The water fast thread


I’ve just done a dry fast of 4 day. It was much easier than a waterfast in my opninion, especially in the beginning ( did a 7 and 10 day water fast last year). They say it speeds up the ketosis process by three times and it is what animals actually do in the wild. So one day dry fsating is equal to 3 days water fasting. I felt much better during the fast. The most significant improvement was my vision and is still much better than before. I am going to do another longer one in the near future.

Dehydration causes competition between healthy cells and pathological organisms for water. It is a real survival-of-the-fittest scenario. Inflammation cannot survive without water. A wet environment is ideal for the proliferation of pathological bacteria, viruses and worms – water shortage is as devastating as fire for them.

The advantage of dry fasting is that the body is put into more difficult conditions and must actively dissolve its own fat tissue and destroy pathogens. … ersal-cure


I’m curious about the relation between the length of a water fast and the healing potential. This is important because some guys can’t afford many weeks of fasting. In about the first two weeks you lose about 1 kilo fat per day and a skinny guy may not have enough fat to survive this period. Maybe their body does the switch to fat burning more quickly and effectively or they may get the same benefits from shorter fasting periods… We don’t know.

I’m preparing for the second water fast but I doubt I could do a 1 month long fast as I don’t have enough fat for that especially if I want to do trainings during the fast. Or my body may use up the muscle I gained but to me it seemed that during water fast I haven’t really lost any significant muscle. Some assume the body raises GH levels to 20-30x of the original levels while fasting to protect the protein in your organs/muscles.

There is another tactic that may help me to increase the length of the fast. I start out with water fasting and then I switch to juicy fast. This may help to do it for longer time but I haven’t done any research to compare the effectiveness of water and juicy fasting.


In my opinion weigh loss is not a good excuse to stop. I’ve changed to lower sized jeans 3 times during the water fast as my butt and thighs got smaller and smaller. The change (15kg in two weeks) was so significant that every people have noticed it in my environment. Then gaining 10kg of muscle was also shocking for them but at least I could reuse a few of my previous clothes… After losing most of my fat I could still do one and a half week in which I got physically more and more tired but only the last 2-3 days were really difficult physically (this is why I stopped).

I know that doing the water fast is very difficult and mentally challenging but your body can easily reach extremely low weight before dying. You will know if you have something serious physical problems or weaknesses and not just mental craving for eating and food. Previously I’ve mentioned people with anorexia in the thread. People with anorexia usually reach very low body weigh before dying (25-30kg). Their weight loss is more gradual but ours is much less weigh loss in total even we we talk about a relatively extreme weigh loss.


after my last fast (19 days in total, stopped short of 21 days my goal because my willpower sucks), my problem with frequent nighttime urination went away. Now I can sleep for 7-8 hours straight without having to wakeup multiple times to piss, and then in the morning when I do wakeup, I take one big long piss, just like in the old days.


Interesting, I’d give anything to get rid of that problem. The longest fast I went on was 7 days but it didnt cure my frequent urination.


Grats! :slight_smile:

Good sleep is priceless! Probably many other things have also improved after 19 days but you may notice much less of these (for example godlike stamina) if you don’t regularly do physical activities.

BTW, as far as I remember you told that you are the skinny type. How did water fast influenc your weight?

Some sites suggest that you should do at least a one month water fast to cure serious problems. In my opinion two weeks is already enough if all you want is losing 10-15 kilos of fat and doing some detox.


Good topic. I started the fifth water fasting (I-20 days in November 2013, II-9 days in December 2013, III-11 days in March 2014, IV-10 days in May 2014). I started on Saturday, today is the second day.


Hi guys, I started my water fast three days ago, unfortunately I can’t take the luxury to rest, and I’m still working in an office role. I’m having trouble standing up, I believe it is pressure or sugar level. Do you know what can I do? I’m taking some drops of trace minerals (brand: Concentrace) and they seem to give some relief, since there are no sugars I think this should not imperil the autolysis and the ketosis, any thoughts?



