Rest in Peace, Marc James Turner (1985-2022)

And so let’s stay together all united in one movement like propecia help. There are many different forums, that’s OK.

But only in one big unit, we get full awareness for all the horrible post drug syndromes. It haven’t been suicides, victims have been “murdered” (sacrificed) for profit. (Over 25 years there is no clear advice about the long lasting side effects on the leaflets, only lingual gaslighting.)

I saw first destructive comments to this dramatical topic and about PH. Solidarity is the way to fight against this murder drugs and their system.


RIP Marc,

Going by Marc’s picture it looks like he didn’t even need fin.

It always seems to be people with little or no hair loss who get PFS the worst.


Rip, these are horrible News, I just can’t get why after so many years there is no real interest in creating a drug against pfs/Pas etc… But still like someone mentioned elsewhere Iam certain that there would be gene treatments against typical illnesses like high blood pressure, thyroid problems, diabetis but pharma is too greedy. They rather sell their pills. I am done. Hopefully we still have a chance to find out the real mechanisms of Pfs.

Dear member please continue to contribute to PFS Network. There is Nothing else we can do.


Thanks for sharing @Sugarhouse and @Toughluck24. Heart breaking to read but I’m glad Mark had the community to lean on during his battle with PFS.

We’re incredibly lucky to have you both in the community and my deepest condolences to Mark’s family :heart:


See you on the other side brother <3

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I’m sorry for your loss.
A good friend of mine passed away last year as well.
It is hard to come to terms with.

My condolence to the family and all his friends.
It angers and saddens to hear that he lost his life. From what you described he seemed to love living and enjoying his time.

Rest In Peace.

Thank you for sharing sugarhouse.
Best wishes for you mate.


I’ve made another donation in Marc’s honor through his fundraiser. His story might help raise more awareness.

Rest in peace, brother.

We’ll keep fighting for you and everyone else suffering from PFS as long as we can.


RIP to Marc and all the others that have fallen casualties to this condition