Small Ball Club - Scared, MartinM, Heyder, Luckfax, Solonjk, CJohnson, etc.

i am on trt 125 mg test e a week and probably have super high estradiol levels… (verified in the past with bloodwork, even pre TRT)… so i started arimidex in low dosages but still no go

yesterday first time ever took 1 mg arimidex on day of shot

wow a second spontaneous erection and also larger hang and bigger nuts i am certain

i would recommend all to get a estradiol test sensitive done if possible

experiment with estrogen blockage

Dang cum, I thought you were only on HC alone.

i am on 125 mg test e, 2x250 iu hcg, arimi still to fine tune 3 x .25 now weekly i think i need more

30 mg HC, 3.5 grains erfa thyroid

i feel awesome but i need to kill that e2 somehow

Add me to the shrunken balls gang!

severely low test is all I can tell you! Everything else seems normal ish. Getting some more extensive labs this week.

Low libido, low volume, little or no ED particularly now I am taking arganine, ornathine and lysine

Hows that going?

Well I’ve still got low libido but my erections are solid despite having sub normal total test and less than average free test! You can buy them all together from holland and barret and apparantly they are synergistic.

I think that and the weight training and sustain alpha and good diet and I don’t want to get ahead of myself as it’s early but I feel better ish. Too early!

Monty- what does the lysine do in conjunction with the other 2?

Apparantly they work synergistically together to increase HGH production!

OK so this thread kind of died. I am still dealing with much smaller testicles. My original hope was we could see something common from our bloowork and/or post positive protocols that have helped reverse this.

Other than weed and HCG - not much hope…

Me too, but it’s the left one mainly, about half the size of the right. It has minor increases sometimes - especially after light exercise. This gives me hope that it’s capable of increasing. Not tried HCG or anything yet.

Thanks - my left is far worse as well. I believe Heyder is the same as well as others.

What have your docs said

Nothing as yet - booked to see an endo soon. Had a scan and all seemed ok other than the size.

make sure they check Estrogen and SHBG

I keep getting the still within normal range BS even though my nuts are raisin sized

I am wanted to try HCG but maybe not all the way to the daily shots. I know there are lozenges and also the diet HCG which is lower dose to increase metabolism.

Anyone try the lower options

Sad to see this thread died when there are many on here where penile shrinkage and specifically testicle shrikange are big issues.

For me I still have some days where my testicles magically inflate much closer to pre-fin size but many/most days where they are shrivelled and painful. If we could find out what causes both maybe it is possible to get to more good than bad days?

By small balls, are we talking testicular atrophy? like when a bodybuilder shuts down? i.e. google images

Yes - shrunken/atrophied. For me the left one is far worse with pain in the epidimous. High estrogen seems to be a common trait; my SHBG is off the charts too.

But again the are days where they hand lower and fuller - I think it is somehwat correlated to body temperature.

I can say with confidence that as my balls go so does everything else. On days where they return to size somewhat and lower; I feel 1000% better - also using levitra or cialis on those days I am great - basically normal. On the shruken painful days cialis/etc. does nothing - no libido feel like crap, penis is shrunken and numb too.

Any ideas?

Think shrivelled grapes. Balls like an 5 year old kid might have.

Good comparison - I told my urologist it is like I reversed puberty (frank and beans).

Does anyone have any suggestions