Small Ball Club - Scared, MartinM, Heyder, Luckfax, Solonjk, CJohnson, etc.


Small balls = need more sleep, perhaps. Though here, most of us could do with more sleep.


i am new to the forum and have shrunken balls too. did anyone manage to get the size back?


Hi JayUK here,
Back on this forum after at least 5 years away. Sadly, I’m no different than day 1 of PFS, total and permanent ED and shrinkage. Habush lawyers decided, after several letters back and forth, that they would not take my case because I’m in the UK. Does anyone know of UK law firm willing to pursue a case against Merck?


Balls size completely recovered with clomiphene 25mg/day.
Also beard, body hair, muscle hardness and semen volume were completely fixed.
However it works only when you take it.


Thanks Andrea . what are your hormone levels.
Anyone else fixed their ball size? This is my most frustrating symptom


Join the club Jay
Ive been stuck with ed for years now since finasteride I’m starting to think this is going to be a life long thing .


My hormone levels are fine. (like the majority of the users of this forum)
However a youth man need more testosterone than an older man.
So, a cycle of clomiphene 25mg/day stimulates your balls to product testosterone and it can also double your T levels.
You can also use clomiphene for long-term management however I recommend you to use an SSRI combination to counteract depressive mood (you feel like shit) due to clomiphene (it’s very common in bodybuilder and also in pfs users).
A good antidepressant without sexual side effects is vortioxetine, it’s a new SSRI marketed recently. I recommended vortioxetine to several pfs users and they feel much better now.


Could you tell me does this help with the sexual dysfunction?
Would i be able to use these drugs to help me have a more natural sex life without the use of viagra to get an errection ?
One last thing do you think it would give more me sensation in the penis ?
As it stands i can get an errection using viagra but it pretty numb i reckon i Could use it to poke a fire …


I think that clomiphene can help you also with sexual issues.
Clomiphene, heavy weights (a simple bench press), cardio and a good sleep can make great results.
Avoid completely alcohol when you use clomiphene because you can experience estrogen dominance.
Under clomiphene I didn’t use sildenafil.
Sildenafil (viagra) surely is a valid option to achieve a good erections, however penile sensibility is correlated to hormones (mainly DHT) and neurotransmitters.
Recently I had amazing libido and strong erections with intense pleasure with pseudoephedrine (it’s a vasoconstrictor but also counteracts the neurotransmitters).


Just a question.
Is there are way to find out the mass of leydig cells vs sertoli cells in our testis? Through an ultrasound maybe? I have my FSH very low. and I think i might have lost mass on the sertoli cells and not on leydig cells


Hey man, where did you manage to get pseudoepi? Pm if not comfortable telling on here, thanks


In Italy you can get it without prescription (you can find it in common nasal decongestant).


Check it with penile doppler.