Small Ball Club - Scared, MartinM, Heyder, Luckfax, Solonjk, CJohnson, etc.


Bryce, you’ve taken this path before. It didn’t work then, and it’s not going to work now. No one cares how long you’ve researched! While I agree that diet, specifically a paleo diet, can contribute to better health than the standard diet of processed foods, high-fructose corn syrup, and french fries, you’ve demonstrated previously that despite all your research you didn’t have a fundamental grasp on the dietary methods you were going on about. Either that or you were being purposefully misleading. If you’re going to make such a claim, back it up with specific facts and quotes, not how much research you’ve allegedly done.

Answer to your second question, it depends on the detox theory. Are you recovered from all the beet juice? Then why are you here?


i’m going to ignore all these personal attacks, but hint hint… methylation turns on the body’s ability to get rid of unwanted chemicals aka it turns on the body’s detox channels… think about what awor is doing, and consider that when you look at food you’re eating and what possibly else could be inside it…


Maybe its all the excess estrogen but this site is just rampant with personal attacks and catiness. How about everyone just try to have an open mind when discussing PFS - something work great for some while not so great for other.

For me personally, diet has not been the Holy Grail - I wish but it just isn’t so. Let the attacks begin…

Also - have tried zoinc and also ZMA protocol and never noticed effect on hanging - this was an interesting comment and not sure of anyone else has seen good effects?



Although you quoted my post I have not made a personal attack against you. Stop obfuscating. I am telling you to simply get your facts straight and post credible sources for your claims.


post credible sources for my claims… lol wow, martin you crack me up man. do you want this shit double spaced, with a bibliography, and a heading on every page also? you act like you are doing me a favor by listening to me. no one cares if you take any advice or not and people aren’t going to sit here and try to write out paragraphs of posts to try to convince you to help yourself. probably the strangest thing about this forum… someone says… this helped me… then you get an influx of people like, no wrong, no way this is impossible no way this will work (as if you actually understand PFS).

anyway, people who actually want to get better and see some relief will follow the advice of people who actually healed themselves (IHP)…


The funny thing is I essentially agree with this statement Bryce, but your method of backing it up by sourcing your research hours doesn’t work because no one but you values your research time.

Bad advice is worse than no advice and there are a lot of young, desperate men who aren’t thinking too clearly due to taking finasteride that read the forum and may follow it. There is ample back up already written on the forum to show that a paleo diet (which IHP follows now) and not masturbating as much as scaredtodeath is is generally better for PFS than other diets or a heavy masturbation schedule. This means you don’t have to write long posts, you just have to show where these things have already worked or haven’t. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Are you having luck with IHP’s protocol?


So now I am the heavy masturbator? :smiley:

Seriously - what I find is 3 times a week is about max. Usually I will actually see improvements after the first time if it has been a while but If I repeat the following day lets say then I see a downward spiral. So long refractory period…

I still think this is related to our tiny shrunken non-working prostrates. Think of a donut around the pipes to our penis. Old men with enlarged prostrate have problems as the protrate “grows” and blocks the pipes. We have the same thing as our donut shrunk to constrict these pipes… Type 1 A/Bs relax this gland and allow some return to normalcy. Interestingly besides ED properties Cialis is known to do this too (for me it does not work as ED med but does help flaccid size next day).

Can a prostrate return to size/function -not sure. But this is the reason for our small amount of spunk - 3/4 of ejaculate comes from the prostrate not from the tesicles. Lower ejaculate was one of the first things I got while taking fin…this never came back.


I equate the refractory period with the water level in a dam. Pre fin it used to rain all the time and keep the dam full and overflowing often. Post fin the water level is down and it only slowly fills with groundwater. Take too much out of the dam and you’re left waiting forever for the level to fill back up again and the ecosystem that relies on the dam starves for water and suffers while it fills up at an agonizingly slow pace.

Scared, how do you get along when you only masturbate once a week? Any better?


I only worked once.


Interesting analogy Martin.

As far as once per week I actually notice a step backward if I also wait too long. If I “withhold” for a week or longer its like I have absolutely no need or interest to ever orgasm. Totally dead…


But what about your other symptoms? Any improvement?


I’ve been on my Prazopress (Prazosin) 1 mg daily for a week now and I’ve comfortably cranked my soulja boy 1-2 times a day for most days over the past week. I’ve also suffered no observable setbacks. I know this probably isn’t advisable but I’m just posting my progress. The Prazopress seems to keep me fuller in flaccidity and maybe even when erect. I find life is a lot more comfortable when I’m my normal–or at the very least close to normal–size. I also haven’t had any other variables to factor in so I can tell that it’s definitely the Prazopress that’s working and if I suffer a setback it’s going to be from playing tennis for a couple hours today. The last time I did that I was out of commission the whole next day and part of the day after.

