Shorgum - improvements

Ok well it’s great that you’re feeling better! It still remains a mystery for everyone who recover. We never know why or how!

If I may ask, how long did you go with no ejaculation? I think this may be an interesting avenue for letting our body heal itself. For the last few months, I can easily go 2-4 weeks in a row, but I’m wondering if I should even go longer …

Just got Sorghum (grains and flour) from an organic grocery store. I will give it a try, but will not overdo it. I will probably have some two or three times a few, just out of curiosity.

… starting tomorrow morning with chocolate and banana pancakes! :slight_smile:

While on PFS getting 2-3 weeks is kinda easy. Now for example Its going to be very difficult to be 7 days without as I was pre-pfs.

Regarding the number of days I have made 1 time 90 days. and 4 time around 30 days. Every time I did a new 30 days streak anything become better than before. So yeah definetly it helps and the more days the better. For me it would have been very good value!! and not only for pfs.

I will recommend take a look at this forum:

Sorghum or Asparagus + Sorghum or My diet/exercises + Asparagus and Sorghum are creating fast and dramatic changes in the condition.



Seriously guys check out this webpage:

This guy came to the same obvious conclusions as me it seems…

I focus a little more on exercises but the rest is very very very simillar!!

im glad your feeling better. But if the “cure” was increasing 5ar activity / dht then this site wouldn’t exist.

Seems like you are the next JustQuitDut

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I have had Sorghum 3 times in the last 2 days (twice as pancakes, and once in grains). I will continue having it to see where it leads. In addition, I have also been taking raw turmeric once a day (same time as Sorghum). Man does that stuff ever stains!! My fingers puts “yellow” on anything I touch for 30 minutes after eating it.

This being said, it is very early to come to jump to any conclusions, but I seem to have had stronger nocturnal erections in the last 2 days. Last night, for a VERY VERY rare time, I was able to have a spontaneous erection while going to bed (around 10 pm) and maintained it for several minutes. And today, I was able to get erections without physical stimulation (up to maybe 60%). The funny thing is that I don’t feel more aroused. Women won’t really catch my eyes more than before, but if I concentrate on sexy thoughts, the brain-penis connection feels somewhat better. Nowhere near perfect, but much better.

On the other hand, I feel more tired today. Don’t know if this is related to anything!

Anyways, I will keep this formula for a few days and keep you posted. I know a lot of people feel better for a few days and then crash, so I’m not keeping my fingers crossed, but it’s still nice to see some progress after so much time at the same level.

Quick update. I still feel the same (which means better) and I also noticed that sensitivity has improved.

Last time I ate Sorghum was yesterday at noon, and it did me feel a little tired again. Right after lunch, my whole body felt “heavy”, kind of like a friday night after a few beers, or just when you’re about to be sick. It was manageable, but I’m still a little suspicious about what that means. I will keep having it again for the next few days / weeks and see if it does this every time.

Raw turmeric is ok, but it stains like hell. Don’t know which of the two products is actually having an effect (or maybe placebo?!), but I will keep going. Placebo or not, I feel better.

Coming from 20-25%, I can say I feel around 40% right now.

Ok SO they moved my thread from general to Diet and exercise. Ok.

Listen Im happy that someone is trying. Definetly the sensitiveness and Brain-Pennis connection improves somehow.

Anyways I just will report that I had 10 morning erections in the last 14 days. Thats good when normally is near impossible and I have been taking so little Sorghum.

I will continue more late because nowdays im most focusing on other things and Im not following my protocol, im just taking little soghum during the days anything more.



It’s been a week and I have been eating Sorghum consistently every day except once. As of today, I can say that the results are conclusive. I feel like I have improved in a significant manner (still around 50%, but this is still much better than just a few weeks ago) and I have to say that this has been the best improvements I made in the last 2 years (since I’m off PFS).

Erections are improving, but what is more satisfying is that arousal and libido has also increased. It has been a very long time since I had any interest for women. Now, I feel like things are slowly turning around. The 100$ questions are: will there be a crash that brings me back to square 1 (if so, when)?, and will I keep improving in the next few weeks / months, or is this as good as Sorghum can get me?

Are you eating the raw grain? Or are you eating the flour? I have tried both. I feel like the raw grain may have more potency.

