The water fast thread


I used to have inflammation in my scalp, but after i stopped eating gluten, i have never had it again. Inflammation was very painful, and it was one reason i started finasteride, which actually cured the inflammation.


Yep i never would have taken a 5ar inhibitor if i knew about nutrition. I bet i could have preventing any more thinning and even reversed it


@douglasmich: Have you felt any improvements at all from the fast ? Better mood, well being, etc?


@progress: friend, how has your fast been?


Hey bk,

In the first few days of the fast, I didn’t notice any significant changes other than a better mood (more positivity) and better sleep. Then, I went on to something else (5-AR activators, such as sorghum and turmeric), and things really started to turn around for me. But when I think about it, maybe fasting was the start of it all …

I’ve been meaning to go on another 3 day fast before I start anything else. But for me, timing is really hard to find. I can rarely go for 3 days in a row with no work lunches or dinner with friends / kids.

All in all, it’s really hard to say, but I noted enough benefits at least to give it another shot.

The fast itself was hard as hell. I really looked like I was bummed out, and people at work really notived something was wrong with me. But hey, got to look at future benefits !

Hope this answers.


I need your advice -

I’m 6 weeks off Avodart (Dutasteride) and been experiencing sexual sides and lack of sleep all these 6 weeks, so I’ve decided to first take care of my gut;

I want to do both - water fasting and fecal transplant;

  • first, I’ll try to fast for 14 days (or as close to that as I’d endure, keeping in mind that I’m already quite skinny, weighing 135lbs @ 5’9");
  • after that I’ll spend 5-6 days breaking the fast;
  • and after that I’ll swallow the home-made FMT pills (10 pills every 3rd day, so overall 30 pills across a 6 day period)

Am I doing this right?


A window of oportunity just opened up. I have just started a 48 to 72 hour fast. Hopefully I will make it to 72 hours, but we’ll see.

In the last few weeks, I felt good enough to start dating again … but the whole dating process brought up alot of emotions and anxiety, and now I have sleep disorders. My sleep has been horrible for the last few weeks also, and suddently it feels like I am having drawbacks … less libido, less penile sensitivity, and penis doesn’t feel as full !!

I am hoping that fasting will have a positive effect on sleep, then mood, and then the sexual sides.

Just need to hold until sunday at noon.


About 26 hours in. I get those feelings of being a little naucious, head ache, etc. It’s not as bad as this first time, because I know these feelings are normal by now. I should be able to make it no problem until at least 48 hours, and we’ll see afterwards. Gotta take care of the kids and all.

The more I think of it, and the more I find that we can’t think we will get cured by doing this only once. I’m thinking of making it a 24 hour fast, once a week. It’s actually not that hard. When you think about it, you just have to skip 2 meals.

I believe I had some good results from my first fast (sleep and emotions), and that can only help on the road to recovery.


I finished a 4-day fast last week. I’ve had huge improvements. First two days I had headaches, chills, and fatigue. But by the third day I felt great! I plan to do a 24-36 hour fast every other week. When you come off your fast, slowly re-introduce foods into your diet in this order:
-Raw/steamed vegetables
-Cooked vegetables

For each day you fast, spend one day re-introducing the food (e.g. day 1 eat fruits and vegetables, day 2 more fruits and vegetables, day 3 some nuts and grain, etc.)

When you come off your fast first thing you should drink is Aloe Juice, this heals the gut. Then the next day take a quality probiotic to seed your system. Make sure you eat tons of vegetables and fruits to get your digestive system going. You need to make sure you have at least 2 (yes, 2!) proper bowel movements (no diarrhea) a day so that your body can continue to detox and your gut functions optimally.

Oh, and add lots of lemon to your diet to balance the pH of your blood (even though its acidic, the nutrients in lemon that the body absorbs will alkalize the blood helping rid it of toxins and function optimally).


Good stuff bk!

I love reading people making improvements! What were yours? Physical, emotional, sexual?


So, is getting a fecal transplant good idea after an extended water fast?


I caved during my 2nd fast. I only made it to about 30 hours. Nonetheless, it still had amazing benefits on my sleep. I slept like a baby these last 2 nights… what a difference.

I will try to make it a habbit. I will try 24 hours, once a week for a little while.


I felt fast reduced anxiety a lot. And other good improvement. But im very sure things going in the right way is for the Sorghum. Fast are good but will not heal by themselfs, but will help the body to heal faster maybe from pfs and gave another interesting benefits not pfs related and some pfs related, like detoxing.


