think measuring body fat with devices is useless. Instead check out the fat at several places on your body just with your hands. I usually check my armpits, the bottom of my chest, lower part of your belly, lower part of your back, the area above your cock, and your ass and inner thighs. Expert body builders and fitness gurus also measure by checking the amount of fat at these areas. I have nearly zero fat at these areas, I look extremely fit and the only parts where I have a little fat are: above my cock, and on my ass but even these are very small patches, I have a skinny-athletic look. I would estimate my body fat to be 7-8% at the moment. I have very little abdominal fat and my six pack is clearly visible when I’m training and using those muscles. Note that currently I eat a lot of healthy food: mostly veggies, a little fruits and seeds, and 4-8 boiled eggs a day. Once a week I allow 15-30dkg of meat with my eggs and some cleaner junk food (like subway) once a week. My daily calorie intake is between 1500-2500kcal and my energy need is around 2000 (basic) - 3500 (with the daily sport). I’m gaining a little bit of muscle and then I cut back my calories a bit by keeping the heavy trainings to get rid of the fat I gain during muscle development.

BTW, I feel very good, especially after trainings. My stamina, heart and lungs rock! With this stamina I can easily lose a few kilos of fat when needed by cutting back calories. I can easily do an 1000kcal training, this means 2000+1000kcal energy consumption, and I already know how to eat to bring in only 1000kcal energy without feeling hungry (for example some of my favorite foods with low calories that still fill the belly well: 500g green asparagus = 105kcal, carrots for snack, …)
Eat 2 kilos of asparagus if you can and it is still only 400kcals… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I think only the digestion of this plant takes more energy than what it brings in. There are several other similar low calorie veggies that can help you to feel full without high calories! Next to these you can also take multivitamins and a few seeds in the morning to pack yourself with nutrients.

1 kilo fat is ~9000kcals. If you eat 1000kcal and you train 1000kcal and the basic energy need of your body is 2000kcal than it is 2000kcal deficit a day. This means that you lose 1 kilo fat in about 4-5 days. This is much slower than the inefficiently started ketosis in the first 10 days of a fasting but if you have only a little fat and you are athletic then losing even 1 kilo of fat in 4-5 days is very noticeable!

#87 … ne-system/


I give some update about random things.

Since the breaking of my water fast I’m going to the gym on a daily basis. I eat a lot and train a lot. On most days I’m training 2-4 hours (from which about 30-60 minutes is HIIT cardio). On some days I eat 4000-6000 calories. During the water fast I’ve lost about 15 kilos, since the end of my water fast I’ve regained about 8 kilos, most of it is muscle.

My current regime: I’m eating a very mixed diet. After the water fast I ate only seeds, veggies and fruits but after about 10 days I started eating everything except junk food and sugary junk/ingredients. I try to get organic stuff when possible. My diet includes seeds, veggies, some daily fruits, fish, red meat (mostly smoked), and eggs (chicken and quail), joghurt/kefir, honey. I eat some junk (pizza, cookie) 1-2 times a week. Since cooking is not my business and it never was I eat mostly raw stuff (this is why I usually buy smoked meat). The only things I cook are boiled chicken eggs (I eat the quail eggs raw with honey usually after workout) and fried onions. My daily intake includes a mixture of about 15 different kinds of seeds (walnut, almond, pumpkin, sesame, …).
Besides this I’m daily taking:

  • 3 x (10,000IU D3 + 500mg calcium)
  • 200mg Q10
  • 2 x Multivitamin for bodybuilders (this contains a lot of vitamins, most of them are a multiple of the recommended daily intake per capsule)
  • I’ve just bought Vitamin C, I start out with 3 x 1000mg
  • Digestive enzime tablet when I eat a lot of fatty/heavy meal
  • 2-5 tblspoons of gelatinized maca powder

During the water fast your bowel movements basically stop. This means that after the water fast I crapped quite rarely. After eating things they just stucked in my guts and I felt puffy. My digestion was working only during workout and during sleep. Even if I worked out a lot the food simply disappeared in my body and I had to crap only every 4-5 days. Then it came to my mind that drinking from my bodybuilder friend’s protein turmix always caused diarrhea for me. I bought a 90-something % protein powder and drinking two turmixes a day helps me crapping twice a day easily! :slight_smile:

