Progesterone treatment?


Maybe he was using the bioeva cream with saw pametto in it. Right now the one without it is out of stock. I’m still considering taking progesterone but i have a pregnant wife and dont want anything to interfere with that. I might wait until after birth this summer and than give this a try. I’ve also noticed they have pregnenlone cream which is the precursor to progesterone.


There is a big problem with people not understanding this protocol. It was written by the original poster and by literature and doctors everywhere that when you start taking progesterone for an estrogen problem you will most likely feel an increase in symptoms and worse. This is normal, this is how it works, this should be expected.

I’m not saying this to disrespect or make anyone look like a dumbass, but people are not doing this protocol correctly and then reporting back that it does not work and has a negative effect, which is extremely misleading.


I started progesterone cream 2 days ago i felt big relieve from brainfog and anxiety the first hours but crashed later in the evening. Couldnt sleep at all the first night and woke up with alot pressure on lowerback i think its related to my adrenals while i red progesterone could help with AF. Just ‘‘woke up’’ from the second night and couldnt reach deep sleep again ive bin shut off for max 4 hours and now i have extra pain in lowerback. Im afraid to put the cream on now, some1 has advice?

i use 10-20 mg together with tongkat ali and vit B.

thanks in advance


best of luck to you all,i hope everyone on here is cured before the decade is out,im just trying to warn you that playing around with hormones can fuck you up even more thats all,especially people with pfs like us,heres a thought to chew on,wise men learn from others mistakes,me on the other hand,i always have to learn from my own…


My latest experiences with progesterone are good and bad again. When i came off it last time after two to three weeks i felt a lot of things come back online in terms of energy, orgasms were strong again and felt good, the heat came back to my body and my libido improved. I had 3 really good days but unfortunately it didn’t stick.

I did a shorter course of progesterone and after stopping I have crashed a bit mainly in the sexual department and energy levels. I do find that when i stop progesterone i experience an initial crash. This crash seemed worse than the others.

I’m going to wait another week and see if i rebound again.

I still think progesterone is one of the only things that affects the mechanisms of our problem but there are ups and downs to it. When on it it does completely alleviate the prostatic pains I had and it does help on the whole mentally. I would 't say i’ve crashed mentally just sexually. I think this is the case as i think the prostate issues are oestrogen induced as there is evidence of oestrogen induced prostatitis in the literature.

I will probably try progesterone again in the future.


Guys. I’m doing only the time of The protocol like two weeks on and Maybe one week of or even more. I’m not taking deprenyl and progesterone. I’m improving exactly like light told me. Results are slow you will feel better then worse But always with a better baseline. When he said worse it means worse comparing with your up not with your baseline, you will never fall down your baseline at least that’s what I’m seing without progesterone. So what am I doing? A very high quality tribulus. But since it’s so expensive I will buy from another brand and test too.

I have some Things to consider and ask you guys help To discover.

The first cycle I did this year I had a mini up, mini down and a mini better baseline. The second cycle I had a bigger up, normal Down and a better baseline.

Maybe The ups will improve with time or Maybe The ups will be according To your actual health. I say this because Apr1989 said his first cycle did nothing, The second he felt more presence in The world, The third started to wake up with morning wood.

Where am I now? First I NEED To tell you How I was and what makes pfs worse. (Smoking weed will always give me a down and let me down with no bounce back, so stay away from this devil plant) I was waking and needed To stay in bed for 30 minutes at least To get energy To get out of bed, then I couldn’t piss, couldn’t poop I would feel pain in my belly, then I would take at least one nap in The morning and 1 or 2 at evening, couldn’t masturbate because penis would be soft and orgasm would be with no sensation. I was really fat, had gynecomastia, terrible brain fog, skin rashes.

Now I’m more athletic with less gynecomastia, waking up and ready To go, sometimes morning wood, more energy, less brain fog, even people here from propeciahelp talked To me on skype notice difference on my voice and conversation line of thought. I feel The best between 20 and 23pm. I’m starting To feel libido and I’m flerting not because I think about flerting But just like nature controls The animals, it controls my body To do it. I’m still far from recovery But this is The only thing that it’s working on me. I tried EVERYTHING even adrenal fatigue and candid.a bullshit.

What I want To get now is even bigger ups because it’s stimulate The 5 alpha reductase and Androgen Receptor (I even think 5ar is something inside AR) and I get more results like muscle mass without lifting weights.

I hope more members try To do it and see If The they get The same results I’m getting.


Hey Brazilian Guy I comend you for your effort but you should be starting your own thread as the one is for progesterone. If your not taking it than it really shouldn’t be on this thread.


I said about progesterone so there is no problem in my post.

Just food for thought. ALL The 3 recovered guys said that with high cortisol/stress progesterone will not work because cortisol competes with progesterone for The same receptors. Progesterone acts opposing estrogen and it’s diuretic just like tribulus/tongkat. Maybe The excess estrogen is expelled by urine But I’m not sure.

