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Broker percker and Domino have had sex with Minipres?

How have you been?


Yep, sex has been the best it’s been in a while. Still a far cry from what it used to be since I’ve lost a great majority of my sensitivity and my testicles are half the size they used to be, but sex has actually been okay these days on minipress…and my libido’s been up with it. Overall, I’ve been pretty pleased.

Ohhhh, and I’ve had multiple bouts of sex a couple days this past week and I haven’t done that in years.


in my case I have the testosterone well below half and that makes the alzocin doxacina and not effective for me.

Broker domino pecke and have high levels of T and I think that influences their success with minipress.


Well the last two times (from January and February of this year) my Testosterone was checked, it came back at a whopping 405 and 487 (280-800), respectively…not exactly what I would consider “high” Testosterone levels. I guess these aren’t excessively low but for being 23 years old, I’m pretty confident they would be on the “lower” end of normal. But if you don’t want to give prazosin a chance (it’s inexpensive; to most, worth at least a try), then I don’t know what to tell you.


Does anyone know why our testicles are shrinking?

I am MUCH WORSE since quitting. My muscle twitching is getting really bad and my testicles continue to shrink. I think they might just shrivel away at this rate. This is so bad.

Is there not a doctor on the planet that can help me? Am I doomed to a life as a muscle twitching, extremely sleepy/fatigued eunuch?

The most depressing part of this is it seems nobody really knows what the F is wrong other than it being finasteride as the culprit.

I can’t believe this.


Also, my testicles and penis are colder than before all this started happening. Any idea what might be causing that?


Lack of blood flow generally or/caused by androgen deprivation.
I’m not a medical profesional but I think as a result of the body producing inadequate amounts of hormones. Low free testosterone will alter the size of your package due to the receptors being deprived. Pituitary issue resulting in lack of LH + FSH response to low androgens. Low sex hormones will be the major result of shrinking junk. You can try things like L-Arginine, I recommend Cilias because it has a long half life to increase blood flow.

I also had muscle twitches which I have since resolved by diet and vitamins. You may want to get your aldosterone checked as this can be a result of an electrolyte imbalance or else magensium may assist with this.


Doctor said my test was normal, but free test was at the very bottom of “normal” ranges. Which it sure as heck shouldn’t be that low at my age.

Should I try HCG? My balls are shrinking away, as they get worse so does the rest of my body. The smaller they get, the less ejaculate and sex drive I have.

Is there nothing to reverse this or am I F$*%ed?


Mine are smaller by the week. Everytime I try to forget about the situation im in, all I have to do is see my child like genitals. Or look at my deteriorating muscles. Its devastating at 23 yrs old man. Wtf.


Take a deep breath dude.
As I said if your free testosterone is low your gentalia will appear smaller (basically not enough hormones to fill the receptors, over a long period of time it causes shrinkage) Have you tried things like pharmaceutical grade tribulus, tongkat ali (increases free testosterone), korean ginseng, zinc?

As long as you have no previous history of steroid use/abuse, there is no reason to suggest you had any underlying issues such as supressed or downregulation of feedback loop. If you are going to do HCG , i would do it with a medical professional who can monitor your levels. How is your LH and FSH looking?


Domino friend to this date one month still works Minipres you???


Delux, I’m actually not sure. I have taken it without fail every day for nearly a month now but a few days out of the past week I did not feel its effects at all, much like I reported before. I would contribute this to the drug no longer having an effect on me but those same days I had brain fog like nobody’s business (haven’t had this in months) and not only did my penis not feel full, it felt disconnected, small, cold, and mostly numb. I tend to think that some days no matter what I try, my PFS symptoms will be stronger than my measures to counteract them (e.g. minipress, proper diet). I also have been pretty stressed/fatigued and have had an almost awful diet due to no time to prepare/gather healthier foods to eat for school and work, so I have no doubt that this adversely affected my situation. So, I can’t be for certain that it’s no longer successful for me since other huge variables were at play.

All in all, I’ve ordered another batch as I’m confident I can receive the positive results again (with lessened stress and more time spent on bettering my diet again). I’ve had some of my best days since I crashed on this drug so I’ll give it a couple months before I decide if I should cease using it due to lack of benefit.


Friend who disgrace minipress not work as before resistance development.

the genetic origin of our misfortune.


Thank you for the response, I really appreciate it. Not sure about my LH or FSH. Never done steroids. I have been to 3 urologists and all 3 have no idea what’s going on. I’ve scheduled an endocronologist to get everything tested. I don’t know what to do or who to turn to. Honestly I don’t know anything about this stuff.

What I do know, is that I am at mission critical. Since getting off finasteride just a couple of months ago my body has crashed. My testicles have shrunk so bad it is unbelievable. They are dying and feel disconnectes. Hardly any ejaculate. Erections are almost impossible now. At this rate, my testicles will be dead and gone in a month. Erections will be done.

