Im about to start the fast. My belly button s rediculous. Yet my arms are small and weakly. Im truly disgusted with my body. My attitude is truly one of absolute indifference to this world. Nothing surprises me anymore I expect the worst to happen because it seems to always be the case. I never thought at 25 id be living this kind of hell. I dont give a fuck anymore. No self confidence. Yes I will begin to starve this poisoned body in some hope that I will have improvement.


Belly* not fucking belly button stupid ass fucking predictable text fuck im in a shit mood.


If you have someone to help you, you can do it for a long stretch, but if you don’t have anyone to truly help you, you better not push it too far. At the very least, you will need to be able to call the hospital if things get way out of control.

People doing long fasts will try 4 or 5 days first, then step up gradually in subsequent fasts. Take notes or try remember how you feel on each day after the first 3 days so that if you end up doing more than one fast, next time you will know how to cope with it better. Then again, if you have someone to help you every day, someone to monitor you, you might just go for 11-15 days in the first go-- but only if someone will be around every day to make sure you’re OK.

Be cautious. Drink plenty of water, and if necessary, eat just a little bit here and there (no meat, no junk food). FYI, I began yesterday, so I’m going for August 11th. my goal.

Further note: avoid the smell of all food and avoid talking about food, avoid watching food on TV. I saw an avocado chicken sandwich on TV last night was forced to avert mine eyes. :sunglasses:


Im starting tonight. I will also not be taking any meds except my blood pressure meds. No zoloft no sleeping pills. Gonna be a rough week. But ill get through it if theres a chance ill get improvements from fasting.


I need a break from the meds anyway. I need to feel out my body and situation better. Need to clear my head up. Hope this fast helps. Im sure it cant hurt anything.


sleeping pills only made things worse for me. I used them very very briefly years ago.

I hope your sleeping area is quiet and you have a way to pass the time then fall asleep soundly.


Any lasting benefits from fasting?


Im gonna have to wait until thursday. I work on a construction site in south louisiana. Its hottest time of the year I could be risking heat exhaustion or fainting if I fast this week.


there is no way you can work while doing a fast. forget it. If any Muslim tells you otherwise, just know that it’s completely different doing a real fast versus doing Ramadan.

Save it for a time when you are doing absolutely nothing and you are prepared.


Im muslim and did 6 days water fast, and i can say its x10 more difficult than ramadan fast.


Some recent research on fasting. I don’t know if they’ve explored what else might be regenerating yet. … 141507.htm


Have u tried any ed meds?? Low dose perhaps


How are you guys still alive? My life is so rough at 25. I fear I may have a heartattack soon im constantly stressed and miserable! What has this drug done to my life! Forget the sexual problems. I feel so fatigued and zombied out. Why doesnt my body attempt to recover itself? What the hell its been 2 years and I feel ive had very little real progress. This is debilitating and unreal. I am growing more weary and my face shows it. You dont need me to tell you how bad it is im sure you all know. But goddamn this drug has sent me to a purgatory like hell. I wont kill myself because it will hurt my family too bad. So I truly am only holding on in hopes that science will somewhat correct this in my life. Until then I will have to keep lifting weights and try to relax when I can. I need to whatch my blood pressure bc last time I checked it was 178/90! Life is unreal I dont have the energy to care anymore.


Are you very overweight?

Is there any way you can completely stop working for a period of time? You should see a doctor and find one who is progressive, not too old, maybe a naturopath or open-minded enough to help you either get disability through Social Security (temporary or whatever) or offer you some kind of help/advice other than and Rx.

Sounds like you desperately need a break (extended time with no work) and someone to help you out. Many people suffering this disease have lost jobs, quit work, or otherwise had their lives fall apart.

update: I’m on day 5 of my fast. I’ve lost 10 pounds and I’m thinking about how to lose weight faster (key component being fat stores that I did not have prior to Propecia). The only thing I know that works is either sweaty exercise or infrared sauna and breathing exercises.


Yea I dont want to lose my career on top of everything. I worked very hard to get this job as a project manager. Its almost the only good thing I have going for me.


Can you take a leave of absence or long holiday? 3 weeks spent on a) two weeks of fasting and infrared sauna b) one week of juicing and fasting-recovery.

I’m only suggesting something like this because it’s what I would do myself if I had access to and infrared sauna AND because no one has solutions thus far. Look for CDNUTS post on how he recovered after a long period of permanent side effects. He used a fast followed by healthy diet, supplements, exercise.

If you’re overweight, you might want to use a diet to lose weight, then do a fast. But, you will need to figure this out or see a doctor although no one person can tell you the best course to take because no one knows the solution to this problem.


Yea I can take a vacation this year. I plan on doing the fast then.


scaredoutofmymind - What sleeping pills do you use? I am not overweigh at all. My clothes are falling off now and I don’t feel much better. At this point I am afraid that I will get no sleep at all without using something.


would not recommend sleeping pills… try full body relaxation and breething techniques and sport first… also you need a regular sleeping pattern… same time going to bed and waking up. not more than 7 hours. If you have trouble sleeping, try only sleeping 6 hours, then you will feel more tired the next day. continue sleeping 6 hours only for a couple of weeks… then switch to 7 hours.


Nota - When you crashed did you get no sleep for weeks? I did. I was only able to get back to about 4-5 hours without aids, usually less. Felt and looked like death. I am starting to feel a little better. Been on sleep meds for probably 2 months now. When I wake up all I can think about is how shit I feel and how bad this has fucked up my family’s life. I don’t even know if I am going to make it 2 years like some of these guys. This quality of life is very poor. I have already tried once to end this but failed. The current research will hopefully prove what we all ready know. PFS is real, its cruel, its deadly. I am 100% sure that doctors will continue to try to discredit any research. I think your more likely to see a cure for cancer or MS well before PFS. Just the sleep disorder alone increases death risk substantially. The studies are not even looking into this aspect.