Have been working out like an animal. No results just stiff muscles and fatigue. It’s been 2 years for me and I’ve had enough.


After all my struggle and resolve, its been 2 years. I feel that my body is almost FORCING me to kill myself. It is keeping itself in a miserable state of depression, fog, weakness, and no matter how hard I try nothing works. Almost like the universe wants me gone.


Any medicine I try to take to help has rediculous effects on my body. Antidepressants shrivel my penis and balls. Also they constrict my blood vessels so bad that it worsens my muscle fatigue. It is utterly rediculous at this point. Lools have gone out the fucking window. I looked in the ficking mirror yesterday looks like I havent slept in a year. I was riding home yesterday and turned pale. I started sweating and needed to throw up. My face looked like a ghost. Thought I was having a heart attack. I prayed tthat I would die right then. Of course I did not. I will have to do it to myself.


Please don’t do anything to yourself. We all understand the pain you are going through. The best way to help yourself and all of us is to take part in one of the studies.

Allen Papazian
Clinical Research Coordinator
Men’s Health, Aging and Metabolism
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
221 Longwood Avenue, BLI-549
Boston, MA 02115


Is your collagen lose still exist?


For me I need to find a suitable antidepressant. I was doing very well on them but lately my sexual function is worsened. But I need to give it another chance and get back to the gym. I will have to accept alot of side effects. But if it gives me the ability to live and work I will just take it and do what I can to participate in studies and wait for answers. I wont live like a hermit. I am going to get back out and live life again.


Viibryd was supposed to have less sexual side effects. It totally numbed me down there and made my scrotum and penis shrink up. Even if I wanted to give it more time it was physically uncomfortable. No ssri ive tried was that bad. Getting back on celexa.


Did your brain fog improve?


It always improves when I try ssri or sri. My body is too the point now wheee I can barely tolerate these drugs with my libido as it is. Well going back to wellbutrin. Im like a mad person trying one drug then the next. I need to chill and stick to one before I screw my brain up. But I wish I could be a “good patient” and give it the full 2-4 weeks. But when a drug literally shrinks my junk and makes it numb I can only tolerate so much. Im not the average person here. I have pfs badly. My body is quick to reject these meds.


Im stuck. Im not taking ANY MEDICATION until my next doctor appointment. Cant tell what is pfs and what fucking ssris are doing. All I know is my junk is 100% cold and numb. If I didnt call my sponsor and talk it out w him I probably would of ended it today.


Well been to the gym for the 3rd time this week. Hit squats hard. I know my posts are all over the place. But im feeling optimistic. Im taking zoloft. It automatically makes me think positively. And truthfully my penis is still in bad shape, libido feels no different. Id Rather be alive and somewhat happy than dead. I dont know why im saying all this I just felt so hopeless yesterday, and I now feel like ive been pulled out of my self pity and I feel focused on the solution. No more whining. Only weightlifting, dieting, meditation, etc. I cant emphasize how much working out improves my mood, fatigue, and even libido sometimes. Time to go into beast mode with this shit. I will remain positive and I will recover. I am determined.


Its all about making the best of a really shitty situation. If im not going to kill myself, then im going to fight like crazy in the gym and other fronts to beat this. Also I need to rake a break from the website. Too tempting to fall into despair and hopelessness.


Goddamnit. I have never worked out so deligently and regularly in my life. But this fucking PFS wont budge! Im drinking only water and eating very fucking clean. Lifting 3X per week. High Intensity cardio between. Ffucking still have a limp dick, POT BELLY FUCKING FAT, WEAKENED ARMS. THIS BITCH HAS STOLEN MY HEALTH FOREVER IM SO CLOSE TO SAYING FUCK ALL THIS.


Scared, why don’t you join our whatsapp chat? There’s 8 of us there who can help provide some support.




Pm me your mobile number and make sure you have whatsapp on your phone. I’ll add you.


Hi Finatruth.
I’ve been searching this Forum for quite a while now and decided to take the hardcore aproach natural recovery too. Maybe i have an 10% feeling better in 5 Month Recovery until now… But nowhere like before. The Recovery Storeis give me much hope and I’ve searched through a lot of them. But I’m sure I didn’t see Coleman’s one. Btw. thanks for your answers to numbness etc. This are things that disturb me the most exept a shrinking dick while doing exercise and feeling like an alien… :slight_smile: Sorry for my black humor, but think this is the only kind of humor that people have in a depresion!

I just would be really glad if you could post me the link for my little recovery collection that help me through thouse darkest days.
I’m glad that you are doing that good even after a crash with recovering.

Good Luck!


Scared, how have the past two weeks gone? Also, have you improved your sleep during your post-Finasteride time without the use of any drugs?

Despite all your workouts, do you still have some fat deposits which haven’t gone away? If so, would you consider a fast and/or using something like Garcinia in an attempt to get rid of those fat deposits?

I completed the study in Boston this week and on the last day I asked Allen whether he thought it possible for Fin to still be in our bodies (in the brain and maybe in the body’s post-Fin fat deposits). He answered, “We are considering that possibility.”


yes I am very seriously considering a fast soon. Desparate man. My body and mind is wrecked.


Keep in mind that a) the first 48 hours to 72 hours are the worst for hunger sensations, afterward, not as bad and b) you will need help from other people after a some time fasting (no set amount of days). Your mind and body will become very weak. So, if you’re considering this, make sure you’re not doing anything after the first 4 days or so. The two week period mentioned by cdnuts is not a bad fast; when you aim for 30 days, I think it gets very difficult.