I just don’t understand why a man suffering so much like you doesn’t try fasting …


Skin is getting very dry on hands. Scalp is very dry also. Just watching my body deteriorate. Thought I was on the verge of recovering a year ago. What a let down. My life will continue to crumble and im now just along for the ride.


Every day im having to convince myself to not kill myself. Im getting tired of this. Ready to give up already.


Same. I’ll never accept this quality of life.

I’d strip naked and walk into the jungle never to anyone again to get back to my old self.


Tried some test for a couple days. Improved my size and strength immediately. But it made me spaced out and drunk feeling. Also my body felt swolen like it was holding alot of water or something.


only 9 days using propecia… this is not a toxicity case. Did you took some other drugs with propecia?

i think it looks like a autoimune response for 5ARII.

The dry skin is a pain in the ass… dry hands, dry scalp, dry eyes, dry penis, everything dry…
this is a shit disease!

Did you tried some water fast? you are young man, just tried, do a lot fasting. I´m much better after the water fast. Every single side effects of PFS gets better on water fast. Take time…be patient.


For dry skin… try cutting open a vitamin E capsule and slapping it all over…

Stay strong, dude.


Im gonna start fasting tonight.


Man this is bullshit. Im oretty close to calling it quits man.


Nah hang in there. I was bad for 2 years, I mean fucked, now my libido is back pretty much full time, penis sensitivity is full, I’m interested in sex and women again probably for the last 4 months straight. This condition is reversible and it does improve, it takes time. I’m wondering if people who play around with testo and other stuff are setting themselves back.


I believe this condition is reversible except night blidness and tinnitus. So if i recover one day still i will suffer this fucked up ears and eyes. So no more good life for me anymore. Tinnitus and night blidness forever…


My arms and hands are getting smaller and frail looking. My body is like wasting away. Eyes have bags under them. Face has a grayish hue to it. I dont look healthy at all.


Why do you even care how you look while fasting? At the end of my first 10 day waterfast my mother said I look like an inmate from a concentration camp, and I really looked like shit. But that doesn’t matter because it all comes back when you start to eat again.


Im not talking about fasting. This has been happening in the last 6 months


Scaredoutofmymind- honestly I would quit all the sleep aids and unnaturall stuff. I’m so glad I never did TRT or antidepressants, or remron etc.


Im so depressed. All I think about lately is suicide. Man I feel hopeles…


I thought the same as you but I don’t notice any tinnitus now after having it constantly for 1.5 yrs.



Im gonna give this a real shot. Gonna start water fasting tonight, even gonna take a break from my medicine.


Having to say goodbye to my gf is hard. Shes leaving for work. But I feel like we have driftsd apart. I broke down crying tonight I feel like I have no real happiness anymore and very little self confidence to have a real relationship. I think she really doesnt care that much about me anymore. I look like hell and am unable to be the man she wants. I am breaking down man. Feeling depressed.


Well I tried trt for about 4 days. Bad results. Unbelievably my balls and penis have SHRUNKEN even more. This seals the deal for me. I’m out.