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alprazona tested.?


I had success with alfuzosin/uroxatrals’ generic version. I’m not sure if it does much for the testicles though. Just remember to use smaller doses of cialis than without alpha blockers. It definitely makes the cialis work better.

Less is always better too. If you do try an alpha blocker, if it works right away try taking it every second day.


Prazosin has a short half life and you’ll see the effects wear off in about 12-20 hours. Usually I take 2mg (low dose) every 24 hours.


What is the half life of Uroxatral. Also, someone not sure who recommended Doxazosin?


Not sure if this answers your uroxatral half life question or not, but, the ones I was prescribed were time released. Good for a day I believe.


Prazosin has a 2-3 hour life so it is really short.

Uroxatral has a 10 hour half life.

Doxazosin looks promising but can lead to heart failure. May cross that one off.


Time released?


Extended release. Probably coated so it breaks down slower… Extending the medication longer.


I was looking at ADC and they have three dosages for the uroxatral


Alfuzosin hcl 10mg is what I was prescribed. It worked. Quit after a while because it irritated my throat and no longer needed it. Tried doxazosin, quit almost immediately due to overwhelming fatigue.


Very helpful BlueJay. The ADC site has Cipia extended release 10 mg so basically what you had?

Maybe the fatique issue was a good thing considering the potential heart issues related to Doxa. Have you tried Praszosin like broken


How many of you guys have tried hcg or clomid with no effect on testicle size? Just wondering.


Broken- I have tried Nolva/Tamox but not clomid (yet). I have script so I may just try out. I tried to get HCG shots but that is very hard to get ahold of in my area.

Anyway - HCG and Clomid are both good when LH is “low” and they trick the body into getting the boys producing T - which also causes the testicle to swell back up. In my case my LH is fine and also my T is high so I don’t believe these would actually have the effect of say someone coming off a steroid cycle where there balls have “shut down”.

Have you tried either?


Yes I have tried both with no effect on testicle size at all. I also have good testosterone and LH.


Okay, I’m on the Alfuzosin bandwagon now.

Positives: Flaccid size restored. Got some confidence back.

Downside: Headache, nasal congestion, slight sore throat.

Plan: Take it as needed to restore flaccid size. Not daily.


Solonjk disappear?


Ive been off fin for just over 2 months now. My testiculars had got smaller but in the past week they have got really small they seem to be shrinking very fast. Does anyone know how I can stop or reverse this ?


I’m going to start gathering info on this topic (shrunken testicles) from the aspect of finasteride sufferer’s. If you guys could PM me with relevant info (blood tests, testicular measurements, and so on) I might try to put together a spread sheet for comparison. Since I have tried pretty much every type of testicular jump start that has actually made my LH/FSH and test go up but nothing has worked on getting the physical size of the testicles back to what it was. This combined with knowing my test lvl is high but my sperm count is low means that mainly the sertoli cells have been affected.


Hey Broken -I’d like to be part of your collection - however, I’ve had so many bloods over the past two years it would be hard unless I took averages.

BTW - got my uroxatral and first pill did the trick. I think I have lost 25% of testicle size permanently but the pill took me right to 75% volume, enlarged my scrotum back to normal, my tesicles hung better and flaccid size improved. For me I am not 100% sure flaccid size returned all the way back but it was first pill so I will monitor. I went from not wanting to be naked in front of my wife to far more comfortable.

These type 1 alpha blockers are used for BPH - normally this would be from an ENLARGED prostrate that begins to “cut off the penis”. So older men have trouble emptying bladder, less fluid flow to the penis itself, etc. These pills relax the prostrate and muscles which allows these men to function better. In our case we have tiny shrunken prostrates. From what I understand the prostarte is almost a donut so could it be fin shrunk our protrate so much that it constrricts the same as though it had enlarged? That would explain these meds working. The shrunken protrat also explains the semen issues for us- most of the fluid in ejaculation comes from the prostrate NOT the testicles during sex (testicles = sperm plus 25% of the fluid). Loss of ejaculate volume was one of the first things to be lost for me while on fin - never came back post fin.

Interestingly in addition to being a good ED medication for some, daily Cialis is also sometimes effective for BPH. For me Cialis never works as well as Levitra, Viagara for ED. However, not on the day I take it but the second and sometimes third day, I experience better hang and fuller flaccid penis - very similar to Uroxatral. Supposedly while on Uroatral or minpress Cialis is then far more effective as an ED med - have not tried yet. This makes sense to me as when in my “shrunken state” or tight ball state its almost impossible for me to have sex and ED meds don’t work well. So the A/B relaxes the area and then theoretically the ED meds work as they would for a normal guy (sorry but we are not normal anymore).

Interestingly one of Crisler’s new things to include with any PFS sufferer is daily Cialis. It may just be for this BPH, A/B reason. It stands to reason that the more days our penis and package is in a more normal state the better chance we have of healing and returning back to normal. Least thats my new theory…