The water fast thread


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You inspire me. I seen your post saying you will beat this or die trying. You are awesome.
From what I’ve read on this site so far it seems waterfast is one of the best things to help pfs next to exercise and diet. Scroll down to Tab’s post on this thread he searched most of the past water fasters with there improvements.

Very inspiring…




Finasteride does not accumulate in the body. fungi.s that are already in your body, lodge in androgen receptors in tissues where finasteride blocked.

try to eat a oregano oil while water fast.


heres a post i found from a guy (Hairstrong) that recovered from bad propecia sides. he says juicing and fasting helped

btw i apologize if someone already posted this info … -went-away



Just thought I’d open up another topic on fasting, as I’m currently 4 days in to a 7 day fast.

It’s been really tough but determined to keep going, as after the first 3 days the body enters ketosis (which is meant to be healing) and hunger abates somewhat. I’m aiming for 7 days as I think any longer without supervision might be silly, especially as I’m already quite slim.

I’ve lost 9 pounds so far and will update if I note any positive improvements.

Has anybody else fasted and have anything to suggest or say to support me?


Anyone? Are people still posting on this forum?



fasting becomes easier the longer you do it, the first week was in my case always the hardest. Are you taking any supplements? I would suggest you drop everything during the fast. Also I would suggest you try to go for a 10 day fast as most of the healing process is supposed to happen after the 7 day mark.

Keep going, fasting is/was a big step in my recovery process.


Hey thanks! I took vitamin d for a few days but have stopped now. Is that bad? I was aiming to stop the fast on Monday (7 days) but I keep revising my target. Think I’ll just take it day by day. I have to work and I feel low on energy, so this is really tough. Plus I keep getting foot cramp and feel really cold. I’ve lost about 10 pounds so far.


By the way what improvements did you notice? Any sexual?


Taking Vitamin D during a fast is not bad, but cutting supplements out will tell your body that he has to function without these supps, so the chances are that you will respond even better to Vitamin D and other stuff after the fast.

I had an overall improvement of my condition, better sleep, better mood, better orgasms (or having orgasms at all), olier skin, more sex drive and so on.

One more important thing is to break the fast as gentle as you can, which isn’t hard at all because you won’t have much hunger anyway. Stay at least half the days you fasted in the fast breaking (10 day fast = 5 days fast breaking). And if I were you I would try this:


Thanks for the tips! I plan to eat just watermelon and smoothies for a few days after I break. Nothing too intense or unhealthy.

I don’t really have erection quality issues, just libido and sensitivity. Not sure if spicy peppers will be so important in my case.

Any other ideas and tips please keep them coming!


Be carefull with fruit sugar when breaking the fast. Watermelon is ok I guess but I wouldn’t overdo it. After my first fast I ate a big fruit salad and got a very strange feeling afterwards. Try to integrate vegetables as well like spinach or peppers.


Yeah I try to have a third to a half of spinach in my smoothies, along with apples, banana, pears, berries and almond milk.


Do energy levels pick up at any point? I feel so lethargic. Had a bath and nearly passed out!



I would strongly suggest having a look at Sheltons books on fasting, particularly his hygienic system, volume 3 ( its free online, just type those search terms in)

Although the book is decades of years old, it is by far the best source on fasting I have found so far. This man has had a huge experience with it and has fasted thousands of patients himself.

The longer the fast, the more important it is to break the fast correctly ie on very light, liquid foods-fruit juices and such (as not to strain the stomach).

As the previous poster mentioned, one should only take water during the fast, no supplements of any kind. If you can, try and get that vitamin d through sun exposure instead.

Hope any of this will be of some help


nopecia, how is your fast going?


Thanks for the info searching. It’s definitely opened my eyes so I’ll be buying a few books.

Raberduck, I just broke it today after 10 days. After aiming for 3 I’m pleased I well exceeded that, but I didn’t want to go much further without supervision.

I started with some vsl #3 and then had some watermelon. I’ll just be occasionally going back to the watermelon for today then tomorrow I’ll add papaya and some steamed veggies.

Thanks for asking!


Great work Chris!


10 days are perfect for the first time, my first fast was also 10 days long and I had very good results. Just try to to not eat too much in the next 5 days, avoid carbs and maybe you want to spice up your veggies with some chilli!


Congratulations on completing a 10-day fast! Just remember to take it easy, and that the real benefits are coming now, after you’ve begun eating again. Let us know how you’re doing in a few days/weeks.


Thanks @swill

@Raberduck, do you just put some chilli in your stews? Could be interesting, especially with beans and tomatoes but am avoiding both for now.

@pax, thanks I will do. I had my first proper meal last night of stew and felt a lot better. Today had some energy to do housework and I’m going to gradually increase calories.

Not quite sure when to add the t boosters, maybe a few days.