Oh, and to note, I don’t believe I’m experiencing any extra libido (as I’ve never heard that alpha blockers help with libido), I’ve just been excited that I don’t have to work as hard to get an erection since my penis has been fuller lately–less to fill but more to drill, if you know what I mean…

So, I would definitely advise the use of alpha blockers from having a largely successful week with them. Maybe the effects will wear off, I don’t know. But I’m very much elated with the results thus far and only hope to continue such results from here on forward.


I am a month into my crash. 2 week full recovery after stopping this devils medicine and then I crashed. Testicles are shrinking even more, my ejaculate is down to about 15% of where it was…and getting worse. MY TESTICLES ARE THE SIZE OF A 10 YEAR OLD NOW.

Muscle twitches everyday. Now severe sleepiness and fatigue are setting in. My eyes aren’t focusing as sharply. This has coincided with my libido dropping even further.

I am on the highway to hell with no way to stop the bus. I am (was) a healthy, former college athlete with a great diet, job, and sex life. Now everything is falling apart. My body is wrecked by this poison.

Can ANYTHING BE DONE for me? 3 urologists and none had a clue. I don’t blame them, this is way beyond them. I just can’t believe this happened to me. I’m going to fight and stay positive even though I might as well be castrated and have narcolepsy now.


I am buying modafinil (Provigil) just so I can stay awake during the day and focus. I am aware of the irony of resorting to another medicine that could pose problems but I want to sleep 24/7 now and am in a semi haze. I think clearly but feel slightly drunk. I’m hoping this will keep me awake and alert enough to continue performing at my job.

I took a cialis, it did help keep the erection once I was able to get it up. But I am losing my juice fast.

If something is not done soon I fear erections and my testicles will be a thing of the past. I’m willing to try anything at this point.


You seem to have suffered observable setbacks now. Before proceeding with Provigil, have a look at some of the serious side effects in the link below. In general stimulants have not been the answer to PFS.


Instead of jumping on further, risky meds, IMO you will be better off giving your body a rest and not masturbating 2 times a day. Try for 1 time every 3 days or so. An extended refractory period is a hallmark of PFS, you’re draining the tank and PFS is preventing it from filling up fast enough. Give your body a rest. You’ve just come off a serious drug that affects your hormonal state. Some here find that orgasm/ejaculation exacerbates brain fog, so you may find an improvement in your mental state after giving your sexual function a rest.


Martin, that was Deuce who suffered the setbacks, not me. I actually still haven’t felt anything out of the ordinary since maintaining this “masturbate almost as often as I please” schedule even with having played tennis yesterday. These alpha blockers are pretty impressive, imo.


The question is now, since alpha blockers seem to work for some of the PFS side effects what does that tell us about PFS? What exactly is the alpha blocker doing that is reversing the shrinkage and what does this tell us about PFS in general?

By the 2nd quote, it would appear that something is definitely going on in the prostate that is causing the shrinkage. Perhaps someone who has had intensive prostate exams done could speak up and provide results. Or maybe we need to take a closer look at the prostate with an MRI.


Hahahaha… hilarious. Thanks dude, I needed that laugh.

Glad to hear you’re improving!


Sorry domino, you’re right.

BP, you’re spot on here. Insufficient attention has been given to the facts that finasteride shrinks both the prostate while on it and the corpus cavernosum (as demonstrated by the rat study and our personal experience). in addition, the urethra runs through both the prostate and the corpus cavernosum. As the penile tissue doesn’t recover after discontinuation, unless there is an infection, it’s likely the prostate doesn’t recover either.

If both the gland and the tissue surrounding the urethra are shrunken (and fibrotic) with too much smooth muscle constriction, it only follows that the tube running through them would be constricted also and most likely weak.

This explains the scenario where there are no flow issues of getting started but the flow is weak.


Yes its interesting. I have been pondering this for a few months now. Thinking about posibility of an infection or some sort of tissue alterations that finasteride made. The infection senario seems viable, perhaps induced by the quickly rising DHT levels after coming off finasteride altering/inflaming the tissue of the prostate making it susceptable to chronic infection. (I really don’t know) Just some things I have been thinking about and causally researching.

Some people have seen good results from long-term antibotic use correct?

I actually had a series of tests done about 10 months ago that showed moderate bacteria in my urine. But I felt no symptoms of a UTI, and the doc just thought it was a contaminated urine sample (like if something touches the sides of the container while giving the sample).

However after some reading I found that while a prostate infection will not usually display bacteria in the urine, (only the seminal fluid) if the infection is severe enough, bacteria may infact end up in the urine.

I haven’t been taking anything apart from alpha-blockers and tongkat ali for the last 4 months so I may attempt something with doxycycline longer term (8-10 weeks) and see if any good comes out of it.

EDIT: Its also interesting to note that I found cases of severe prostatitis where the sufferers experience depression and anxiety (severe depression and anxiety in some cases). I am in no way endorsing that this the root cause of all the issues but I do think its something that needs to be looked at in light of the fact that alpha blockers are helping quite a few of us here.