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I’m here. I’m screwed, my balls continue to shrink. And have some pain here and there. Doctors have no idea what is wrong. My body completely crashed when I got off of finasteride.

My nuts are the size of a 10 year old. I can barely get an erection and my ejaculate is laughably pathetic. I feel castrated, like a eunich.

I’m pretty sure I am screwed. It is a struggle to wake up everyday, no energy and sleepy 24/7. Mind you I was a former collegiate athlete (never touched steroids or any drugs) and was in great shape. I was banging hot girls and lasting until the sun came up. When I got off finasteride, I crashed and I can’t find the energy to do anything. Work is a struggle as well but I manage.

This sucks and it is like a nightmare, but there are still some things in life to look forward to so I won’t end it. We only get one life, just have to make the best of it.

I am not trying to get another girlfriend right now becuase I can barely get it up. It is pathetic and no girl in her right mind would want to be with me if I can’t do her like she needs to be done. At last now I can find the energy to get stuff done, it is just really hard. But I do it and manage.

Since I likely won’t be getting married (or even have another girl) I am thinking about entering the military. Not sure yet. Maybe Navy? Maybe Army Infantry or at least the Army Guard as an Officer and just keep my civilian job. At least it will change things up, maybe I will get sent to war or somewhere far, far away. I am tired of friends and parents asking me why I haven’t had a girlfriend in so long. I can’t tell them the truth.

Anyways, I don’t know what route I will take. For now I wake up everyday wishing it was just a nightmare, but it isn’t. I go to my job and try to workout and maintain as normal a life as possible. It is tough, but I will just have to keep fighting.


Deuce, if you’re suffering just like the rest of us, those people you mentioned–your friends and family–should be people who you can tell what you’re going through to. I’m aware that many of the side effects of PFS are embarrassing and almost impossible to admit to people but your friends and family, if they’re worth anything and legitimately care about you, will listen to you. And I know that it’s comforting being able to talk to us on here but having a physical presence who will listen to you and will talk with you about your hard times is a much more convenient and satisfying outlet.

With regard to getting a girl, I understand the difficulty of dealing with lackluster penile functionality (LFP) but you can take care of a girl by other methods and I’m not sure if you’ve tried aids like Cialis or Viagra but I do happen to know they work for some of us. Also, if you can find a good one, she’ll understand and it won’t affect the relationship negatively. Believe me, they do exist.

And not to discourage you from anything you feel like you want to do but I would think the military would be very (too?) demanding on your admittedly tired self, especially any boot camp portion you may have to undergo. I know I, myself, would never even consider such a measure now for the physicality of it all would break me but if you really feel it’s for you, then I wish you the best of luck.


Domino, thanks for the reply man. I appreciate the kind words.

I don’t have it in me to tell my parents or friends about this. I have no doubt they would be absolutely supportive, but it would still be hard for them to understand.

I came on this site when I started getting some “minor” issues and I was reading all of the crazy symptoms people were getting. I must admit I thought some of these reactions were impossible from finasteride, I really thought a lot of the guys here were exxagerating or had had other issues like depression, stress etc.

Then when I crashed my body got the same exact things other guys were experiencing. It is just crazy. Maybe I will tell someone someday, so far nobody in my life knows the hell I wake up with everyday. I don’t have it in me to tell anyone how wrecked I am. I am fortunately a mentally strong guy, and I will just keep trucking along. Maybe I break down at some point, but I’m not there yet.

As far as the military, I am a former collegiate athlete and boxer. I have been through tough training physically. I am nothing like I used to be but still have enough to get by in the military, and am still in good shape. It is just very, very hard to do what used to be easy for me. But I can still do it.


I had the same situation with my mom and a few of my friends. My mom only really believed the severity of my situation once it broke news last April/May. That’s when sh finally came on board with most of my symptoms but still seems doubtful of the ones that are harder to explain which is only natural, I suppose. It’s inevitable not everyone will understand or believe us. I remember going through the exact same thing having only had a few, albeit minor, issues at first and seeing everything other guys were posting about. But then I got hit with memory loss, brain fog, muscle loss, and overwhelming fatigue and realized just what exactly this drug can do to you…after the fact.

But I’m glad to hear your conviction in your strength and abilities, Deuce. I’m sure if you enlist, you’ll be the Captain America of us PFSers! And be safe out there.


Deuce - do you have labs/bloodwork results.

