Small Ball Club - Scared, MartinM, Heyder, Luckfax, Solonjk, CJohnson, etc.


Scared I’m glad the Alpha blockers are working out for you, they are definitely a major help… too bad it only lasts as long as you take them.

Personally I didn’t notice them helping testicle size at all in my case, just making them hang again.


Hey Broken, I just ordered some alpha blockers a few days ago to give them a try. I remember reading somewhere that you said if you’re aware of the possible side effects, they shouldn’t be so bad. What side effects could I be looking at from using them?


From prazosin I got light headedness and stuffy nose from my first dose. After that my body began to acclimated to it and I only had occasional stuffy nose, however I continued to get the positive benefits.


Oh, okay awesome, that doesn’t sound bad at all. I’ll post back again when I try them out.


Prazosin also seems to help with anxiety… I felt really relaxed when on it. Doxazosin doesn’t seem to provide as many benefits for me.


Minipress is prazosin, right? And would 1 mg be effective?


I was using 2 mg but even 1 mg maybe enough.


My testicles have shrunk to child size proportions. My ejaculate is just a few drops now. Is there anything to be done?


Second day on 1mg prazopress (prazosin) and I can say it’s helped increase my flaccid size considerably (I think) and may have given my boys a little more fullness, though they haven’t increased any in size. Also, I don’t know if it’s because of the suspected increase in size or what but I actually felt my cock and balls as they hung there. I can’t remember the last time I felt them. I mean, it wasn’t a very strong feeling like it used to be, but I could actually feel them as if my brain-penis connection was very mildly restored, temporarily…and it could have been a multitude of variables but last night after my first day on I felt pretty horny and gave my girlfriend a go. It could all very well be placebo but that feeling like it was somewhat alive isn’t something I’ve felt in a while so that being fake would be quite the feat for my mind to perform.


Yes! this is exactly what I’m talking about. I’m glad its working for you. When I took my first dose I didn’t even expect much, just sat down and started watching TV, 45 mins later I checked down below and the pecker was full size again! I don’t know if it restored much feeling for me but just having it return to normal size was a good boost for me…

Testicle size thou… didn’t help much. I have been on tongkat ali now for 2 months and have seen a slight increase in testicle size… but I have heard this goes away when you come off it… I’ll see i guess.


These don’t seem to be working for me anymore. I am in a terrible small state and tight tiny balls


change your diet and stop masturbating. i feel like a fucking broken record on this forum… have you even tried this ?


You assume that everyone here even has the urge to beat off. Many of us don’t and therefore do not masturbate. Diet isn’t going to do shit for the people who have been effected badly anyway.


I have been very concious of what I eat - and I have changed my diet many times to try to get better. Thus far I have not seen any correlation - some of my very best times are in periods when not eating well. Same with drinking and exercise Anyway - I think our hormonal profiles and state of prostrate are far more powerful than diet, exercise, etc.

Yes wanking off is bad - I do find if I go more than one day in a row I get a setback.

Anyway - combined A/B with full dose of Levitra yesterday and flaccid size came back. Balls hung again although still not full size. Hate to take ED meds just for flaccid size…

BTW - Cilis does not work as ED med for me.


Ever try zinc supplements? I found they help lower the balls.


The prazosin should lower the testicles just fine. Increasing their size is the issue most of us have here. Mine are roughly between 13-18 ml in volume (each). I’m not sure on volume because there are like 3 different formulas for calculating volume once you’ve had them measured with ultrasound. (LxWxDX0.071, ect). Before I don’t know how big they were, but just visually they were considerably larger.


Diet isn’t going to do shit for people who have been effected badly? How the fuck do you know this? I’m researching everyday 3-4 hours/day for the PAST YEAR. So before you try to downplay something so significant that it contributed to at least 3-4 recoveries on this forum, maybe you should get your facts straight and start trying shit that has worked for people.


