Prostatitis/Hard flaccid/pelvic floor symptoms (CPPS)... A completly new view on PFS? (with pictures)

Unfortunately, the physiotherapy for the pelvic floor has only relieved my pain down there by 90%, but it was only temporary.
Curiously, Psylocibin was the ONLY thing that could permanently release my tension down there.
However, it also has not done anything for libido, erections and numbness …
What could this mean? Some say they have been cured by psylocibin. Unfortunately, my system is so confused that I hardly react to it: /

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Can i ask when did this ‘‘curvature’’ of your penis happened? Is it happened abruptly (like day and night change) or slowly in time?

I too have kinda similar problem. Also im experience duller orgasms, it can also related to pelvic floor issues. But muscles need hormones to function in the end right? Its still hormonal i think. @Trazohell

It came weeks after withdraw.

Holy cow man. This is exactly me, exactly. Wow. I created an account just to support that you’re super on to something. I really want to figure out how to treat this, because it would really go a long ways towards improving my overall well being.


Finasteride undid the work that puberty did in our body, so I think we need something temporary to reverse that deficiency.

We have discussed this topic for many years in the following thread… "prostate symptoms" are really pelvic floor/perinium ???

I’ve personally tried to treat is through multiple modalities with the most recent once being trigger point therapy.

My conclusion is that its a symptoms of the underlying cause of PFS. However, I have found that certain relaxation techniques do help to a certain extent.

If only I knew. Sometimes I think it’s a permanent nerve damage, then I think again it’s just muscle. But it would not explain other symptoms. I think only optimal mental and hormonal status in conjunction with intensive pelvic floor therapy can bring one out of this misery.

Which relax techniques you did, any videos?

Just something I’ve noticed that I thought I’d share. I’m one of the people around here that has no to very little pleasure or feeling during ejaculation. This is the only symptom that has never improved for me over 7 years. Obviously not a fix at all but I noticed that if I am on my knees and have my legs spread far apart during orgasm then I feel a little bit of pleasure. Not in the penis but a feeling in the perineum area. Definite extra proof that the area is fucked up. Just thought I’d share and if someone else wants to try that has this problem. It’s obvious not 100% feeling but I’d say it takes it from 0-10% to like 40 for me

My flaccid hourglass penis increases when i get hemorroids. It just feels like something is constantly blocks the muscles to properly relax or work.

Have any of you tried the DCT stuff from the guy?

Don’t waste your time. I spent too many hours researching over there in the past.

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Is it just all bull or what? I haven’t looked at it closely, but I wondered if it was the same guy that created that $20 pdf on hard flaccid several years ago.

Has anyone discovered the reason for the pain in this area (bulbospongiosus muscle)?

I have exactly a subtle and constant pain in this area and I believe it is the root of all my erection problem, as if it is preventing the nerves / blood from flowing normally. I think the hourglass shape also occurs as a result of that.

Does anyone else feel this?

I got a sense of this muscle working after the prostate stimulation. It didn’t last long.

What do you mean by Prostate stimulation?

the prostate massage performed to collect the prostate fluid prior to the prostate test.

Thank you brother.
Does it have any affects on erectile function?
I think it used as a last resort in prostatitis.

Ironically, there was no sign of prostate infection. And I experienced a temporary and surprising improvement in erection right after the massage. very strong erection. a sensation of strong blood inflow. It was the same sensation as before taking finasteride. But it lasted only a few hours. This experience is why I became interested in prostate.

I have been reading about hard flaccid and long flaccid syndrome. I guess I have the the second.

Although the user moonman said that he has researched a lot about this in the past and ruled out this possibility, I have noticed that hormonal changes cause this syndrome, messing with the entire structure of the pelvis, especially in the presence of stress and attempts at hormonal regulation by supplements. In my opinion (and I do not recommend anyone to do this, as I am not a doctor and I do not have any type of experience in PFS), even with hormonal normalization, the trauma is so great that the nerves are still unable to function normally due to muscle obstruction pelvic (nerve block due to pudental neuralgia). This is cataloged in the literature.

There is a thread of almost 400 pages of this on the PEGym forum. All my symptoms are there, including the way I got it. You only need to filter a few recommendations from them for supplements that act like 5ari.

Besides, I believe that it is necessary to check with neurosurgeons for the presence of pudendal nerve block (good neurosurgeons, and not just anyone) and to perform pelvic therapy every day for a long time. Maybe more than a year. Also there are recovery stories in PSSD forum with pelvic floor physioterapy.

Luckily I found a pelvic physiotherapist who believes in both syndromes and has seen patients with PFS, saying that they have all improved.

Users here who have this pain bothers the pelvis and extremely flaccid penis usually do about 4 physiotherapy sessions, do not notice results and give up.

I am not saying that all erection problems are caused by the syndromes I mentioned, I just think that my case was due to hormonal dysregulation (not necessarily only Testosterone and DHT). Otherwise, there are books, forums and studies that report on this, but I will not post here by the rules of the forum.

Remember I am not able to prescribe anything to anyone, and that is just my opinion.