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I’m confused. There is no discussion of infection in my post. Why do you connect my post with inflammation (increase in size)?

I argue that the prostate is shrunken just like our penises, as both are dependent on DHT, both were deprived and both would get the surge after discontinuation. The prostate shrinks while on finasteride, as does the penis, so why would one become inflamed and large while another remains small and shrunken?

I think in most cases the prostate looks and feels like the the shrunken penis, the reason this isn’t so apparent is that we didn’t look at it every day prior to noticing the problems so we don’t have a reference to compare it.


But if alpha blockers restore penile size and testicle hang what do they do to the prostate?


Smooth muscle is required for the prostate to expel the prostatic fluid during orgasm. If alpha blockers relax smooth muscles in the penis and restore size, then the will do the same to the smooth muscles that constrict the prostate, alleviating prostate shrinkage in the same way they alleviate penile shrinkage. There’s no need to add another variable unless it becomes evident through testing.


Then any ideas about what is causing the muscles to constrict?


I have assumptions but the bottom line is we don’t know fully yet. We are all trying to back into a solution here and only finding band aids along the way. But my explanation fits the situation the best without requiring extra assumptions. Alpha blockers relax smooth muscles, finasteride shrinks both the prostate and the penis, and alpha blockers alleviate some or all of the shrinkage.


Martin - yes, you are saying basically the same thing I have been on this thread…

As a note - pre-fin I once had prostatitis and my doc gave me an antibiotic that helped. At the time he said my protrate was a bit enlarged and squishy (not good for someone in their 20s). Since fin I am always told I have a tiny prostrate. That’s a good thing unless it is shrunken and hard which I think ours are. So this custs off our plumbing to the penis.

But I also know a couple folks have had good success with anti-biotics inclusing flagyl. I would not discount the fact that our shrunken prostrates are more suscepticle to infection…


any other items help besides A/Bs??


Guys, my testicles are continuing to shrink. This is beyond serious. My ejaculate gets lesser and lesser in volume. As does my libido.

Something is killing my testicles off. Is there anything else that can be done or recommended? This is unbelievable, I can’t believe this is happening to me.

At this rate I will have no testicles.

Any advice or speculation is welcome.


me too…


I’m saying get a fertility test ASAP. If a fertility doc sees that your sperm count is dropping and they maybe inclined to do something to help. I don’t know what they might try besides clomid but something is better than nothing.


Domino friend still continues with Benefits?


Yes sir. Fifteenth day on and still feeling the benefits. In the past fifteen days, I’ve had a day or two where my boys weren’t as full as the other days but my unit was always thicker and more ready for action. It’s ironic though, yesterday was the first day I felt limited impact from the drug…as in, my penis didn’t get/stay large for the latter part of the day.

I don’t want to sound predictable by saying it Might have been related to the fact that I was super stressed since I was just declined a loan that I very much needed and one for which I had more qualifications for receiving than anyone I know but I theorize it’s conceivable that my body was just focusing its energy on just keeping me sane. Or it might not have been, I don’t know.

In all actuality, it could have been a myriad of factors orrrrr it could have just been a matter of its half-life wearing off but I did want to make note of it since it was the first time I experienced this in the same day after having taken 1 mg prazosin. I’m very much still confident in its efficacy though and will continue to take it until I feel otherwise.


Doxazosin and Terazosin friend does not work I’m desperate.


Well I’m not sure if those are vastly different from Prazosin, as I’m not much of a science guy but Prazosin has worked for me. But, I’m going to admit that today I was mostly small, numb, and cold again. I had some size about an hour or two after I took my 1 mg and then I edged for about a half hour and came like I used to normally prefin, but that just about sapped me of all my reserves today. So, since that’s two days in a row, I will cut back on my sessions and see if that works. Regardless, unless they’re the same [kind of] drug, I would give prazosin a shot, delux.

Aaaaand, I wouldn’t overdo it, regarding masturbation…


Prazosin worked better than doxazosin for me. Unfortunately sometimes Prazosin doesn’t even work but overall it is pretty effective for me.


Are anyone’s testicles STILL shrinking?

I think mine are really screwed. They sit differently than they used to. I had a very specific day happen where my testicles felt “connected” and I woke up the next day and they felt “disconnected”. They are now very loose and float freely in my sack. It is very different. Something physically has happened to them. I’ve been to 3 urologists and they have no clue what’s going on. I’ve taken ultrasounds multiple times.

Is there a doctor anywhere in the country that can help me? I will fly anywhere. My testicles continue to shrink and I continue to produce less and less ejaculate.

In a few months I might not even have any testicles. Is there anyone on this damn planet that can help me?


I wish I knew brother. mine are the size of large grapes… down from the size of medium eggs. I’m gonna see a fertility doc later this week I doubt it will help much but who knows maybe they will help me when they see I’m practically shooting blanks.


Would they be willing to help if you aren’t interested in having a family? One of my urologists stated he wouldn’t prescribe me hCG for cosmetic purposes…and he tried selling it as a good thing that I was less than fertile because I wasn’t planning on having a famly in the near future. He…was kind of an asshole. But would a fertility doctor be any different if you weren’t planning on starting a family?


Thanks for bringing that up guess I’ll tell him I am. BTW HCG didn’t do anything for my testicle size anyway. And I can always get it w/o a script.


Ugh, I was always holding out for hcg hoping that the one day when I took it I would undergo some recovery in size. I mean, there’s really only one way to find out for sure so I won’t rule it out completely but the overwhelming lack of success regarding its use for size recovery is less than enthusing.