Is there a list of those saved from taking such and such substance after being warned of risks?

If not, lets start one, shall we?

By “saved”, I mean those who wanted to take whatever substance for whatever reason but were warned of the risks before taking it, consequently making them change their mind and deciding against taking it, thereby being saved.

Example: The Blue Thunder Bunny on Youtube posted this on mitch’s story video:

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The problem is that in western culture you are brought up to trust doctors. I always saw doctors as these superior members of society that had all the answers (big mistake). So when they say that finasteride is safe and well tolerated what is a laymen like me to think? Plus they were telling me what I wanted to hear because I desperately wanted to save my hair. They also say things like “don’t trust what you read in the internet”

The vast majority of info on the internet is pro-finasteride anyways. I was unfortunate enough to get PFS before the PFS Network videos were released but I dont know if that would have changed anything for me. It may have gave me pause and had me dig deeper. Perhaps come across this forum and some of the studies. I’m sure those videos have definitely saved some people however there is still the harsh truth that balding sucks and that finasteride actually improves the quality of life of those men who are lucky enough to be asymptomatic. If I knew the entire truth behind finasteride and how barbaric this condition is then I doubt I would have taken a chance on it. It’s just simply impossible to imagine that this can happen, let alone to yourself.

The thing I wish I knew the most and what would have most likely saved me was that reexposure can lead to full blown PFS. There are many cases of this and it would be good to make a video warning of this. I took it once for 6 weeks and everything went back to normal. It wasn’t until the I took it again at a half dose, wrongfully thinking this would reduce side effects, that I got hit with worse sides and then developed severe full blown PFS afterwards. That likely cost me my life and there should be some awareness to the fact that this is a common occurance. It would have been a good question to have as part of the survey. I don’t recall if it was in there. I also think previous use of endocrin distruptive medications like SSRI and Accutane also increase the chances of getting PFS.

Mitch and the Network are doing a wonderful job on the awareness and research front and once we discover the etiology of PFS then many more lives will be saved. Everybody needs to play their part in supporting PFS Networks initiatives in any ways they can.