Other useful tips: I’ve used an online calorie counter to log my daily intake. Don’t misunderstand, it wasn’t actually about counting my calories. It think counting calories is useless (as you simply don’t know how much calories is needed by your body, especially if you are doing brutal trainings). This stuff came useful for me to filter out crappy low nutrient foods as most of these calorie counters also show you some other useful info too about foods, like their protein/carb/fat content. Some body builder and fitness sites recommend high protein intake and relatively low carb intake (and even those carbs should be eaten near to your workouts). I’m not a nutrition specialist but for me it was very hard to put together food combinations that give a lot of protein without adding extra carbs and fat! 100% protein powders seem to be an easy aid to balance this out easily but I still don’t know whether this stuff has an adverse effect or not. I’m writing about this bullshit as getting rid of the fat is a goal for at least some guys here. To get off your fat you should eat more proteins, less carbohydrates. Some say that you shouldn’t bother about the fat but of course eating a lot of bacon and sausages may not benefit your health… The interesting thing about this is that even if you eat healthy, it may contain a lot of carbs that make you fat! For example if you eat mostly fruits then you can not eat a lot from it as fruits usually have a lot of sugars/carbs with low protein/fat content. OK, enough bullshit, there are a lot of sites that are writing about losing fat and building muscle. Put together a nice diet with good protein/carb/fat ratio and workout a lot. If you workout a lot then you can eat a lot! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: A good calorie counter site may help a lot in the beginning to filter out crappy foods. Do your homework!

BTW, I can sleep 8+ hours and my sleep was good during the whole last week! New record! This includes improved morning boner and horniness too!


Good to hear that robotmouse. You should make the kefir at home and not buy this lifeless shit from the stores. Homemade kefir has more probiotics than anything else. I started making my own waterkefir (I don’t drink milk anymore) and it tastes fantastic + it has all these microorganisms in it. That could accelerate your bowel movement and gets rid of “bad” bacteria and fungus.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll check out how much trouble is it for me to prepare it for myself. Currently the kefir and joghurt I buy comes directly from the company that produces the milk. They claim to feed the cows with 100% organic stuff and there are no resellers or other money hunters involved. Even the packaging is “unprofessional”, its not the industrial, mass-production style. On the market you can buy even 100% unprocessed milk that comes right from the cows into the big milk tank standing next to their stand. You have to boil it before usage, I think that could be a very good ingredient for some home made dairy stuff.

Still, dairy in general, yoghrut and kefir don’t really speed much on my bowel movements. The protein powder seems to be an unbeatable winner by far in this area for some reason. Unfortunately the powder contains some ugly chemicals too besides the protein (like artificial coloring agent, sucralose, …) but I think that is not the worst thing that will prevent me from healing.


The thing with kefir and yogurt is they have to kill most of the bacteria in it, otherwise they would continue to eat the sugar in it and produce CO2 + other stuff (alcohol, vitamins, vinegar). That would change the taste over time + the package may explode because of the gas. If you want a real probiotic you have to cultivate the kefir with its bacteria yourself.

Boiled fresh milk would be an excellent source for homemade kefir.


Guys im struggling so bad due to horrible vision loss, tinnitus, emitonal blutness and brainfog. I dont give a shit about ed at this point. Can i recover especially my night blindness and light sensivity via fasting. If you expreinced those recovers tell me and i will do fast.


depressedguy after my last fast I had clear improvements in vision (also night blindness), but they did go away to some degree (because I was eating too much carbs I think). This is condition is not permanent, believe me.


Thanks mate! I will do fast then, maybe mine recover permanantly


I’ve noticed a little change that may be totally unrelated to my recent water fast but I can not connect it to anything. It may be totally unrelated to hair loss drugs. I’ve just had my regular haircut and the grey patch at the back of my head is much smaller than 2-3 months ago! A circular grey area with about a 3cm diameter has appeared (quite quickly, in about a few months) at the back of my head when I was about 26 (yeah, accidentally after taking the magic pills). The size of the area hasn’t really changed since then but after my current haircut the grey area seems to have only a 1cm diameter. Its a small spot instead of a larger circle.


would dry fasting not be better? they say it speeds up the ketosis process by three times. So 3 days of water fasting equals 1 day of dry fasting.


I must stop water fast tomorrow. My weight dropped down dramatically. I lost 6 kilogram so quickly.


Notice any improvements or just hunger?


Not much benefit. Eye floaters decreased a bit, night blindness and light sensivity didnt improve though. Depression, sleep %10~ better.


It never gets better during the fast, libido gets even worse. Improvements come 1-2 weeks after ending the fast.