Short-term Recovery with Choline, Inositol, Cod liver oil, Phenibut

What brands are you using? Starting to think this is really important. The 10 dollar stuff at the local supermarket doesnt seem to do the trick.

There’s no reason to be rude or to imply that. People aren’t experiencing uniformly the same affected sites or severities, so their situations are relative. It’s not reasonable to discount people’s shared reactions whatever their conclusions for them. There’s no reason to doubt large doses of things with endocrinological effects are having a positive impact for for some phenotypes - it’s been happening for 10+ years. Some, including often mentioned cases who felt their personal issues were resolved by supplements, were demonstrably taking substances that have brought people here in the first place and caused tragedies in more severe cases. It’s important to bear in mind the bigger picture. Nothing being said or suggested by users is new at this point.

I see @dubya_b is dealing with this but I think we should leave his question as a rhetorical one. I know it’s in vogue amongst some quarters to feel entitled to say what they want at any point in any place with zero limitation. To be clear, this is a forum provided by us to users at considerable effort and expense as a privilege, not a right. It is not your country or system of government - you use it by choice, so please consider hyperbolic and offensive reactions to moderation, which will continue in line with the guidelines the moderators are asked to apply.

Before this forum was rebooted with community guidelines it was barely used and in disrepair, and the atmosphere was extremely off-putting due to constant aggressive and offensive arguments based on everyone’s pet theories which many strong personalities hold. The site was been successfully rebooted with many projects to take our issue forward, and that is owing to the vast majority of members behaving well towards one another and having enough humility to realise that no matter how sure they are of their conclusions this is a complex situation that they simply do not have primary evidence regarding. Making the minor effort we ask in return for use of our platform - taking the clear community guidelines into account and posting in accordance - is not a challenge. It helps us all maintain a peaceful at atmosphere for members in highly variable conditions with differing opinions, and keeps this place as respectable as possible to outside eyes. It is also important because new members aren’t intrinsically aware when someone is stating these things that they are not factual, and that recommendations may be a risk to them. I don’t need to remind you this has caused members to take their lives. We ask users to respect the very simple community guidelines , the moderators, and this isn’t up for debate.

I’d also like to thank the other moderators for the fantastic work they do every day to manage what is an extremely difficult situation with many human factors complicating an already tremendous and unenviable task. I hope we can stay on topic now and not derail this any further.


In defense of Ozeph, he isn’t in the business of selling supplements. We cleared this up via PM. This was a mistake on my part by confusing his mention of having an online business with having an online business selling supplements.

Suspicions of people setting themselves up to become health gurus run high after the debacle with “Mr. Nuts”.

Now that this is cleared up, let’s move on.


Alright, in this case I will withdraw my huckster charge and apologize for jumping to conclusion. As you say, the obvious cdnuts fraud has made us highly sensible to possible fraudulent commercial motivations.

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How is your shrinkage didnt you have shrinkage ?

only temporary. When Iam in the bad phases it does shrink, but its reversible.

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I’ve had the same. Definitely reversable for me too.


Getting a little conspiracy therory’ish over here guys. Glad it was cleared up though.


Hi Dubya

No hard feelings. Sorry for responding harshly via PM. I get angry fast but I cool down equally fast.

To set things straight, I did have a website before, selling jewelry, but I don’t anymore. I know about E-commerce and I now own a manufacture, still in jewelry and we only supply distributors in different countries. They run their website and take care of wholesale and retail.

I’m not interested in making money from people on this site and I never tried to do it.

People have been consulting me via PM like I’m a doctor or something and I can’t do this. The disease is too diverse and what worked for me may be someone else’s poison. Please don’t ask me for suggestions, I’m not in a position to offer any.

I will continue to document as precisely as possible what I’m doing and the result of it as reference.
If anyway you want to try some of the stuff I’m taking, start with very low doses, increase slowly and stop at first sign of trouble. Or better yet, consult a health specialist and ask him what he thinks about trying this or that.

I will also stop stating things as facts unless I’m willing to take the time to post my sources in annotation. It’s unlikely to happen as I’m starting the high season at work and have less time than before.

I will keep updating the success story compilation as It’s a source of inspiration as well as a way to find out commonalities to people’s recoveries.

I’m sorry for the mess and wish you all the best and a full recovery as soon as can be.



Little Update:

Took the combo on thursdaynight and had an effect until mondaymorning. So this means the positive effects last around 2-3 days without another intake. Right now I took another dose of the exact same supplements and I will report back, because the effects almost faded away.

Furthermore I will implement the following steps:

  • going full ketogenic diet (literally no carbs at all) for about 2 weeks and see what happens
  • taking taurine, l-dopa and tryptophan in morning and before sleeping
  • maybe taking pinepollen, not sure yet because androgen and androgen similiar substances are kind of risky in regards to pfs
  • adding acetyl-l-carnitin

I think I still have some neurological symptoms left but its hard to tell because its so hard to tell the difference. i feel crippled on an emotional level, hard to desribe. I can only name a few symptoms that are similiar to have low androgen levels like insomnia (waking up consistently after 5h of continous sleep), lack of motivation, and increased neuroticism meaning that Iam way more sensitive to negative thought patterns like depression and anxiety. And the last thing that kind of really worries me is that Iam somewhat not reactive to female visual attraction cues like tits ans asses, I dont get visually aroused as I used to.

Iam also worried that my combo might lose its effectiveness over the time and that Iam somewhat dependent on them. But if this works consistenly, like it did on friday/saturday I can pretty much live happily with this condition.


Just keep going bro


I’d not heard about pine pollen being risky, I thought it was more anti androgenic substances like Zinc which were more risky.

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I think it’s because there are hardly any studies, if any, about the risks of taking pine pollen so far

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What’s the short version on everything you’re taking now?

Still just choline, beatine and vitamin A?


no waay, didn’t know zinc is anti androgenic… should stop taking it

Yes. But the effect isnt as strong as before anymore. Still no numbness but that feeling that is close to premature ejaculation. But this isnt the first time, I take something and I recover for like 3 days and then I get worse again. Doesnt matter if its tribulus, carnitin, ginko or this combo, they definetly gave me some big improvement but that doesnt last. This time it was very close to pre pfs, so thats the reason why I got hyped.

I will continue my regimen and no hard feelings. This disease is just so unpredictable but I wont give a shit.


Are you going to try it? I will, i update when i get those supplements. But not now. People should try this combination, more experiences= more knowledge.

What are you waiting for?

Actually I just freaked out. because the improvement took more time than last time, but its kicked in now again. I took second thing on monday and now the third dosage 2 hours ago and the improvements are there again.

Summary: It takes more or less a day to take effect, maybe more maybe less. The biggest improvement is sensation and completly resolving penile numbness.

To answer your question: I will stay on this comb for 1-2 weeks and then adding the nuerotransmitter stuff. After this I will go full keto and then adding pine pollen or tribulus.

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I’m just taking choline right now. I have some cheapo vitamin A and betaine though so I could always add them back in as well. I tried them at one point but not for long or very consistently

I was hoping just choline alone would help but I need some more “experiences” to see if it is or not