Mind you - nothing has really helped yet with size but I will tell you I am finally pain free with arimidex. And my last bloodwork was the best I have had - free test is up, test is up, SHBG down, estrogen down (but still elevated), prolactin back in range. Having my nuts not hurt makes me feel I may may be able to make progress and get somewhat better…


This aspect of our problem- shrinked genitals is maybe the best place to start looking for answer. Why? Because isn’t it obvious how this is happening? Instead of testosterone/dht receptors are “occupied by” estrogen. And doesn’t it seem logical that this high estrogen/low androgen is causing all this sh*t we are in? I am taking progesterone cream for a couple of days and there are improvements, i am hoping that it will continue to get better. Main concern is that progesterone from cream will inhibit too much 5ar so i’ll be at the start again…


Just wanted to warn you, I wouldn’t mess with progesterone cream it could potentially make you worse. Just my two cent…


Johnny5ar- yessssssss!!! I believe there is imbalance of estrogen to progesterone at the RECEPTOR site which has lead to all of this. take a look at all the studies i post where they PURPOSEFULLY use finasteride to destroy progesterone in cells. Now, I dont know if Progesrerone rubbed on the wrists is our answer, although some have claimed it is, but i have been driking alcohol like crazy in the last month (ethanol increases Progesterone/Allo in the brain, and have had amazing imrovements.


how many of you guys have varicocele? i have it pretty bad (though not visible) in both testicles and am worried that this may be contributing to the shrinkage?

need to see a uro asap


my balls are still shrinking. it’s seriously worrying now and by far the worst symptom of my crash, even with brain fog/sleep issues/no libido/numb, bent, rotated shivelled dick

trying to high dose vit c, seen no improvement

i can’t handle this


Hang in there Bru - I just got back from my first real holiday since all this started (ironically in NZ) and things just keep getting better and better. It’s still very early days for you and I would try to minimise the stress in your life in the meantime.

PM me if things get too much and you wanna talk.


thanks for the reply elpovo

trying to keep it together by thinking that this will all get better soon. things only seem to be getting worse though.

oh and i meant vit d in my previous post, not vit c


Is it your balls and penis taking on the shrinkage?


balls are the worst so far, shrunk to maybe 40% of their original size in 3 weeks

penis is mainly just collapsing. right side has no convex girth to it anymore, and is dented. left side is slightly better but gets worse each day. head is constantly shrivelled and cold. also have fibrous tissue running from the base to the head on the top. starting to cause me a bit of pain. have been trying to give myself as many erections as possible throughout the day.

got some trib and dim coming in a few days which will hopefully help, also some l-arginine towards the end of the week.

of course my doc didn’t believe anything was wrong, kept asking about whether or not i’m an “anxious” person etc. unfortunately i won’t really have a chance to see any more docs until i’m over in the uk in ~2 months or so. hoping i can get on hcg or something to reverse this ball shrinkage.


Any updates from anyone with this horrible side effect? My testicles haven’t gained any size back but they haven’t lost anymore… around 4.6 cm last ultrasound. No visible size difference. Been shrunken for years now… god I hate this side effect the most, apart from the cognitive ones of course.


For me I guess it is the new normal - no matter what I do the size remains small. I have the occasional great day where everything hangs better and feel so much better during those periods.


Still shrunk. Still considered a “normal” size. They don’t feel normal though. Not anywhere near.


Listen people.

This my routine:

  • Strengh training in the gym (for testosterone)

  • Anti Estrogens foods and suplements: Brocoli, vitamin B6

  • Enhancer of 5AR activity: Asparagus and Tribulus terresitris.

The idea is to have the testosterone high again, (I was in 800, went down to 280ng/dl).

The testosterone is the “prime matter” of work. The objective is to upgrade the Testosterone->DHT transformation. That is why I use antiestrogens because if the testosterone is aromatased there is no left to transform into DHT. Enhace the T->DHT transformation, for obvious reasons.

Im having good results with this in general. But since I started with tribulus I have noticed my testicles back to their normal size and warmer like they were before PFS.


BS mine were shrunk even when I had 900 serum test, sertoli cells make up most testicular mass not leydig cells.


Thank you for your comment. I was tested on LH and FSH.

LH came quite high.

but FSH came low: 3.31 of a range of 1.50-12.40 mUI/mL that will make sense with the smaller testicles. So any way for improve our FSH secretion naturally?

Still these 3 days on Tribulus Terrestris make my ball bigger.