Recovered after 2 long horrible torturous years!


I’ve been meaning to post this for some time now but I wanted to be sure 100% that my symptoms were completely gone first. I started taking Finasteride around 5 years ago and was on it for around 2 years. I had no side effects at all during taking it apart from mood swings/ emotions being all over the place and extreme anxiety but I hadn’t linked this to Finasteride yet.

Those 2 years on Fin passed and I went away on holiday with my new partner and happened to forget my medication. We were gone for around 1 week so when I got back I just decided I wasn’t going to take them anymore. I went off them cold turkey and everything seemed fine.

Around 2 months passed, we had moved out of the house we were in and into another house we had just built. I remember we were rushing to paint the walls so we could move in. We ended up getting it done and I noticed a lack of energy during painting and doing other things to prepare the house, usually I had a lot of energy and stamina and was fine with things like this but it was really taking it out of me.

We moved everything into the house and out of nowhere I got extremely sick very quickly. I was so sick that I couldn’t leave the bed to get in the car to go to hospital. My partner ended up having to carry me to the car after several false starts over an hour. I got to the hospital carpark, out of the car… and I collapsed, then vomited.

They got me inside in a wheelchair and put me on fluids, then kept me in for almost a week. My whole body felt like it was just weak and giving up somewhat. Once I was better they let me go home. I remember shortly after this happened, around 1 week or so I started noticing extreme ED. I couldn’t get an erection at all, I remember hiding away in the shower trying everything to get it to move and it wouldn’t. I was so distraught I had no idea what to do. My partner is younger than me and we were only just starting to have a very active sex life.

All of a sudden I had no sex drive, no rock hard erections or morning erections that I was used to several times daily… I was severely depressed and most time during those days I has voices running through my head to kill myself, my anxiety was through the roof, I was angry all the time and frustrated, my regular every day anxiety evolved into a whole new form of anxiety where I was trapped inside my own head and could not speak to people. I went from being able to talk in front of groups and give presentations to standing in front of a room of people at work unable to speak until I sat down. At this point I had no idea what PFS is and I hadn’t even thought to link my symptoms with this.

Months passed, with my partner wondering what the hell is happening with our sex life… I was now able to get an erection but not through pornography, it could only be by concentrating super hard and I would need to psych myself up for about 5 minutes before sex. On top of this I was made redundant from my job that I loved and our relationship was still good but in terms of sex it was falling apart. I tried the CDNUTS(?) method, fasted, exercised, ate clean, ate gluten free etc. for some months and I had a small amount of success. I was able to get erect again with less effort and this was a temporary relief, but the other symptoms just made it all worse.

2 years go by and I had stopped eating healthy, stopped exercise and had given up completely. I had been saving a stockpile of valium & vodka to end everything all because of PFS, it was time for me. I made a plan and kept it secret. Luckily I had a terrible day, one of my lowest I can remember… and I took just one of the valium I had been stockpiling. Never having taken one before it was like floating on a cloud. I felt like I was on a mental holiday and just didn’t care about anything.

A 3 week valium blur passed and I realised I was somewhat dependant on them, so I stopped. One explosive ongoing week long panic attack later and I was weened off them. During my non caring haze I realised I have a lot to live for and decided to give it one last try. I joined a gym and started working out 6 days a week, doing heavy weights and cardio.

It had now been 2 weeks of me hitting the gym and I felt I had a bit of fight back in me so I made an appointment to see an endocrinologist. I booked in and waited 3 weeks to see him. When I got there, we had a 1 hour appointment where he checked everything, including my testicles… and he basically told me there is nothing he can do to help me. On an off chance he had prepared some brochures before my arrival (He had my blood tests prior to the appt sent over and my paperwork explaining my issues and he had then researched PFS). After apologising that there is nothing he can tell me that I don’t already know, he handed me a brochure for Sexual dysfunction post SSRI use.

I threw it in my car and thought nothing of it until a week later, I thought what have I got to lose. I read through it and unconvinced, started googling for more info. The reason he gave me this pamphlet is according to him, the reason for the sexual dysfunction from PFS and post SSRI use are very similar.

