Prostatitis/Hard flaccid/pelvic floor symptoms (CPPS)... A completly new view on PFS? (with pictures)

Don’t waste your time. I spent too many hours researching over there in the past.

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Is it just all bull or what? I haven’t looked at it closely, but I wondered if it was the same guy that created that $20 pdf on hard flaccid several years ago.

Has anyone discovered the reason for the pain in this area (bulbospongiosus muscle)?

I have exactly a subtle and constant pain in this area and I believe it is the root of all my erection problem, as if it is preventing the nerves / blood from flowing normally. I think the hourglass shape also occurs as a result of that.

Does anyone else feel this?

I got a sense of this muscle working after the prostate stimulation. It didn’t last long.

What do you mean by Prostate stimulation?

the prostate massage performed to collect the prostate fluid prior to the prostate test.

Thank you brother.
Does it have any affects on erectile function?
I think it used as a last resort in prostatitis.

Ironically, there was no sign of prostate infection. And I experienced a temporary and surprising improvement in erection right after the massage. very strong erection. a sensation of strong blood inflow. It was the same sensation as before taking finasteride. But it lasted only a few hours. This experience is why I became interested in prostate.

I have been reading about hard flaccid and long flaccid syndrome. I guess I have the the second.

Although the user moonman said that he has researched a lot about this in the past and ruled out this possibility, I have noticed that hormonal changes cause this syndrome, messing with the entire structure of the pelvis, especially in the presence of stress and attempts at hormonal regulation by supplements. In my opinion (and I do not recommend anyone to do this, as I am not a doctor and I do not have any type of experience in PFS), even with hormonal normalization, the trauma is so great that the nerves are still unable to function normally due to muscle obstruction pelvic (nerve block due to pudental neuralgia). This is cataloged in the literature.

There is a thread of almost 400 pages of this on the PEGym forum. All my symptoms are there, including the way I got it. You only need to filter a few recommendations from them for supplements that act like 5ari.

Besides, I believe that it is necessary to check with neurosurgeons for the presence of pudendal nerve block (good neurosurgeons, and not just anyone) and to perform pelvic therapy every day for a long time. Maybe more than a year. Also there are recovery stories in PSSD forum with pelvic floor physioterapy.

Luckily I found a pelvic physiotherapist who believes in both syndromes and has seen patients with PFS, saying that they have all improved.

Users here who have this pain bothers the pelvis and extremely flaccid penis usually do about 4 physiotherapy sessions, do not notice results and give up.

I am not saying that all erection problems are caused by the syndromes I mentioned, I just think that my case was due to hormonal dysregulation (not necessarily only Testosterone and DHT). Otherwise, there are books, forums and studies that report on this, but I will not post here by the rules of the forum.

Remember I am not able to prescribe anything to anyone, and that is just my opinion.

I think you are on the right track. Its my experience though that the trigger of PFS then also triggers this hard flaccid / CPPS. I don’t see a route for us to fix this part without fixing the original cause of PFS. You can def make improvement through mindfullness, stress reduction, exercises, etc - but you are always at a handicap till we fix PFS. Also worth noticing this much more than just related to hormones. PFS also affects glutathione levels and neurosteroid levels which cascade into hundreds of different downstream effects.

I agree with you. In fact, we need to know the root cause of PFS to have our bodies functioning normally, such as libido, vision, stomach, among many other classic symptoms. But for those who only have sexual effects, relieving the pelvis to get erections back and responding to Cialis is something so extraordinary that for me it would be something close to a cure. Sex would be at least possible, and life would be better until we find the cure. Remembering that it is for only those who have sexual sides.

Thank you brother i wished that there’s a way for self p.message

Hey guys,

I posted on this thread earlier so decided I would put a little update, it’s been three months since that post. There have been noticeable improvements in my condition since my last post.

I have continued getting pelvic floor therapy, I believe this is my 10th month. I have these appointments once every week to two weeks.

In the past month, I have had improvement in sensation in my penis. I now feel physical pleasurable sensations during sex or masturbation besides just feeling the end orgasm! The level of sensation is not 100% yet but a very noticeable improvement from feeling next to nothing. I now have almost no problems getting erections from a seated or laying position. The erections are 90-100% quality at least 90% of the time. Erections while standing are at 70-80% quality- still some room for improvement but I have noticed improvements particularly with the ability to keep an erection while standing.

There was also a period of 4-5 days this last week where I was getting spontaneous erections again. This has started to die down, but the improvements in sensation and pleasurable feelings have stayed so I am feeling positive that I will continue to see more improvements in these areas.

Also an increase in libido. Definitely been experiencing some arousal and desire again. Small improvement in this area but as I said I’m feeling pretty positive I will continue to experience improvements.

Again, I would highly recommend any of you that are experiencing any symptoms that are similar to pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms to get into a doctor/ physical therapist. It has definitely helped me and could help you.


My pelvic physiotherapist only does biofeeback and electrostimulation on my perineum and back, while he asks me to do kegels. There is only one simply exercise to move the pelvis. What exercises do you do in your session?

I think it is weird because the internet tells you not to do kegels while you have hardflaccid, but rather reverse kegels.