I recommend you do an enema every day and at least 2 hours walking. Additionally, a sauna, and frequent bathing in hot water. I know that the walk can be tough, however, persuaded him to my fourth water fasting and now much lighter is the course of fasting. How many days you plan to fast?


elijah imho the only thing you can do is to add some calories in form of vegetable juices :slight_smile: Working while water-fasting is hardly possible.


For me office work was doable but getting into an almost-fainted state from standing up quickly is a constant problem for most during water fast. This problem persisted from the beginning till the end of my fast. It is probably a low blood sugar and/or low blood pressure related thing.


hi guys, thank you for your replies. I’m planning to water fast for 7 days only because it’s the most I can do while working. Yesterday I had pain in my legs, likely for the low level of potassium, so rather than breaking the fast I made a potassium broth with potato skin simmered for an hour, drank a cup it and the leg cramps subsided.

Last night I felt some pain in my testicles, similar to when I crash, although to a smaller extent. I hope this is a sign of recovery, and not just the withdrawal from supplements that I used to take (iodine, zinc, selenium, forskolin, DIM, ALCAR, Ubiquinol, water kefir, P5P)


I finished on Wednesday next water fasting, this time 12 days. Now, I drink juice zucchini, and tomorrow I start drinking the soup cauliflower and broccoli. After ten days of the end of the fasting back to the scheme: a low carbohydrate diet (meat, nuts, eggs, vegetables), moderate training (aerobic and anaerobic, 30 - 60 minutes a day). In addition, I turn to my regime, vitamin C, magnesium (and possibly 5 - htp because of the continuing brain fog). Another water fasting I plan for a minimum of 6 months because my body is already very tired.


hey guys, I havent posted here in a while. Here is an update. So basically I fasted for 19 some days back in may, and its been maybe about two months since breaking the fast. What I noticed from this latest fast was that I didn’t experience any sexual gains from it, the only gain I got from it was that I don’t have to urinate as often when I sleep. I can sleep the entire night without having to get up and piss. That’s my only gain. Whats more, since I have started running again, my libido, etc seems to have gone down even more than usual. Naturally I feel a little bit exasperated at this turn of events; what this leads me to believe is that maybe residual fin is still in fat tissue and it gets released sporadically and unpredictably when we fast or exercise. That’s the bad news, that fasting or even running can indeed worsen your symptoms. (by releasing fin trapped in the body) The good news however is that theoretically, if you fast or run enough (to burn off enough fat) then eventually you will get all the accumulated fin out of your fat deposits and be able to consistently improve health. Again, this is just my conjecture, I don’t know if fin actually gets stored up in the fat or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised.


I don’t think I buy this theory. We see some guys who’ve taken propecia once and they get full blown pfs that they can’t shake off. If it was about residual finasteride in fatty deposits or elsewhere, surely the guys who took less would be able to get it out (as you suggest) a lot easier and quicker than guys who have taken it for years. We don’t see such patterns.


I have water fasted three times total. For the first two water fasts, after breaking them I ate lots of really spicy peppers, and I experienced improvements in EQ. For my third water fast I didn’t eat any peppers after breaking the fast, and I also didn’t experience any improvements in EQ. Is there a connection between improved EQ and eating spicy peppers right after the fast? Probably not, but I’m just posting this here in the off chance that somebody else has had similar experiences which might correlate my experience.


@SeeYouInHellMerck – you could PM mariovitali and ask him – he’s done a lot of disciplined experimentation with various food groups, and I remember him writing about peppers at some point.

#118 … ts-cancer/



Where did you fast at? On your own or at a clinic? Who here has fasted at a clinic like Truenorth?


Anyone here trying to stimulate production of 5 alpha reductase enzymes after your fast like cnuts did?
He thought that the logic behind why fasting would help us is because it gets your body ready for the change the he hopes to take place while taking a DHT prohormone.

Was just wondering because otherwise a fast seems to be kinda use less