Small Ball Club - Scared, MartinM, Heyder, Luckfax, Solonjk, CJohnson, etc.

OK, this may be a stupid post but there are few of us here that are going through tesicular and scrotal atrophy to some extent. Would like to see if there is any commonality in blood tests/other symptoms and most importantly a discussion forum for portocols each are using and any success from these.

Mine: pretty dramatic testicular and scrotal shrinkage (estimate at least 50%). Shrinkage of penis as well and ED/libido issues. Pain/tickling feeling in testicles; especially left one.

Labs (only listing those out of whack):
High Estrodiol 56 (13-54) - note I also had a reading at 14
Low Vitamin D 24 (30-100)
% free testosterone 1.4% (1.5-2.2)
DHEA 77 (45-345) - one range but low
T4 - typical low end of range or slightly out of range.

Protocol - 10 mg Tamoxifen, Synthroid (just started), Daily Cialis
Vitamins/Amino Acid/Herbs: ZMA, D, C, E, L-argine, Pyncogenol, Garlic, 7 day cycle of Tribiulus/MACA/Yohimbe/HGW/Tongkat/Ginseng/Off


I also have this problem. In my mind, there is a definite link between this visual issue and the problems we experience.
For this reason, I am pursuing a visit to a uroligist who has credentials in my local area. I plan on discussing the testicles and HPTA with him. If he is not an expert in this area I am going to try to see if he can help my locate someone in the country who is.

you see, the problem is all tho slightly under the ref n over i could not see an endocrinologist looking at that endocrinology and giving any other opinion then its normal. Hormone levels are different for everyone.

As ur LH, FSH n total T is normal and this is what im getting 2 in my research it has to be a gene mutation causing cell specific apoptosis which is seen in smad pathways.

Everyone has been down the hormone pathway, its pointless because for one hormones drop with age n for 2 u wont find an endo who will agree u have an endocrine disorder unless u are literally sub normal in which case apoptosis could occur in association with low t levels.

Get a fertility test done and let us know ur result.


Mine have shrunk over 50 percent of their old size.
The base of my penis is also much more narrow.
Bad ED at times.
Bad libido.
Left testicle is much smaller and droops much lower. (I read the veins and arteries are set up differently for each testicle making varrocele easier to get on the left side due to blood flow issues).

I’m getting my blood test results tomorrow… something came back off or they wouldn’t have called me back.

THX Heyder - can you post your protocol and any items that have helped your ball size

Danny - out of curiousity what would a fertility test prove? Also got snipped 12 years ago so really cannot anyway…

it would suggest fin has made u infertile take this study and the importance of oestrogen receptors, by inhibiting them with ICI which causes testicular atrophy and infertility.

Then look at are problem, hormone levels normal, testicular atrophy.

Whats that got to do with fin? receptor mutation or apoptosis destroying the tissue AR and oestorgen receptors need to thrive.

Nothing has helped my ball size… but certain things have helped my ED and libido…
Iodine worked well for 2 days
L-arginine worked well for a few days
Maca root worked well for a few days
Vitamin D worked well for a few days
Horny gout weed worked well for a few days

Anyway i got my test results back…
FSH - 1.8 on a scale of 2.0 - 18.0 IU/L (not happy)
LH - 7.7 on a scale of 2.0 - 18.0 IU/L
PROLACTIN - 22.2 on a scale of 2.0 - 18.0 IU/L *******************(VERY NOT HAPPY)
T3- Approved - 5.3 on a scale of 3.5 - 6.5 pmol/L
Cortisol AM 413 on a scale of 140-700 nmol/L
Testosterone Free 36 on a scale of 32-92 pmol/L (not happy with this one either)

Hyder those test would be deemed normal to. LH is respective. Im starting to note everyone with a problem of testicular atrophy has decent leves of LH almost like the master gland is really working hard.

I think a mew opinion would be of good speculation in this topic, tho i note its not taken of.

Even at 1.3LH my endocrinology was deemed as normal by one of the uks most advanced endo’s.

L-Arganine and Vitamin D both temporarily increased ball size.

Marijuana has both relaxed the scrotum and increased ball size for me. I have not had any serious shrinkage in the entire package including the penis since beginning consuming marijuana on average every 4-6 weeks in very small quantities.

anyone have tingling and or pain in the testicles??

scared and heyder, you both have hypothyroid levels. Heyder your cortisol is bad as well. Have you thought of trying HC?

Toad - not sure I am hypothyroid. I have always had low T4 but in range

well you have low free T3 which is hypo numbers. High E, and im sure you have High shbg, if you can get your E down, it will then bring down SHBG, and unbind your testosterone so it will increase your free T3. make sense?

How am I Hypothyroidic Toadstool? And why is my cortisol bad?
I’m confused… they are in range? What is HC?

TESTOSTERONE FREE : should be high, not low like yours. AND ur cortisol for AM should be very high… not low… cortisol is the highest in the morning and lowest at night. but u need a 24 hour 4 point saliva cortisol test get a more accurate test.

how am i hyperthyrodic though?
I dont get it, i thought if things are in range near the mean then everything is fine.

The doctor said that when my prolactin lowers, my FSH will raise and free test will raise in return :S

You need the 24 hour saliva test to judge your daily rhythms. Have you been taking your temps?

Toad -I am checking my E, Free T, and SHBG this week soi should know where I stand soon.

Do not have the results BUT I can just tell my % free t is bad.

What can be done if someone has mid range T but very low free T??