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any one have progress with iodine?


Yeah I made some good progress but unfortunately it was only temporary.

But I’m going to try it again.

If you are going to try it dont use too much iodine I burnt away most of skin down below by using too much iodine so I had to stop and let the skin heal.

It may not be the iodine but the alcohol mixed in with the iodine which gave me improvements.

Not sure if there is any science why iodine would increase testicle size it might be the case that any strong liquid such as alcohol or bleach can improve blood circulation in the testicle area.


Well guys, my body is wrecked. My testicles are shrinking every day and they are literally going away. They will be gone within 6 months. This is no joke.

Now my body is twitching bad and my vision is F####d! My eyes are slow to focus and now I am going to need glasses. I had better than 20/20 before I quit propecia a few months ago. I have no energy and my eyes hurt because they won’t stay in _focus. Sleepy all day. My short term memory is awful now. I have to write EVERYTHING down now.

Can you imagine how horrible things must be caused by your testicles continuing to shrink and shrink and shrink. I had bigger nuts when I was 10. Can barely get a weak erection with almost nothing coming out.

I get one life on this earth and this is how it is going to play out. I’m a positive guy but I feel sick and tired everyday. My life has been sucked out of me. I am a shell of my self before I quit propecia. My body crashed and it isn’t coming back.

I am so screwed I just can’t believe it man. This is so sad I don’t even know what to say.


Go get a semen analysis… 90% of testicular mass is sertoli cells. I don’t know why your urologists didn’t consider trying clomid or hcg with you at least. Not that they work work everyone but i did regain a little size and hang with both of them.


Has everyone here who has had their testicles shrink seen their penis increase in size ? or am I in a minority ?


I think that might be an “illusion” lol.

Whole package is smaller for me when not on alpha blockers.


Broken, you still shop at Unitedpharmacies? Or where do you get them?




Damn, I wish I lived that close. Though, I do live in the Michigan city closest to Canada…it just doesn’t feel the same.


Same here.


I have been taken Tribestan for the last 5 days and have seen my testicles increase in size.


What’s Tribestan? A testosterone booster?




Just mostly tribulous I think.


That stuff shrinks and hardens my nuts. Go figure.


Well so far Ive had a positive experience with it.


For me my left nut is far smaller.

My scrotum pulls too tight as well. This is the Dartos muscle - has anyone had any luck in relaxing this muscle?


Where are some of the originial memebers of the “club”. Just wondering if this issues/symptom got better?? Worst part of my life…


For me it hasn’t very much… I’ve tried Clomid, HcG, and HMG and had limited sucess. I’ve also run nearly every single OTC thing I could think of that might help… Fenugreek, Zinc, tribulus, and Tongkat ali (Tongkat did increase the size somewhat while on it.)

I got a prescript for HcG again and this time I will try running American bought HcG instead of the Mexican stuff… might be better. Going to do 1000 iu EoD for three months.


scaredtodeath, I only sometimes have balls hanging tight, expecially when I do some exercise or when it’s cold (it’s normal ok, but clearly it is really excessive). So I don’t know if this can be of any help. take a read at the post I made over here.
I had some good success in relaxing some of the muscles down there. Results are pretty stable and I am satisfied with it. You might consider giving a try to autogenic training or Progressive muscular relaxation if you know what muscles need to be relaxed. I had major inprovements in hourghlass, varicous veins, penis’ base constriction and “shrinkage”. This in just a few sessions (clearly varicose veins didn’t, it took some days to see them more bright and apparently this is improving)
Do you know if there is a muscle and what muscle controls the hanging of the balls? because it is in fact pretty boring and scaring when it happens. So I will try to target this issue too. Consider imporvements might be immediate to some extent but it surely takes much time of practice before the effects stabilize.