Shorgum - improvements

We have been really stupids as a community is more or less understable as we probably had 0 knowledge about hormones and neutransmisors.

Please I will suggest you to read this:

Listen the only thing you should do is created 5AR2 activity to make more DHT, everything will come back to normal. I have been eating shorgum for 3 days and its incredible! I feel like I have came back 5 years in my recovery.

How I could not see this before? I have been trying to boost my testosterone and its the wrong way. You only have to boost DHT!



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1 - where did you find shorgum in the aformentioned forum? how does it work?
2 - do you expect your health to keep that way after you withdraw shorgum? and why?
3 - I’d use more caution in using “the CURE is HERE”. Demonstrate it on you, then convince the others. One thing is a cure, another is a band aid, and shorgum may be simply a band aid.

There are many people who have tried things that enhances 5AR2 activity with no luck. But I’m pretty much sure that everyone’s PFS is different so each person can benefit from something different. Hope the positive effects will be long lasting.

Oh look another man with a cure complex frequenting here

Hello guys!

We are idiots we had the resolutions in front of us all the time. Potentiate with 5AR2 activators. Finasteride inhibits it? We ACTIVE it!

I have been eating Sorghum for 2 days (its a 5ar2 activators) And Im 100% in aeveything. Erections? Perfect
Libido? Perfect!!

DHT is all over my body!

We only have to help T->DHT conversion again and THATS ALL.



clickbait much

Will try this. Seems that it has a good probiotic effect on the gut.

What’s Sorghum? Where can you get it? Can you share a link?


I just researched the forum and johnny5ar and noniman tried sorghum without success:


They seem to be the only 2 people who tried this, but doesn’t really make me want to try !

Poor harrisoff just can’t seem to get a break. I’m sure there’s some magical elixir out there waiting to be discovered by you too.

Congrats Belikewater, great news !

I had no success with sorghum but the experience with it led me to conclusion that i’m dealing with autoimmune disorder, like i already said in the post you’re referring to. So i would absolutely recommend it to everyone here, because there is possibility that your immune system won’t start attacking rising levels of 5ar or whatever it is attacking. There is nothing wrong with sorghum, it is a regular grain used in human diet for a long time, so experiencing anything similar to what happened to me is a strong indicator of immune response.

I know 2 others who used it without success too.

Maybe if there was a way to lower 5ar very low. Then slowly taper it up and stop the immune system attack.

Guys have gone back on fin and felt amazing for a day or so then bad. Sadly u can’t taper off fin.

Maybe a herbal 5ari that can lower 5ar right down till the body stops attacking it. Then slowly taper off. Saw palmetto berry powder (not extract ) maybe

But best way it seems is to fix the autoimmunity via the gut. Firstly by eradicating chronic infections then repairing the microbiome to raise T-reg cells and calm the immune response.

Sadly alot of infections go undertectedd in the biofilm so it takes a skilled practioner.

Brongfogboy has recovered after a long journey of optimizing his microbiome. His last stage of recovery involved antibiotics which must of eradicated some stealth infections which were causing the autoimmunity, thus restoring hormone function in all cells .

The immune system trumps the endocrine system. If you have good T & E level with no results don’t waste anymore time with hormones. The problem is the immune system. We are in the autoimmune era.

Autoimmune diseases are characterised by 3 things:

  1. A chronic infection.
  2. An immune system over responding to that chronic infection.
  3. Tissue damage caused by the immune system.

Our immune system has 2 strategies…

  1. Special Forces for close quarter combat. Not much use when the enemy is hiding and
  2. Aerial bombing. The problem with bombing has always been indiscrimamnt damage. That will be made worse if the enemy is wearing a similar uniform to our troops. It may be that why the immune system sometime attacks the myelin sheath (MS), the joints (rheumatoid arthritis) the muscles and ligaments (lupus), Enzymes (PFS/Statins) the thyroid (Hashimotos)… is that the cells of those tissues are antigenically similar to the outer coat of the organism.

Note too that these infections have developed 2 very powerful tools to prevent attack:

  1. Biofilms- a layer of mucous they cover themselves in to prevent antibiotics getting to them.
  2. They damage our mitochondria. Our immune syetm is very energy dependent. Does not matter how many tanks and fighter planes we have if there is no petrol to fuel them.

“Now, researchers at Temple University School of Medicine (TUSM) have shown that bacterial communities that form biofilms play a role in the development of the autoimmune disease systemic lupus erythematosus – a discovery that may provide important clues about several autoimmune ailments.”


  1. Anybody with an autoimmune disease should be tested for a chronic infection.
  2. Treatment of a chronic infection should involve biofilm dissolution and mitochondrial repair. … uto-immune

Feel free to continue this discussion in the official pfs autoimmune thread on solve pfs

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Ei man why are you invading my thread with your auto inmune theory?

You are suggesting people to take another 5AR, ok go ahead and try yourself but make your own thread jesus…

Well I will update my journal. It has been 6 days with morning erections every day. I dont remember the last time this happened to me.

I ate sorghum and it didnt work.

Im sorry to hear that. How did you take it? Im taking it “White Sorghum Grain” and I took it raw.

Have you taken any other 5AR2 activator?

Belikewater, you mentionned in other threads feeling much better, and almost cured. Why do you think that Sorghum is part of the answer? Seems like you were already on the road of recovery. Did you notice a big difference simply because of Sorghum?

Yes thats a very big question indeed.

You know have been 5 years since I stopped being myself sexually, And 2 years since I starting my recovery by my own. 1 and a half years summer 2014, I felt myself 100% only for a night, and it was after no ejaculating for a lot time.

I think I have been improving very well in some areas including more than 100% on some brain functions for example, but sexually I needed to be without ejaculating for a long time to feel good, that feeling good was ok and I was 100% functional but still I iwasnt 100% my old self. The most important moment was 2 weeks ago when I recovered 100% my self it literraly felt going back 5 years. You guys dont know how much our brain has changed this drug converted us in somekind of zombies. I recovered all my oldself as I mentioned and that had a big impact on me, I recovered something I didnt know I had, so this time 100% meaned 100% equal as I was before.

Yes I think Sorghum, or asparagus or just my plan made effect now 100%. Nowdays I have had 8 morning erections in a row, that I forgot to mention that before these days were raro ocurrence. And the most import these 8 morning erections were while I had been ejaculating 6 of those 8 days. Today was my first not erection in the morning I dont know why. Probably that Im kind of stressed lately.



I ate sorghum for a week and I fel so tired… no results…