Just take melatonin. Id say take remeron but im not sure if I’d wish the stupid weight gain on anyone. But may be better than what you are going through.


They aren’t look into the sleep disorders caused by Propecia YET, but they surely will as studies continue.

When the Boston and Houston studies get published, I think we will see some uptick in interest across the medical community. The problem is, as you say, finding a solution. So far, the only things that MIGHT work are: plenty of sleep, rest, fasting, supplementation and healthy diet, exercise, time… but some are not recovering. I’m sure most people will not fast 2 weeks or more while going to an infrared sauna and maybe doing some dark room therapy (stay in a completely dark room for an extended period, not stimulating the optic nerve). Hard stuff.


If I can find a way to cure brainfog/depression the way that zoloft does for me, without the sexual sides, I will be very close to feeling normal and will be very happy.


I haven’t been able to gain any weight fat or otherwise. I can hardly eat anything now. That’s why I think, for me, this fasting theory is just more madness. Also sleep issues are a major component to the worst PFS cases. Most medications and supplements are just making me feel sicker.


If a doctor diagnosed you with some bad intestinal problems, would you change your behavior and/or try a fast before it came to surgery?

Maybe your body doesn’t want anything due to lack of hormonal signals, but also, you don’t really know how real fast could help because you’ve not tried. Get some juice or glucose tablets if you want to try water/juice fast.


Yes I totally believe this is a time thing… Time heals all… Good thing is it will be a thing of the past soon… very soon


Sittimg at work. Feel disconnected from my body. Forhead and skull feels hollow. Wow. What a feeling this is. Im going to end this nightmare.


I feel like a corpse… no reason to continue posting and whinjng here. Need to end this life or whats left of it.


Hey man I will continue t pray for u and everyone else… Do low dose ed meds work for u?? like 2.5 mg daily cialis


im talking about full body dysfunction my friend. Not ed.


I understand… what do u mean by full body dysfunction??


hi scaredoutofmymind, whatd your current regimen for getting this improved?


Yes what have u done to improve??


What are you talking about guys? He is not improving thats why he feels desperate.


The scary thing is he has tried just about everything, including TRT. The non-sexual impact is just unreal. If you don’t have it your lucky. I think the neurological insomnia is common among those that have mental sides.


Current regimen = loathing in my self pity. Yes I need a kick in the ass. I work out every day and this helps. I need to quit smoking and tighten my diet. And read more positive books not spend all my time searching this website.


I am currently taking 4x the reccomended tribulus supplement. Waiting for the brand mentioned in the guys post from mediherb. Has it improved me sexually? YES. MOST DEFINATELY. Has it cured me? No not at all. But a welcomed improvement none the less. I had an intense masturbation the other night without going into detail. Size was improved also. I needed that confidence boost. As far as mental and physical I am working too many hours. I hope I get through this 2 year project without over doing it. Then im gonna try to get on a smaller job with less hrs. But im ready to stack money none the less. I dont know if money will improve my situation but it cant hurt. More money to donate and try therapies/treatments.


Also I cant believe I SMOKE CIGARETTES!! 1 cigarette will shrink my dick into my foreskin because of blood constriction. Im making things worse on myself with my sloppy ass lifestyle.


you gotta drop that one fast my man. smoking kills nitric oxide production in your body. nitric oxide is what is increased when you take viagra and what causes viagra to work. it’s pretty clear that nitric oxide plays some part in the whole PFS dilemma becuase some people who take viagra, it doesn’t even work for them. there’s a post around here talking about taking different things to increase ntric oxide production through natural stuff like beet juice and claimed it helped.

ditch the cigs bro… you are going to make it way harder for yourself to recover that way. not to mention all the other damage it is doing.


Yes I agree… if u stop smoking symptoms will improve drastically