So I got to Googling and found a case study that had been highly successful where sufferers of post SSRI sexual dysfunction took Ginkgo Biloba tablets daily and seen an intense improvement over a 2 week period.

Excited and having this feeling of ‘Eureeka! I found the solution!’, I rushed out to the pharmacy and bought a large bottle of Ginkgo Biloba. I started taking them that day and already noticed a small improvement. I actually wanted to have sex for the first time in a couple of years. I mean the need was there but that drive you get just wasn’t, but now suddenly it was back mildly.

Around 4 weeks passed, I was working out daily, eating right, taking Ginkgo religiously… and my sex drive was coming back with a vengeance. I was concerned my penis shrunk slightly too while PFS was at its’ worst. Everything I was doing took me from considering maybe having sex once a fortnight to wanting it every day. Then as I kept taking it, I ended up wanting it twice even three times a day. Most days if my partner wasn’t home I would masturbate.

My penis returned to its’ original size and my erections are rock hard. My anxiety has lessened dramatically, my suicidal ideation is gone, my brain fog has lifted. Best of all, I want to have sex all the time. I get morning erections, I get erections so hard they hurt. I am 35 years old, just in case I didn’t mention, so I am relatively young still.

2 months of this went by and in the third and most recent month I stopped exercising for a week, ate bad food and still, my lobido was not affected at all. I finally feel free!

I know everyone is different but after the hell I went through, if this helps at least one person I will die a happy man. No man deserves to go through PFS!

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Can you clarify how long you’ve been taking the Ginkgo? I think I’m picking up 3 months from your text if I’m understanding correctly? Thanks for sharing, finding it really interesting that this has helped both your mental and sexual sides. Glad you’re doing well


Congratulations on your recovery, How much Ginko where you taking per day?


Would be very curious to know exactly WHAT Ginko extract you we’re taking and HOW MUCH. Congratulations on a miraculous recovery.

Please understand that I do not want to be negative, but I’m incredibly skeptical that a simple Ginko intake would have such amazing effects. If that we’re the case I think some users on here would have figured that out over the last decade. Nonetheless, I’ll be picking up some Ginko right away :slight_smile:


Hey @curedfinally, thanks very much for sharing and it’s great to hear you’re doing so much better. I’m so pleased to hear you can enjoy life again.

I am sorry to have to raise it again but just so others are making an informed decision: The admins of this site are aware that Gingko has anti androgenic properties(1,2) and as ever we often see anti androgenic substances have dramatic impacts on PFS symptoms. Things that inhibit the AR are, however, not reliably safe in our view so please consider reading this post (which discusses 5aris, but the same applies to inhibitors of the AR) before making your decision.

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Tried looking through 8 or so different publications to try and find any indication of Gingko containing anti-androgenic properties and couldn’t find anything. Thank you for the heads up, another reason why this forum is so clutch.

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Hey Pete, I started taking one Ginkgo 6000 (6,000mg) tablet per day, then after around 3 weeks I tried taking 2 one day and my sex drive rocketed like crazy so after returning to one a day, I decided I preferred 2 so from then onwards it was 2 per day.

Here is one of the links to back up what my endocrinologist told me:

Hope I helped in some way.


Hey Ginger, thank you, I was on 6,000mg per day (one tablet) and then increased to 12,000mg per day (2). This was started at the same time as the gym and very very clean eating and no gluten although I re-introduced gluten after I was better and it seemed to have no impact. Hope this helps.


Hey Scott,

I totally get where you’re coming from, believe me, which is why I felt I owed it to our community to hold off on posting on day 1. I feel like a few guys reading my post are focusing on just the Ginkgo aspect of my recovery but I truly feel, no actually I know from how my results came about that the 6 days per week exercise doing heavy weights + cardio, with very very clean eating and no gluten or sugar in addition to the Ginkgo was the reason for my recovery.

I guess I took some of CDnuts program and meshed it with Ginkgo and it worked. There was a lot more to his post that I didn’t actually do.

