Small Ball Club - Scared, MartinM, Heyder, Luckfax, Solonjk, CJohnson, etc.


HMG has FSH in it


Anyone have success lately in getting balls back to size and hanging right…




well that sucks…


Why have you?


No - sorry - I am in same boat


I know your pain, among the physical side effects for me this is the worst most troubling one. It doesn’t sound bad but its actually really uncomfortable.


Clomid has actually helped my balls get more back to normal. The left one is at least two inches long and the right is near that.


Any of you guys had fertility tests done?

I had one 6 month after cessation. 14 million swimmers/ ml

I might get it checked again. Maybe higher now.


I don’t want to sound crazy here but when my balls are small, as they have been recently, I shake them around a bit. Only for like 5 - 10 seconds. This seems to loosen the skin. Then I sit on the toilet. Maybe long enough that a leg goes numb. When I stand up, my balls are looser and bigger.

I don’t know if sitting that way makes a difference to how blood flows around the area or if it’s just the dangling that matters but I figure it’s better to get them into a larger / more normal state where possible.

I have no idea how helpful this might be but it won’t cost you anything and it’ll only take you 20 minutes.


I have nothing constructive to add, but I wanted to say that the name of the club is hilarious lol.


Hi guys, anyone here experienced high T but still had shrinkage regardless? Had a blood test recently where my FSH was 20 nmol/L (fairly high), LH was just above range and T is 26 nmol/L. My first blood test about a year ago came in at 35 nmol/L, a second one came in at 50 nmol/L and this current one is 26 (still high but now in range). I have a varicocele, which I don’t think is causing my symptoms but I wonder if it’s preventing me from getting back to normal. Presumably it would impact testicular function. My doctor said that the high gonadotrophins basically mean my pituitary has worked out my testicles aren’t functioning properly and my body is trying to kick start them but nothings is happening. Virtually all the problems where people have high LH and FSH and small testicular volume are genetic but I can almost pinpoint the day when my testicles shrank.

I feel that the testicular shrinkage is the most significant of all my sexual symptoms, and if I can get to the bottom of it all the others will be sorted. Bit of a bummer that this seems to be one of the hardest symptoms to work out.


Did u test ur dht levels?


No, but that’s the next step. I think I’m gonna get some genetic testing done too just to rule all that out as well.


any problems with your prostate? Have u checked it out? My case is similar thats why im asking


no, haven’t looked into prostate problems yet, might be something to look into. Have you found it helpful?


My crash involved a very sharp pain in the prostate which lasted 10 seconds then woke up with pfs the next day ,it has been inflamed ever since


not had any prostate pain myself


How do you know it’s inflamed? Sorry if this a stupid question.


Went to uro and had some ultrasound exams and stuff which came back with bad results, meanwhile i told him i took fin and it fucked me he did not believe me and prescribed antibiotics for a bacterial prostatitis that doesnt exist.

I took them because i had no idea how bad ab’s can be and some people saw improvements here with ab’s and ended up with even nastier than pfs sides especially mental ones.

I wouldnt be surprised if many people here took the same antibiotics for their prostates and ended up with sides that attributed to fin