As this has happened, fatigue and sleepiness has taken over. I have no energy and can barely stay awake.

I need a 4th quarter hail Mary at this point. My life is devastated. I am dead serious this is the end of the road. Is there a doctor in the country that can help me? I am luckily pretty mentally strong, but the reality of the situation is here. I am in severe trouble and don’t have much time. Each passing week it is going from bad to worse. This is physical, not mental.


Dude, Relax. You’ve read way to much, stay away from the forums for a while. Reading horror stories or trying to find the answers will not help you, trust me…
I highly recommend getting your LH and FSH levels as they correlate with your testosterone levels. I to suffered shrunken testes and junk, which i believe correlates orignally to the supression of DHT and increase in estrogen/low free testosterone. These things will improve i have seen this over 4 months.

I recommend getting your bloods done, there is some recommended blood tests here
There is a short list, if your doctor will not do all the tests.

I understand it’s hard to stay positve with brain fog, but the one thing we can try and have control over is our thinking pattern, if you keep telling yourself “i’m screwed” your body is not going to go “hey man, I think your getting better”, Try not to stress because stress will not help you.

Try and stay away from reading everything as comforting as it may be. .

Best of luck, Stay Positive…


Friend domino is better to give a break to prazosin so there is no drug resistance.


Hey guys, I am reading many many things in the forum and will take some good time to read this thread. Now, other than my story in the story section, I got worse: ED, penile shrinkage due to lack of blood flow, permanent shrinkage of the glans region(in the corpora cavernosa probably) since about 1 month (I also have arthritis, gynecomastia, not terrible brain fog despite I had a little car accident today as a result of it). Now, I managed penile shrinkage by taking l-arginine and blupill (some sort of natural viagra alternative we have here in Italy. Contains: Muira Puama, Damiana, Gingko Biloba, L-Taurine, Maca).

Now here comes the most frightening part to me: I have only one testicle as I lost the other in uterus (ehm, I mean when I was in uterus before I was born). Now this has never been a problem to me as my testicle was hypertrofied to work for both. This means I have one big ball and my sexual potency was PERFECT before fin. Recently I had an ecography to the testicle and it appeared perfect. However I am pretty sure it shrank just a little bit during or after finasteride. Unfortunately it appears it shrinks at a much higher rate right now (I can really see it is smaller), after a crash I had in the last days due probably to excessive masturbation (LOL 3 days, 3 ejaculations, I was trying what would happen). You might understand my worry about this. If I lose it, I’m fucked for good. As of now I had bottom range testosterone and mid-bottom range estradiol, LH and FSH. FSH and LH grew while prolactin was lowering (I had skyhigh prolactin after FIN, about 10 times higher that a normal value). While prolactin was lowering and approaching normal values, LH and FSH grew, but as of now, I can’t see from my exams a real increase in testosterone and my condition got worse as LH and FSH increase. I’ll have new results tomorrow.
My endocrinologist (he is also andrologist), some week ago suggested it would be possible to use HCG but only after the exams I am waiting for tomorrow.

While I’m reading everything I can, can you suggest anything that will help? I will talk about it with my endocrinologist anyway.

Also, I read a guy saying that HCG won’t work if you have any kind of prostate inflammation or other kind of inflammations. Is that true? … 110-2.html

I will not le my ball shrink.

Thank you and sorry for the long post.


im so sorry for you…really REALLY HOPE it comes back for you.


Thank you…oh well trying to take this with philosophy…
I retired my new exams today. The most terrible i ever had. I was strongly convinced that prolactin would fall to normal levels (that appeared to be the trend). Unfortunatly it bounced up to what it was before: 80 ng/ml (2-18) and LH and FSH accordingly drop.
Here are some results:

Antithyroglobulin antibodies 118 UI/ml (5-100)
Cortisol 10 mcg/dl (4,5-24)
FSH 1,7 mUI/ml (1,3-13,6)
LH 0,9 mUI/ml (1,1-8,7)
first minute: 80,5 ng/ml (2-18)
after 15 minutes: 76,6 ng/ml
after 30 minutes: 72,8 ng/ml
Testosterone 2,55 ng/ml (2,80-11)
Peptide C 0,5 ng/ml (0,4-3,53) (low nitric oxide sinthesys? diabete?)
GH 4,80 ng/ml (<8)
SHBG 25 nmols/L (10-57)
IgF-1 158 ng/ml (119-476)
ACTH 12 pg/ml (5-77)
DHEA-S 4,31 mcg/ml(1,2-3,6)

Terrible I would say.


An idea that might be stupid as I do not have much background: what about trying HCG while on alfa blockers?
Also, you might want to check this link:
I frankly do not know if those doctors say it right. They say the atrophy of the prostate induced by finasteride will produce urinary tract hypertension. This makes some sense to me since alpha blockers appear to be giving you some sort of a good condition. However I still have a lot to read and as of now I cannot really say they are right.