I was so scared of giving false hope so really wanted to make sure this was a thing before posting. I’ve seen the ‘I’m cured’ posts before and they just seem like a pile of **** and I didn’t want to add to the pile.

If it helps I was on 6,000mg per day of Caruso’s natural health and I upped it to 12,000mg because it gave me a better result.

I hope this helps you and I really feel for you knowing how terrible this condition is to have to live with.

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Hi @curedfinally,

Do you still take Gingko or have you been off it since you decided you are recovered?


Hello Cured Finally,
And thank you for sharing your situation! It does give us hope! I’m searching for Ginkgo now, and ask if you can please double check the dosage. I’m only finding ginkgo at up to 500mg. Can you confirm you’re up to 12,000mg a day? Or is it 120mg?
Thank you again!


Wow 6000 mg? Thats an extremely high dosage, I couldn’t even find that much on the internet. I know you mentioned you got this from a pharmacy, thats probably the only way to access such a high amount. As @axolotl pointed out, this supplement has androgenic suppresive properties. Considering the very nature of 5ari’s (usually seeing relief of symptoms temporarily upon consumption), Im hesitant to try it - especially at such a high dosage. Interested in tracking you progress though @curedfinally

Please provide updates whenever you can.


Hey Sibelio, I still take 2 tablets per day and am planning on doing this ongoing.

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I’ve been reading up on this myself that dose does seem exceptionally high the recommended dose seems to average between 125 and 250
Could I ask who recommended this dosage quantity ?
Was it specified on the paperwork that you received ?
Sorry to be so curious but I’m interested in trialing this myself but one the side effects stated is stomach upset even at the low dose I have got colitis I don’t want to risk it being triggering a bad flare if the dosage has to be that high I think I will have to take a back sest on this.
It would be interesting to hear from others if they decide to try it …


Hey NewYorker,

I didn’t really want to share links in my post because I felt it would be spammy but since I know it would probably be difficult to find, this is the one:

I’m not sure where you can buy it on your side of the world wherever you are but I am in Australia and have found these in most pharmacies. It does say 6,000mg in brackets besides 6g.


Hey Baz,

I just had a closer look at the bottle and it says 6g next to 6,000mg which is in brackets next to it. When I originally set out to try this, I too found that confusing with this particular brand but it has done the trick. I haven’t experienced any tummy upsets at all with this. This is the link to the one I use if you want to look into it. Maybe try researching other brands too and see if there is one that will be okay with your colitis?


Hi buddy
Thanks for the speedy reply
From reading your post it looks like you went through hell it’s great to hear a positive ending.
Thanks for the info mate really appreciate it I’m doing my best to Guinea pig all ideas find out what works and we what doesn’t work for people .
Could I just confirm one last thing
If this works surely you still have to take it everyday for the effect to continue working ?
I like the idea of something natural to relieve us all of problems and as so many plants can kill i don’t find it unrealistic that one can cure us.
It would be great if say 5 groups of 5 of us trailed different things then we could asess things better.

Thanks again pal keep us upto date :+1:


Thank you for sharing that information. I did some research though other brands, and they say “each 120mg of Ginkgo Biloba extract is equivalent to 6000mg of dried ginkgo”. I’ve already ordered 500mg tablets, arriving today, and will report back.

I do have a question: typical PFS symptoms have included reduced and watery semen and lack of feeling down there. Did you have any of those symptoms and did that change at all with the Ginkgo?

Thank you.

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Thanks NewYorker
That makes sense now 500mg tablets
I’m going to give this a shot as soon as I’m finished trialing amino acids .
As you are starting this trial before would you mind keeping me upto date on things your end please mate.
I’m stuck in the rutt of not being able to get errections without Chemical assistance I.e viagra and have very little sensation down their it would be good to hear something positive in these areas I think we need to trial these things in groups to really judge if they work.

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Thanks Baz, it was hell and I will be perfectly honest, suicide was definitely the only thing I thought would get me out of that mess until this.

Yes it already is working entirely and I plan to take Ginkgo for the rest of my life if I have to.

If you do end up testing my method I would love to hear your results.