Reversing silenced AR signal with demethylating agents - A promising treatment option?


have sulforaphane improved sexual sides ?
Ozeph, did Sulforaphane improved your libido ?

All sexual symptoms takes time to improve. More so than the neurological ones.

If you take a look at Ozeph Regimen and Supplement you will see what I’ve been doing for the last 6 months and there’s the whole detail of it on Amino Acid For neurological symptoms (the post is so long, reading it should help you fall asleep)

My opinion and especially after reading This article:

Sex drive is decreased not only by androgen imbalance and androgen receptor inhibition, but by excess Glutamate and lack of GABA (which is also the cause of the neurological symptoms). Sulforaphane was supposed to increase GABA, it turned out to increase Dopamine, Serotonin and most likely GABA although I have no proof of that.

My sex drive has improved. If I have to attribute it to a single cause, it would be the carnivore / ketogenic diet.
But if you look at my regimen, I’ve been taking so many supplements it’s hard to know which one is responsible.

I guess it’s a coincidence, but lots of what I take is also mentioned in the article.

If you try anything I did, start slowly and stop at first sign of trouble. Don’t be stubborn, that’s how people get worst.

I’m just putting a placeholder here really, but also to direct the (I don’t mind adfmitting, much cleverer) other members to sodium butyrate, which I’ve also used. Might have the potential to help, I’m not sure. Anyone fancy a read?

As I always try to mention in the same breath, Axo and Awor and others warn (with very very good reason) about the dangers of anto-androgens, but improvements of my own coincide with use of sulforaphane as per @NYscientist.

Just sticking this up for others to look at, I don’t claim I “know” anything at all really. Any good to anyone?

EDIT - I did also email Dr Rhonda Patrick to ask a proper expert about sulforaphane and direct her at our cause. If she does find time to reply she’d be a super asset on this angle I think.

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So basically Sulforaphane didn’t improve your sexual sides.

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I don’t think it did. It may have contributed, but I took too little, too late and most of my sex drive was back before I took Sulforaphane. So it was not a major contributor to me.

So has anyone be able to try Procaine or other methylation drugs to cure PFS? I couldn’t find the Procaine in my pharmacy.

I recently came across this study that seems to say the opposite on penis tissues.

So from what I understand it could be more like an insulin resistance variation but for androgen in targeted tissues.

Why not trying then to lower DHT something like 30% to see if sexual sides get better?

Im trying Butyrate, and I expect to try procaine if I think it effects me.

What is the science in using Procaine? Does it work as methyl or demethyl agent? I will also use Butyrate + BHB, thinking our problem was too much methyl radicals…

It serves as demethyl agent, im doing quite high with butyrate lately, let see where this go.

@awor, have you ever used Procaine? Did you get results from this? How is your sexual function today?

Please use the search function. It literally takes seconds to look for „@awor procaine“.


How are you doing? Did you try Procaine yet?

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Any updates on this

I couldn’t find it on there website

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“Global DNA methylation decreases with folate depletion whereas increases with folate supplementation”

“Folate, also known as vitamin B₉ and folacin, is one of the B vitamins. Manufactured folic acid, which is converted into folate by the body, is used as a dietary supplement and in food fortification as it is more stable during processing and storage.“ wikipedia

“Folic acid consumed as a supplement separate from food is most highly bioavailable. The bioavailability of folic acid taken with a meal or as a food fortificant is approximately 85% compared with folic acid consumed while fasting.”(1)

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