What do you mean by raw? Like uncooked? I use the flour to make pancakes, and I cook the grains for about an hour to eat as a side dish. I would agree that the grains seem better too. Maybe because I end up eating more.

In what areas do you feel you improved?

By the way, I don’t get the feeling of tireness anymore. Maybe that was a sign of my body adjusting to something new related to 5 AR?

How do you cook them? Do you just pour them in a skillet with oil and let them pop like popcorn?

I stopped dieting and exercising for a while and wanted to try something that would keep the gains. I tried sorghum pancakes but didn’t really feel any worse or better. Then I tried the raw (uncooked) sorghum grain and started feeling higher libido and more arousal. I also felt a bit tired from eating the pancakes. I will try the grain raw again tonight and see what happens.

Hello there. Morning erections continue. Sunday I took 5 white asparagus and monday morning I took Sorghum and coffee that is know to be another 5ar2 activator and yesterday I felt 7 years younger. It was like having a time machine and go back to your old self. I have a thread on with the same content if you want to check.

I couldn’t find sorghum but I heard that millet also increases 5 ar, so I bought some proso millet which I’ll eat raw, about 100 grams a day. I also take amino acids, 16 g glycine especially. I’ll report any changes in my condition.

Edit: Did a google search and found out that millet is used in some hair-loss shampoos, that’s a bit worrying :stuck_out_tongue: . There’s a guy who says it increases 5 ar here: … ed-ed.html

I’m not sure what you mean by raw sorghum grain. Wouldn’t that be like eating raw popcorn? How do you not break your teeth?

I searched for Millet also and read about the hairloss thing and automatically discarded it as a 5ar activators for my use. There are many others that I have not try so why risk it with that.

Its good that you are going to use glycine, keep us informed.

Hey Guys it’s me BK_!

I accepted life as a eunuch, stopped bothering with PFS cures and this forum, and moved on to other pursuits.

I’ve been away for years recovering but haven’t reached 100% (recently been held back by too much humping girlfriend, not enough sleep (again g/f), and lots of junk food). Now after all that I’m back to the forums because I want to be cured.

I just want to share that going through 4 cycles over the course of a year (up to 3 months long) MuscleTech Hardcore Creatine (it also has l-carnitine and taurine in it) helped me recover, even long after I tapered off the creatine.

I DID NOT take the Creatine to treat PFS. All I was taking it for was to get more endurance when power-lifting so I could make more strength gains. I walked into GNC and asked what’s a good Creatine and they gave me this. I took it very cautiously (because I was worried about if my kidneys could handle it). I first took 2.5 grams worth of creatine (half a scoop) once. Then I tried a couple times a week. Then I did daily, and then moved up to 5 grams until I hit saturation in 30 days. Then I would maintain the 5 grams for at least a month until my strength gains normalized and then would taper off by going back to 2.5 grams per day and then to 0. But I noticed that the creatine would make me hornier, and even coming off the creatine I was still horny.

I know that Creatine causes DHT levels to rise. I actually stopped taking Creatine because it was making my hair fall out, my scalp was itchy, my unibrow exploded, dark thick hair was growing out of my ears, my nose hairs exploded and now I have to pluck and shave them twice a week, my beard got thicker, I got hair growing on my shoulders and back (where there was none before I started cycling!), my testicles became like a grapefruit and people were staring at the bulge in my pants.

Seriously I think you’re on to something. Increasing DHT worked for some guys and for others it didn’t. I believe that some of the guys like johny5ar and noniman have an autoimmune problem which is why they respond poorly to it.

Makes sense since other guys fixed their problem by fixing their gut first (which fixes the autoimmune disease) whereas others have fixed it through androgen tonic herbs (like Tribulus and Tongkat) and then taking DHT boosters.

Hi BK__

You are doing more or less the same as me. Introducing a 5ar activator little by little so you stress the syatem soo much and also you are boosting your testosterone at the same time, you did stop when you hair was falling out, meaning probably that you were going back to your old homoestasis. All those symptoms you mention are from high DHT.

But I have to correct you on one thing, you are not recovering your facility of making DHT, you are activating 5ar enzymes so all the hormones that has been supressed plus all the mechanism that are managed by 5ar are becoming back online, and there are some important ones kn the liver and the CNS.

So having high DHT is not the cure but activating 5AR mechanism yes it is in my opinion.

Can you share the exact brand of your creatine? Thank you.

Belikewater, do you please want to explain this?