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As you probably know, bodybuilders have worse testicular shrinkage yet can bounce back via clomid etc. There have been guys here who have reversed the shrinkage via the usual meds, but actual symptomatic improvement doesn’t often result.

Haven’t tried serms myself but may give it a go, although reports of guys actually getting worse after their use are worrying. I think my shrinkage may have worsened in that they don’t grow back to maybe 3/4 size like they often used to, also sac is seemingly always tight these days.


What does everyone’s LH and FSH levels look like?

Mine are pretty normal, but my balls are small and my testosterone is low, showing primary hypogonadism. The strange thing is I have had PFS for 7 years and this testicular failure and shrinkage has only happened over the past 2 years. Despite testosterone levels dropping and balls shrinking I do not feel any worse than say 5-6 years ago while I still had PFS and normal balls+testosterone.

Anyways, I do not believe that our testicular issues are permanent. When we are finally able to fix PFS our balls will come back to life, that I am pretty sure of.


My LH/FSH levels are both slightly highish but still well within range. Without going back to look at the numbers I think both were in the 7-9 range, with below 5 being optimal as it shows your body is being efficent.

Testosterone is always 800+ (250-1100) tested 5 times in the past year and half. Free test is always pretty good too.


…but yet your balls have shrunk?


yup… considerably.


Has anyone on this site reversed the shrunken testicle aspect?




my balls range from 50% to 80% of their old size. penis is dead and light like a feather.


Yeah spstriken me too pretty much the same thing. Also always have a weird feeling down there all the time like a cold numbness… Terrible.


there was a time I used to look down many times to make sure my junk is not visible. Also if sitting someone’s home I used to go 2 - 3 times to washroom to reseat my penis but now! It looks like I have nothing down there.


… Yeah I know what you mean… Fucking sad… My balls used to be so big I had to either pull them out in front or sleep with pillow between my legs or I’d crush them while sleeping… Not anymore.


I feel you guys … while taking finasteride my genitals shrunk drastically and have never gone back to normal even after quitting … there will be an occassional improvement that lasts a very, very short time and then it goes away compeltely and tends to seem worse over time. improvements just never last. my shrinkage has been significant and is just fucking heart breaking and at times painful.


Anything to make the tesicles and scrotum hand better?


I had an almost full recovery on my genitle area. Though relapased again, anyone else ruptured vein on penis during intercourse, looks like a massive bruise…(not sure if this is to personal of a question). Though we are all admitting to having small balls after prop.


Full recovery??

But your balls are still small - lost me there.

Amyway - my scrotum sometimes disappears since my balls are so small. To the alspha blocker crowd - are these results only temporary??


Yes it only works while you on the alpha blocker. As soon it as it starts to wear off stuff starts shrinking again. But this at least provides you temporary relief and proves that it isn’t permanent and only caused by the effects of whatever finasteride changed regarding homeostasis in our bodies. When we discover what this is we can start working on a way to permanently correct this. The alpha blockers do not increase testicle size much for me but they do make them “hang” again which is much more comfortable then walking around with a tight ball sack all day. Also about 45 mins after dosing the penis returns to normal length and girth, for me at least.


Hey Guys,

My Names Propeciashiz and I to have small balls from Propecia.

Only improvement i’ve seen in testicular size is when i dose 40,000 mg of Tribulis extract.


40 000 mg? Thats gotta be a typo.


nope. each tablet has 20g of Trib.


BlueJay and Broken -which are the best alpha-blockers for you guys???