So my symptoms associated with pelvic floor dysfunction when I started my physical therapy were constant tightness of the perineum/ pelvic floor muscles throughout the day, pain in the perineum area, soreness of these muscles, the tissue being hard and ropey in my pelvic floor area and also the sexual symptoms of erectile dysfunction and loss of sensation in my penis.

My physical therapist took these symptoms and came with the idea/goal that the pudendal nerve could be impinged or blocked somewhere or multiple places in the hard, ropey tissue and tense muscles and her treatment plan reflects this. So in my PT sessions she is physically stimulating/ massaging these tissues to try to loosen the hard tissue, relax the muscles, and stimulate the pudendal nerve in the areas it should be moving through.

Essentially I’m being fingered in the butthole most of the time…haha! That’s how most of these muscles and tissues are reached. She will also externally work on the tissue as well though.

Exercises I am assigned to do on my own mostly involve things that will stretch these pelvic floor muscles and just massaging areas that get tight or sore to try to relax the muscles and stimulate blood flow to the nerve. Some of these included sitting on a tennis ball and putting my weight on it to a level that wasn’t too painful and moving back and forth to massage/ loosen these muscles. While standing, put one foot up on a chair and massage the tissue that goes over the sitting bones on the leg up side- then switch. This is an area the pudendal nerve goes through. Another: lay on back in yoga “happy baby” pose and breath deeply. On the inhale focus on pushing your diaphragm down toward the pelvic floor, this is a stretching method. Another: hold the edge of a chair or something and have feet squat width apart. do a squat, when at the bottom of the squat hold the position and move your head up and down in a “yes” motion, then go back up and repeat. Another: go into a squat pose and massage any of the pelvic floor muscles that are sore and tight. I think there are more I’ve done but those are the ones I remember or think are the best.

Once my symptoms improved from no longer experiencing pelvic floor muscle tightness and pain throughout the day, we moved on to more strengthening exercises. I do these now along with all the massaging and stretching things as well. These strengthening ones are essentially kegels. I was assigned to do a set of ten twice a day, but I usually do quite a bit more. I found an old research study online that had the guys do a set of ten kegels in which you hold the kegel for 5-10 seconds or as long as they can, and then they would do a set of 10-20 quick release kegels. The study had the guys do that on their backs with legs bent, feet on the floor, while feeling their pelvic floor muscles with their hands to ensure they were only flexing these during the exercises. I think they did this three times a day. I try to do this now but not always on my back, I’ll do it standing or sitting as well.

I don’t really know the difference between a reverse kegel and regular kegel I guess. I just looked it up and they seemed really similar.

Hopefully some of this was helpful. I have never done any biofeedback or electrostimulation in my sessions. I have asked about the electrostimulation and they don’t have it where I go.

So basically you get prostate massage with yoga like stretch exercises.
I’ve read this from lots of people. I think We need to test it thanks for sharing brother.

Do you also have hourglass flaccid problem? Mine is comes and goes when i pee time to time… and yes i have a uneasy, sometimes painful feeling in this area when i ejaculate… its like muscles try to push and contract in orgasm but its like they can’t do it properly…

Yes, I have hourglass shape, which usually appears when I pee. Erections are still very bad, but at least viagra has returned to work when I need it. Libido is still nonexistent, and the discomfort I have at the root of my penis is very mild. I think our symptoms are very similar.

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I started reading PSSD Ghost’s website. There’s honestly more connections of PFS fixes to parasites. I feel like it explains why so many do well with things that help the gut.


I would like to comment on the DCT (Dynamic Contraction Technique) program. Its a legitimate program that has really helped people get rid of CPPS and hard flaccid (Although hard flaccid seems to be harder to fix - but people on the DCT forum have had success). Keep in mind that 95% of the people doing DCT did not get it from pharmaceutical drugs - in fact I think that’s something people on here may or may not know but hard flaccid is something many men can get and have never touched fin or accutane or ssri.

My results from DCT are as follows: when I’m consistently doing the program I notice benefits for sure - improved hard flaccid - my penis will hang normal again and improved orgasms and sex drive. If I stop doing the program the benefits fade away back to baseline. There is a guy doing the program who has MCAS and he has to do the stretching daily or he loses the benefits as well- but he has made full recovery after 6 months of working hard. I will continue to do the program and even if that means everyday then thats just what I will have to do. One interesting thing is that people on the DCT forum have noticed the abs play a role in hard flaccid - so a lot of them are doing ab workouts - just something to keep in mind.

I have met in person the creator of the program David McCoid and he is a genuine guy that has helped a lot of people - so I can vouch for him as not being a scam or anything like that. In case anyone is wondering I have no affiliation with DCT and receive no kickbacks for anyone joining the program.

As far as will it fix hard flaccid for people who got it from PSSD/ PFS / Accutane - that is not clear at this time - like I said maybe we can get fixed through DCT but unlike normal people who get better doing it and can dial it back and just do a maintaince plan - we may need to do it everyday like the guy who has MCAS has to.

If you have any questions about DCT feel free to contact me and I can respond - and for those of you that doubt if it works - I really dont know what to tell you other than you will have to try it to know - there is another guy doing it that got HF from Trazadone and he has had success (he isnt recovered but has had improvements like me)

Also I just created this account and will write my story but basically was on SSRI for years then stopped and took Sam-e and got PSSD. There are a few other guys who got PSSD from sam-e and 5htp

Hope this helps