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Yes - there are two muscles involved. will have to post later as I am at work


OK - so the creamaster muscle regulates the testciles - how close the hang to the body. Then the dartos muscle controls how “tight” the scrotum is…


Great thank you! I will try to focus on those muscles too.


Been on 50 mg clomid now for 1.5 months… hcg 1000iu eod for 1.5 weeks and proviron 25 mg ed for a week. No significant increases in testicle size.


for me clomid did not increase testicle size. may try again


Has anyone in the recovery section reversed at least some of the shrinkage of testicles/scrotum???


How about semen volume???


Hello - no one? My prostrate is tiny so my my semen volume is also tiny. Any one get some volume back?


Do you mind me asking how you know your prostrate is tiny did you have a scan ?


How we can grow our prostate? By cold or by heat?


OK- so when I was younger (pre-fin) I had a prostrate exam and was told is was a bit enlarged and “squishy” - yes that was the word used. After fin anytime I have had the exam I have been told it is tiny.

From what I understand it is basically like a small donut. As we age, some men get enlarged prostates and that closes the inside of the donut around several tubes and arteries to the dick - so waking up at night to piss all the time because you cannot fully empty bladder. And also sexual problems

Fin by blocking the DHT coversion shrinks the prostrate (which was it original use). My theory is by shrinking the inside of the donut you can also cause some of the same issues above. Secondarily, I did not realize until about two years ago that MOST (70%) of semen comes from the prostrate not your tesicles (Tesicles produce the sperm and some semen). One of the early issues with fin use if the reduction of ejaculate - one item I had and never really knew why.

So pre-fin I enjoyed blasting a load - now I get a dribble and if I lucky a teaspoon or so of volume


WTF - does anyone still visit this site. Am I the only one with testicle issues?

BTW- my prolactin in way out of range - so Estrogen/Prolactin/SHBG all out of range above males values


I have intense shooting pain in my testicles throughout the day as well as reduced size. I have found that not ejaculating at all for an extended period of time helps to reduce the pain somewhat. Sorry if that doesn’t help it’s the only thing that I 've found so far.

Also I did find this which sounds promising. It sounds a lot like what were going through here though I haven’t gotten to the point where Ive been comfortable trying this natural cure.

prostate-massage-and-health. … -pain.html


I have testicle issues but I havent found anything to fix them so…


Geez, I almost lost my lunch looking at the pics on that site.

That said, it seems some urologists are resorting to the prostate massage when antibiotics prove to be ineffective.


I have the same pain sometimes - other times it is more of a tickle. WWhen they hang normally no pain.

So my prolatic numbers are out of sight too - pituitary tumor??


anyone out there?


Have you had an mri of your pituitary yet, scared?


Not yet - Doc wants a retest of the prolactin From what I have seen here most who have high prolacting do not end up with any tumors of pituitary even though that is normally a marker. By the way, seems like high prolactin is what also cause high refractory period…


Retest of prolactin back in range (low end no less) Love the bouncing hormones…