Progesterone treatment?


Anyone still feeling better when using progesterone ?


I still use progesterone. I stopped from time to time. But now i am back on and the gives me some more energy. I stopped one time because i thought that it would aggravate my candida.


Hey man. Congrats on your recovery. Its looking like you very well may be correct. A lot of stuff going on at regarding this. You may have nailed it bro!

Read a lot of your stuff- I was bedridden pretty much my first 7 months of pfs until a major infection was found. Been on the upswing for about 4.5 months back to work and stuff. But a story like yours really motivated me as we seemed to have a very similar crash (3 weeks after.)

Again congrats and hope life is great for you!


i tried the progesterone cream a few year back,its made about 30 perecent of my eyebrows fall out,hair from my lower shins fell off,and quite a bit hair from the top of my head and temples came out and never re grew,prior to this I had thick slicked back hair,my hairloss which was barely noticeable anyway stopped in its tracks the day I crashed a decade ago,keep off the progesterone crap,its bullshite,if you want to try hormone replacement go see a urologist or endo,self medicating with hormones is madness and could end up a lot worse than you already are listening to people on here…




Is progesterone supplementation wise when one’s estrogen levels are already baseline?


No, it is not the prog causing it, its elevated estradiol, I have searched online. Best


I would like to revive this thread. Can people give some updates as to their progesterone experiences?


I used 2.5mg of progesterone cream daily for about a week. Felt improvements pretty quickly, but then I got quite a lot worse, especially sexually. I also got “real” depression (negative thoughts as opposed the usual absence of feeling). So I stopped.

Many people here have said it’s a zig zag ride with progesterone, but my setback was so much bigger than my improvements that I couldn’t justify continuing.

It’s possible that I need to combine it with some other supplements or hormones, but I don’t know what that would be. Testosterone? Pregnenolone?


Makes me wonder if we have something similar to autoimmune progesterone dermatitis.