Short-term Recovery with Choline, Inositol, Cod liver oil, Phenibut

quick briefing:
(So I crashed in october 2018. It was very severe for 1-2 weeks, not able to get erections at all, no semen, orgasm duration like 0.1sec, Ieven laughed about this orgasm because it was so ridicilious.

In November I tried acetyl l-carnitin and ginko. later added maca+tribulus. Had frequent strong erections and morning wood, felt like 70% pre pfs, not great, but decent enough to have a normal functioning sex life. After that I got worse and my symptoms were fluctuating, but my supplement intake wasnt frequent, I tried to cycle it, so who knows if I can get permantly gains.)

What did I do?
Yesterday I took betaine, choline+inositol and liver cod oil capsules (essentialy used as a Vit-A source. (credits to @Ozeph)
The day before yesterday I took 1gr phenibut, but its unlikely to have an effect because it should be out of my system.

What happenend?

  • Was able to hold a normal erection, full size, even the veins I got recently were somwhat reduced. So these symptoms are all reversible, its all about bloodflow, there doesnt seem to be a structural change in the penile tissue which is permanent. This isnt backed up by science or medicine just my experience since all symptoms that are related to that can get better by far.
  • got back almost all sensitivity in my penis. I think this is very severe, because it does feel like pre pfs, no numbness at all.
  • increased semen volume, still watery though
  • increased libido, pretty huge tbh…Let me explain. Libido as how I define it is very mental, so its getting aroused by female optical triggers and having an urge to have sex. But this libido is just more physical as you wanna masturbate or penetrate something really hard. I cant explain it better. So when I see a sexy female I dont get aroused like before, but as soon Iam aroused more like by some form of physical stimulation its pretty much like before pfs.
  • decreased refractory period: 5 ejaculations within 12 hours. (what a weird subject to talk about btw)

Iam not sure if this will help you nor do I know whether I can keep this up. My question is now: Should I continue to supplement or wait and see what happens? This change is so dramatic that I worry if it will shock my system too much.

I know that you cannot generalize medical constitutions, if you take 100 people with an ordinary illness and take some sort of substance that does cure it theorytically, the response rate wont be 100%. But what I know and experienced is that all these symptoms caused by pfs which are related to the penis itself like shrinkage, veins, and erection quality are reversible at least they were for me. And I think that there is hope. Even if I crash again right after this, I will not lose hope, because I experienced what is possible.


What were the dosages and brands of the things you took yesterday? I want to try to recreate what you did. Right now I’m only using the brand of tribulus recommended in the other recovery thread

2 capsules of Choline (Choline Bitrate) equals 500mg + inositol 500mg
2 capsules of Betain HCL equals 1300mg Betaine-HCL (of that actual betaine like 900mg)
2 capsules of cod liver oil (basically normal vitamin A source, but the animal form is way more bio avaialbe.

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Taken all at the same time? Not divided up at all?

took everything together 1-2 hours right before sleeping.

Thank you. I’ll report back after everything arrives from amazon

I would let betaine out of the equation.



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Woahh! Great news bro, i will try these. Im scared to response badly again to supplements. But maybe i will use them. Keep us updated please.

So, what supplement gave back your health you think? Didn’t you regulary take other supplements except phenibut? Whic one recovered you really? This is your first major recovery right?

Wish you luck. You had bad expierence with androgens but this protocol is more or less anti estrogenic. Maybe worth a try.

ozeph added pine pollen (phyto-androgenic) but I didnt take it, because I thought its more of a risk factor when it comes to fluctuations.

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I edited my message, forgot to ask the important questions. Thanks!

Betaine increase methylation.


not the first recovery but the strongest one. I feel almost like pre pfs except a part of my libido likely the mental one is missing.

I think the above combo, betaine, choline and liver cod oil. Phenibut has unlikely contributed because I took phenibut wednesday morning and the other stuff thursday evening noticed effects on friday afternoon. But I could be wrong. Phenibut will increase orgasm intensitiy thats a normal effect even in people without pfs. It does also help with anxiety.

Did you only have sexual symptoms? Any improvements with anything else?

Choline transforms into Betaine. When you take both, you make sure you have Betaine available. It flushes out Estrogen my methylating it. To my knowledge, it does not methylate androgen receptor genes in the DNA. That`s a specific auto-immune response and in my opinion, it can be fixed by cutting carbs and fixing the guts (with Choline 500 mg and Collagen peptides in low doses, like 2.5 gr a day. Careful with Collagen. If it feels bad, stop it. I took up to 30 gr a day without problem but reduced to 5 gr (the recommended dose) within a week. I was Ok, not everyone has the same reaction)

Just out of curiosity, didn`t you get you diarrhea ? It seems to me the Betaine dose is a little high. I would keep it under 800 mg (I take 600 mg of each Choline and Betaine, 4 gr of Inusitol which is not related to estrogen but more to cleaning liver and brain function and of course vitamin A, which seems to have fixed me desensitization issue)

I wouldn`t discontinue it if I was you, but I would reduce Betaine to 600 mg. The idea is to create a favorable Testosterone / Estrogen ratio.

Phenibut creates GABA. Gaba receptors are very much part of our problem, in my opinion. Anyone with anxiety and insomnia has a GABA complex dysfunction. This in turn imbalances Serotonin (depression, lack of self confidence), Tyrosine (brain fog, speech slur) and Dopamine (lack of Motivation and sex drive).
Phenibut is addictive and cannot be used often (no more than once a week)

I`m taking Amino Acids with success to treat all of those, except GABA which has eluded me so far.

I`m not a doctor, These are just my opinion.

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hard to say. I have signs of low testosterone, sleep issues, motivational problems, hard to focus my mind, increased neuroticisism.

I had only increase in sexual symptoms after this.

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I havent been to the toilet yet.

You went on a ketogenetic diet right? Why do you think that helped? And what is the cause of pfs? How can finasteride fuck up the enitre endo system? As far as I know dopamin, serotonine etc have completly different synthesis pathways.

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Hello Ozeph. I was in the middle of going through some of your recent posts to make edits and copy/paste them to a PM so you would be able to modify them in accordance with the community guidelines.

For some reason, in the past couple days, the content of your posts has gone from sharing your positive experience with certain amino acids to making multiple suppositions about the mechanism of action of many supplements, giving medical advice with the always convenient disclaimer included, and going as far as making a rather bold claim about the etiology of PFS:

The disease people are suffering on this forum would better be called hormone-neurotransmitters imbalance syndrome. It comes from various sources like SSRI, finasteride, Saw Palmettto etc… but you`d be surprised to hear me proclaim it could also be caused by prolonged veganism. (like being vegan for 5 years). I have sources for this Lol.

Quite frankly, it appears you are edging the system and given your admittance to being involved in selling health supplements at some level, multiple links to amazon store fronts, and your near-miraculous improvement occurring in the first year of PFS that you credit solely to amino acids, the staff here have become concerned.

What gives?


Another huckster pure and simple. Most of these miraculous recoveries are pure BS.


I followed his avice and got the best improvement and best sex since the first occurence of pfs.

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