I’m doing better after each cycle, But I’m not using The cream. One thing I read is that tribulus/tongkat are good To decrease cortisol/stress so Maybe it helps with The functionality of The cream. I will do another cycle and when I feel The effects from tribulus I will use The cream To see If I can speed up the elimination of estrogen. The best I felt was The first time I did The progesterone protocol I felt 75% cured and then a better baseline like 40 or 50% recovery waking up with morning wood 3 times a week, no more gynecomastia etc.


Hey brazilianguy,

what exactly is the protocol you’re talking about?
Cycling Tribulus and Tongkat, in which dosage, how often, how many days on, how many days off?

Looking forward to hearing your reply.


The protocol = light at The end But no deprenyl. That’s it. Progesterone cream tribulus.


I also experienced this 20 to 23 improvement in my symptoms, but mostly in the 2 weeks after the crash. There where moments where I felt absolutely normal, only to see everything fade away next morning. During this time, I also noticed increased peeing, with no prostate pain or whatsoever (felt prostate pain the last two days). Got my blood exams two days after the crash and everything was high/middle range. Cortisol a bit on the low side. I made a more compreensive and extensive blood test recently.


How many people here actually increased dopamine via selegeline, cabergoline, or madopar and used progesterone at the same time?


Listen to this guy. I am almost certain this is happened to you. progesterone stimulates your thyroid to produce hormones. It says that if you have thyroid problems like hashimotos adn you take progesterone cream you are fanning the flame and your symptoms get way worse, extreme hair loss etc what you experienced. i think you should have never applied it on your neck area in the first place. Progesterone also can help hypothyroidism issues.

So except for 2 others, everyone is responding positive to progesterone in some sort of way. Why is this not huge? because it isnt logical with your theory you had in my mind? I mean why do we not try things and based on the result we theorize on that. Instead of hammering on 5ar because its the most obvious. We know that people can improve and recover but still most are waiting for a doctor to find out whats going on with us, what will probably take another 10 years at least. Medicine is still in the dark ages and maybe they are looking in the wrong direction. Based on all recoveries, adrenal and thyroid problems seem to play a big role.


I took progesterone and selegiline at the same time and felt better some days and others not. It definitely wasn’t any big difference in my experience.


i dont know for you guys but for me it’s clear that what really helped the OP is the Depernyl not the progesterone…the guy had high prolactin to begin with


I took progesterone also I stopped for now I think I’m in a worse condition than I was before I took it I just feel sleepy all the time to the point it’s like I have taken 20 sleeping pills at one time I just feel like sleeping all the time and just laying in bed


how are you going??


how are u going


12mg clomid 1x a week and 30mg progesterone 3x a week cured my PFS for 4 weeks.

Once i stopped the clomid i relapsed. I was on TRT at the time so clomids effects had nothing to do with testosterone. It was modulating the relationship between PR / ER / AR allowing DHT to function correctly in each cell through a complex and unknown mechanism


Hey guys.

I posted a new member profile in May, but it somehow hasn’t been accepted by the moderators yet. Anyways, in a nutshell i took 2 .5 MG pills with a day off in between. Stopped because of sexual sides. a week later it all came back and i was normal. i smoked weed 2 days later and had the anxiety attack/crash/rapid shrinking of genitals. I also had another crash from weed a week after my first, which worsened my symptoms greatly. These crashes happened the 2 weeks of may. The month of may sucked for me as it seems all my hormones crashed. I had totally dry skin, no acne (ALWAYS had very oily skin and acne before crash), no armpit sweat, and very slow facial hair and pubic hair growth rate. Interestingly enough, the first time i took tribulus i got acne, oily skin, and was able to have sex 4 seperate times that weekend. After that, each time i would take tribulus it would have zero effect. After this, i had sex a week later when drinking, and it worked. i waited another week and after a few hours of drinking had successful sex again. (signs this is allopreg. related). my ejaculate volume was the same as prefin this whole time by the way.

A month later in June, i thought i began to recover a little. But perhaps this was me going from recovery from the crash --> my new baseline. i was nowhere near 100% but i would have a very small libido, and could get some erections just watching porn. my skin was somewhat oily and i got some acne back. I tried topical revivogen - under the impression it wouldnt go systemic, and it contains saw palmetto. 3-4 days after using this i stopped because i felt it was negatively effecting me. I then masturbated and barely had a boner… it was the most weak and pathetic one ive had. i came but it was slightly less and i felt a pain in my prostate during orgasm, which i hadnt experienced before - even right after my crash.

oddly enough, my DHT itch is crazy,im losing hair fast, and my skin gets slightly oily and i have some acne. despite being completely dead sexually.

So here i am now. i desperately hope that i will recover from the revivogen crash to at least my old baseline.

I ordered stuff of biovea:
Vit D 5000iu
Vit B6 (to combat prolactin increase from Progesterone)
Womens progesterone
tongkat ali
pregnenolone 50 mg pills

i also ordered segeline/deprynl, but not exactly sure when that will come in. my biovea package should be in monday or tuesday. I plan on following the ORIGINAL protocol. others have had success without the segeline so i will try without it first.

i REALLY hope i will feel as the others have, worse at first, then better. a 2 steps forward one step backward progression with overall upwards progess.

i will keep you posted and updated!