Why the negativity? Many of us are badly afflicted by this drug and have already tried various different strategies for countering the side effects we’ve been presented with, including altering our diets. I, for one, have significant shrinkage concerning my boys and have seen no progress in their return to homeostasis having altered my diet. And I was going with it well for 2-3 months there but no longer. I’m a happier person eating mostly well and having a bad meal or two in the mix and have the same small(er) balls that I would have had I continued on with one of these popular diets that didn’t work for me. Not saying they won’t work for others but to prophesy them like they are the holy grail of all finasteride treatments is half-assed at the least. There are a lot of factors going into recoveries and completely overhauling my diet to fit one of these schemes didn’t help me any…it only made me miserable. But by all means, advise others to do as you think will best help them, but just know that speaking down to them with condescending undertones isn’t actually helping anyone and only making you sound like a douche.


read the IHP thread if you really need some “evidence”… i seriously doubt anyone went as hard as him on diet/detox who claim “diet doesn’t work”… aka you who went 2-3 months. He was on that shit for like a year… plus he did intense detoxing. do you know how to detox your body?



  1. Diet will help anyone who may have any health issues what-so-ever. Feeling somewhat better going from a crappy fat/carb heavy diet to a “cleaner” diet is going to help ANYONE.

  2. You tout these recoveries as sheer fact but have you ever even talked to these people who claim recovery outside of this website? On the phone even? There are only a very few guys who claim complete recovery and like Mew I am skeptical about anyone claiming recovery in the first place. Especially considering you often see people claim recovery, only to return two weeks later claiming a relapse in side effects.

  3. Many of the supposed recoveries are from people who didn’t get hit HARD by PFS. You yourself did not get hit that hard, I have read your posts and talked to you on facebook for hours. You didn’t get hit with the mental sides, you didn’t get hit with insomnia or muscle twitching. Your penis and testicles didn’t shivel up. In fact, according to your posts all you really had was lack of libido. Which quite frankly, isn’t shit compared to what some guys here are going through. So maybe someone only slightly effected like yourself may find benefit in altering diet, but guys who are suffering from the myraid of PFS side effects and guys who have been to the point where they admitted themselves to psych wards because their mental sides were so bad that they “wanted to die” are not going to see any huge benefit from doing something like eating more garlic, avoiding gluten, water fasting, or running detox kits you order of homeopathic medicine websites.

  4. Finasteride alters hormone values, particular hormone values, and endocrine homeostasis in specific, and highly vital parts of the body (brain, liver, prostate, seminal vesicles, testicles, penis, skin and so on…) such that believing that removing/adding certain foods from/to your diet may improve your overall health is reasonable but touting that it is going to cure an extremely harsh biological condition is NOT.

  5. Once again your research while admirable, means essentially nothing. Many of us including myself have spent countless hours on pubmed and google trying to find correlations, consistencies and answers. NONE have succeeded to any substantial level. I have gone as far as to travel across country to meet with scientists in PERSON who are researching 5AR and androgen metabolism in particular. These people have ideas about causation, but ideas that are no more sound or treatable than anything we already have discussed on here. And I know you have NOT been going to the lengths I have because you have told me you don’t have much money… in the first 5 months of getting PFS I spent roughly $12,000 traveling, buying supplements and meds, seeing doctors and I saw no improvement from any of it. Yes I did alter my diet for awhole too.

  6. You, like many here don’t seem to recognize the only way any of us are going to get out of this mess is by raising awareness and making a big shit storm out of it publically. Instead of wasting your time reading useless studies constantly, perhaps you should have been writing letters to the FDA, congress, scientists, doctors and the damn POTUS. But no, that would require some real effort and maybe a little embarrassment… although lets be honest nobody gives a fuck about any of us really or else they would be helping us already. My REAL name is all over the internet listing my side effects some of them even listing side effects I don’t have LOL. YET, I still am able to meet women, I still go out with women (sex itself is another discussion entirely). Point is, people really don’t care, they just don’t google you and look you up for the sake of it. Nobody who meets me says “Oh shit, that guy has the same name as this dude who got all messed up from Propecia.” People have their own lives to lead and we are all relatively insignificant in the grand sceme of the world.

And hell if we ever do get actually cured of this sometime down the road. I will simply go legally change my name… no sweat.