I’m back here because I’m doing a second fast. Started it on Tuesday and original plan was to shoot for Friday, but we’ll see. The reason I’m repeating is because my pelvic pain returned and my libido has been poor lately. It makes sense to repeat what I did last time, so I’m going to follow it as closely as possible even though this wasn’t planned.

I am beginning to think I need to do fasting on a weekly basis to maintain good digestive health. I’d love to know why PFS causes this, but no idea.


Day 4 of the fast - past my original goal. It’s funny that I did the exact same thing last time - set a target and then exceeded it. I think my mantra is “in for a penny, in for a pound”, once you’ve come through the first testing three days, you want to keep going as long as possible, to reap dem healing gainz.

I think if it weren’t for social pressure, I’d probably shoot for a repeat of the last time. However, it’s my birthday next week and I have plans. With that in mind, I’ll probably keep shoot for just another day or two.

Is anyone else still fasting, or interested to try? I note that it’s the one thing that gave me sustained improvement, and some of the original posters in this topic claim to be nearly recovered and don’t post here anymore… It’s worth a try.


I totally agree with you that it’s worth a try. It’s just hard to figure out the right timing to do so, and how long a fast we must undertake to see benefits.

I have settled to 3 days. It’s the right duration that I can safely fit in a schedule, once in a while. I have a window of opportunity right now, so I have just started! I’m in 24 hours. Really happy about this. I also think periodic fasting could be very important in healing. There are alot of known benefits (especially regarding white blood cells and regenerating the immune system), and litterally no down sides.

My first fast was in january (3 days), and I have done another 30 hour fast in april, so this one is my third. I should be able to get close to 70 hours.

I had a pretty good run since january, and I like to think that fasting really helped. I also try to keep a good diet and exercice 2-3 times a week. But still, I don’t take much supplements, and I have been able to live a somewhat normal life (with up’s and down’s).

Libido, penile insensitivity and alcohol insensitivity, and still some anhedonia is what bothers me most.

Let’s hope I can keep moving forward with more fasting.

24 hours in, and feeling much better than the last time. Will keep you posted.


48 hours in. I really hate this !! I feel nautious, dumb (can’t think straigh - I look slow), and dizzy (feel’s like I can faint anytime). Man I love food… got to hold until tomorrow morning. My morning smoothie is going to be amazing. I also have my lunch prepared for tomorrow. Sorghum (cooked with organic chicken broth), with shrimps and veggies.

One good trick is to pass time by googling “fasting benefits”. It really helps going on. It makes sense to me that this may be one of the best things we can do.

… nothing to do with fasting, but I read an article of a man who lost 90% of his brain, but was still able to function normally (you can look it up - it was this week). The amazing thing is that the remaining 10% of his brain adapted and was able to transform and recuperate functions that would normally be dead ! Scientists are clueless.

So the link with PFS is simply that OUR BODIES CAN ADAPT to whatever horrible situation we are in. Fasting (and good life habits) may help this. At least, I think!

Definatly worth incorporating as a routine thing… no matter how hard it is.


I ended my fast this morning after 66 hours. That’s enough for me ! Again, not sure if this really helps, but there are so many articles on the subject about the fact that it can help the body cure from practically any disease that it’s worth a shot. If it does cure us, it’s probably a gradual thing (over several fasts) rather than just one or two.

Right now I feel just ok (much better than when fasting, but no better than the day before fasting). We’ll see how things turn out in the next few days/weeks.

My next step will be to integrate a 24 hour fast daily as of september.


It is important to cut excess protein. Keep low in proteins.

One way to get better is fast 5 diet. If you cannot do a longer water fast. You can do a short water fast and then start a fast 5 diet for a while.

fast 5

You have 5 hours a day to eat. Just eat inside this 5 hours period. Next food only after 19 hours. Only water in 19 hours. Will rest your digest system for a period. avoid eat next to sleep hour. Choose earlier.

You can eat as much you feel satisfact.

I don´t recommend spice foods, excess protein, garlic, onions, very acid juices, tomatos, fried foods. Try a realy easy food.

I recommend water fast once a week, 24 hours and fast 5 for the week. This will help every side effect, including, brain fog, sleep , emotions, libido and erection.

Keep you eyes on your nose. There is some indicator while breathing that something is changing.


Backfromhell I speak Portuguese too I lived in Brazil, I was thinking to buy some maca, the same that you got effects like giant balls. Could you give me the brand? I have some relatives living there. Could you send me a message with your email? Mine is can we talk? I’m recovering with tribulus but it’s too much estrogenic I want to try maca but I need a good brand and maca can be bad if it’s red or yellow maca I think.

Thanks. Sorry guys to write this message but just to stay on topic. I did 3 days water fast and after the fast the herbs start to work again. It’s great.