Progesterone treatment?


Progesterone converts to cortisol which we are all low in, research adrenal fatigue, the reason progesterone is making us feel better is because it is being converted to cortisol. Look up Adrenal Fatigue, that seems to be what we all end up with after months or years of hormones going crazy exhausting our adrenals. This is why it is taking years for people to recover, I did have permanent gains from progesterone, now I know it was because it converts to cortisol.

There is a treatment for Adrenal Fatigue, Hydrocortisone (low doses), this could resolve most of you here to your recovery points.


“Topical progesterone cream is the most common and it comes in a variety of concentrations. The best for people suffering from Adrenal Fatigue is the low-dose over the counter form. To get a 20mg blood level, you need to apply 20mg. Progesterone is lipophilic and it likes to stay in a fatty environment, allowing us to modulate the rate of release. Application to an area such as the abdomen with a thick fatty layer will slow the release. Application to an area such as the wrist or a thin fatty layer would lead to faster release. Cream tends to be a bit messy, but for most women, this is the best alternative overall and the least expensive. For best results, one needs to rotate the site of application to allow the skin to refresh itself. Many over the counter brands are available and they vary greatly in quality. Topical progesterone cream tends to release slowly over hours, days, or weeks from fatty tissue deposits. If used correctly, a steady blood level of progesterone can be achieved better with cream than by any other practical method. Those in Adrenal Fatigue will do much better with the topical form of progesterone as compared to other forms.” … asp?page=3

Interesting, so this is why we have effects from progesterone for weeks after, when applied to fatty areas, it releases slowly, that answers that question.


Just want to say i tried adding clomid on top too just 25mg once a week. And it is was a bad idea.
Clomid increased brain fog, decreased mood and libido.
Gonna stop and see how i get on.


Hydrocortisone is not the answer. I already tried it in all variations of dosage. Not just HC but many cortisol supplements.
But I do believe Adrenal Fatigue is something we have. I also have it diagnosed on saliva test. But what causes it its the no AR functioning and sooner when I started looking this way I started to get better. But some might say, what about people getting better with all those adrenal supplements? Well, just look at the ingredients and you will find a lot of adaptogenic herbs, some even include the testo-boosters.

19 - Clomid and Tamox both makes me feel worse. I would say that we might increase our testosterone with it but since our body doesn’t feel the test, we will feel just the estrogen increasing. Again no AR functioning causes it.

What is interesting about AR and AF (androgen receptor and adrenal fatigue) is that since our AR is not functioning our body get stressed of too much estrogen, then our adrenal gland start to increase cortisol (that’s why pot belly, that’s why muscle loss, hard to gain muscle, etc) There’s one guy who got cured by doing the AR and AF route. His name here is Mitch. But since I think both AR and AF goes if you fix AR you will start to fix AF and your symptoms will get better. What people recommend to AF sufferers: Vegetable, no sugar, no alcohol, no drugs, no cigarettes, no steroids, no HRT (since what I said about the AR might be true then this is the result, more estrogen, more stress, more cortisol), increase vitamins and adaptogenic herbs.


This thread out of all threads on this forum has interested me the most. I like most you on here have been suffering from PFS. Took it for two years and its now since been 9 years since ive stopped. The first three to four years after stopping were a nightmare. I had horrible ED and even worse horrible mental and congnitive disorders. After 4 years my ability perform changed and im now able to have sex at will not more than twice a day but heck im 34 this year. The one thing that still lingers are my mental problems. Ive done allot of reading on this topic of progesterone and find it very interesting. To this date I have not tried any other pills or hormones other than some tongkat ali 4 years a go for a couple days. One thing that really struck out after googling progesterone is how some people who smoke cannibas noticed that progesteron would blunt the effects of the cannabis they were smoking. For me on top of the ed and mental disorder and all the other problems we share here I went from being able to smoke weed and feel great to a swith being flipped and smoke weed and feel terrible. Literally it went from one day being great to the next being horrible. I think that this protocal might shed some serious light for someone like me to try. For me I know that there is something going on in my brain and body that isnt quite right. I’m luck enough to have gained back my sex drive but i would trade it to feel normally mentally. I’m going to contact dr crisler to try this. I live in toronto and every dr ive seen thinks im nutz. The last dr told me to change my diet stop eating carbs. The rest dont acknowledge PFS.

If any of you have tips on what to be testing before during and after let me know and I’ll share it with this thread.


I am getting emails about my experience, i am updating it here:


All in one place so people can tell what else i am taking and so on…


No one else is using this?


I’m going to give progesterone a try just waiting for biovea to stock in the normal one. Also I’m trying to figure out how long to be on it for, how long did light at the end go on it for 4 months or 6 months? Also when he was weaning off of it how was that done. Anyone can give me the break down of the length on it and the weaning off schedule I would be great full. I know he was on it for 14 days on 5 days off. Also whats the final consensus on the other drug he took with it. I’m not so sure im eager to do that but don’t want to miss out.


I’ve been using Biovea progesterone for a few weeks now with fairly positive results. The first few days I was on it, I was hyperactive almost to the point of being jittery, but that subsided after a few days of usage. I’ve found that now it is definitely helping to keep me at consistent energy levels throughout the day and has helped to alleviate those feelings of malaise and listlessness that affect many of us.

I’m also taking acetyl l-carnitine and evening primrose oil before bed, and vitamin d, vitamin e, and calcium d-glucarate in the mornings.


i used a corticostreoid cream which i prescribed for a skin sebborreic, my overall body temprature raised idk why that happend but my lowerback side pain/ adrenal pain has a reason this is for sure. and it altered at that time, it was interesing.

is there a relation between cortisol and progesterone?


Dude…you have some adrenal problem probably.
Maybe you need to replace cortisol, talk to your doc, check saliva cortisol in 4points and t3/rt3 ratio…


i was on the biovea cream also,first few weeks i had this manic energy on it especially after putting on my throat area,i felt quite good but after a few weeks my glands in my neck swelled up,i should have known this was a warning sign from my body but just thought it was coincidence that id got glandular fever so came off the cream till the illness cleared up,went back on the cream a few weeks later when i was better,big mistake,within a week loads of my hair came out and i mean loads,i started shaking like an old person,new sides came on like constant ball ache which id never had before,my eyesight has also been fucked up since after having perfect vision all my life,overall my pfs is now worse than before progesterone,be very carefull…


applied on throat area? … you can get hyperthyroid reactions…


Again, that really sounds like thyroid problems!! Why have u applied on throat!
Yoi need to check ur thyroid. Swollen nodules, hair falling, shaking…all of thay sounds like it


Makes you think which area is safe to put it on, and how will it affect that area?


i was trying to keep to areas where there is no fat as progesterone can build up in fat,i was alternating areas such as forearms,ribcage,throat area etc,ive no idea why it had such a bad affect one me,im no hormone expert or doctor im just a regular guy like most of you,i just read on here someone was having good results with it so decided to give it a try,i know this much,self medicating with hormones is fucking crazy,it should only be done under supervision of a doctor,do yourselves a favour and take up fitness as a hobby,itll make you feel better than any bullshit hormone creams or whatever the latest recovery crap is doing the rounds on here…


Hi Robbo, would you mind telling us how much (mg) you were applying?


My friend did The protocol But without The cream and without The deprenyl. He felt 75% cured and now his New baseline is 50% cured.

He did his first cycle and just like late, elb, Beekay cdnuts said, The cycles you do will make you recover in an upward scale. He used tongkat ali. I would ask him To write But he doesn’t want right now he wants to get more ground before posting But I can tell by my experience If you keep doing The cycles without the cream and no drugs specially weed (this blocks AR like propecia at least for me and you can see Elb saying it wasn’t good for him too) you will get better baseline until you get cured.


5mg per day,same as the origional poster,light at the end,this thread is years old and ive never heard of anyone getting any benefit from progesterone yet apart from o.p,google progesterone hair loss and read a few stories of healthy women who have taken it and shed shit loads of hair from their heads,the stuff has the potential to fuck you up even more like it did to me,my opinion is steer clear of this type of shite,get fit,get healthy and see what the studies bring…


i am sorry but that is just not true…

apart from Late, Elb has had a full recovery of sexual function, Beekay has said he is pretty much recovered, as well as Hypocylist, all of them using progesterone in their protocol. aaa123 is having success with it alongside calcium d glucarate as well