Progesterone treatment?


Absolute nonsense. If t-boosters worked then TRT would work. End of story.


Funny you’re following me everywhere I post.
Testoboosters doesn’t necessarily means just testosterone or other hormone. If you check guys who got deca dick, tren dick, used ssri, woman with birth control pills, mirena, people who take strong pain killers, accutane, all of them get the same symptoms, I know that many of them will take testosterone, or other hormone and it won’t work.

Hopingformore and Apr1989 are the perfect exemples, both with excelent testosterone, did nothing, then testo booster worked. Deca dick the same, I see many taking testosterone and nothing. Do your own research, stop being negative, try to see something good to everyone, try to help, if you can’t help, try to show why what I’m saying is wrong but lead us to another thing that might help, if you won’t do any of these things, I suggest you shut up because you’re annoying.


Beekay tried hcg before and nothing, then tried again with testo boosters and… Well, you can search and see for yourself.

Apr1989 took triptorelin which increased his testosterone to 1000 and nothing, then took high quality and high dosage tribulus and got his sex life back.

Hopingformore took tamoxifen, hcg, novedex xt, arimidex, all of them increase testosterone and/or control estradiol and nothing, then took tribulus high dosage and got cured that he said it was like he would have never touched propecia.

Just look I’m just saying what I read, you can search here and see for yourself.


More complete and total nonsense. For the hand full over “recovery” stories you post there are 100’s of others that tried all those same things and got nothing.


Mciboth- you are forgetting the thousands of members that don’t even bother to come here and post or post anymore. It’s called the restaurant theory. 20 people go to restaurant and have great food/service, only 1 of 2 will speak about how great it was, 20 people go and get bad food/service all but 1 or 2 will complain to everyone how bad it was.


has someone tried the exact same protocol as praying to heal? if he recovered from it, maybe others will


Well i started progesterone, pregnenolone and vit d and think aboutmore stuff


i am like a week on progesterone and pregnenolone and i think my testicles are smaller.
does anyone had this while using progesterone?


So you’re taking just progesterone cream and pregnanolone? How much of them per day? Do you take any vitamin, supplement, medication?

That’s interesting because if you won’t feel any better I think the protocol just work with the addition of (Tongkat Ali, Tribulus) or maybe it wasn’t the cream that made people improve but testo boosters.

I’ll paste a message that I sent to another guy, I don’t want to be rude, just ignore any bad word.

Check Elb. He tried the progesterone protocol Twice, first times didn’t work, actually he said he felt worse, second worked. Try to see the difference. I will do this favor to you and say that the first time he didn’t use testo boosters, the second time he did 7 of them.

Check light at the end, he tried clomid, did nothing, then he tried progesterone with testo boosters (Tongkat Ali), got cured.

Check beekay he tried hcg and like you didn’t get better, then he tried again with progesterone and a multi tude of testo boosters 95% cured.

Check Apr1989 who tried everything, took triptorelin got 1000 testosterone and 30 estradiol, didn’t cure him. Took tribulus cycles and got 80% cured his only problem is muscle twitches now (just like light at the end who got cycles of getting better until really cured 100%).

Check hopingformore who tried hcg, tamoxifen, arimidex, novedex xt, then stopped everything and took tribulus and got cured (100% he said he got cured even from the first propecia pill he took).

Check cdnuts who did cycles of androhard, pct and testo boosters (he did and got cured. He used 7 different testo boosters, don’t know the dosage of any)

I’m not saying it’s a cure because I’m not a scientist or doctor but logic suggest is a key ingredient in many recoveries and I don’t know why you’re being such an ass with me if I’m trying to help and giving information that you can find here in the forum, I’m not saying something new.

Tell me what you guys think. Just remember to be polite and also that I’m not saying something new I’m just digging and finding people who got cured and trying to see what they have in common.


Pretty sure they all worked out too. Why not try it instead of talking about it though? Its working for me.


I am taking 5mg progesterone on the chest, and 25mg pregnenolonr.
I also use 5000iu vit d.
And i do working out 5 times a week with heavy weights.


And i thought pregnenolone should increase hormones too


But does anyone else got smaller testicles from progesterone?


Buddy it sounds like your testosterone has been shut down. When I told my Dr I was taking Prog he told me to come off it immediately as it can shut you down. The only men that I know who take Prog on a regular basis are those on testosterone replacement therapy. They take Prog to control estrogen dominance. If men here are taking Prog to control estrogen then perhaps they should have an estrogen test first to see if that’s the problem and then use an AI like arimdex etc under medical supervision (there are other AI’s on the market this is just one example).


i don’t know if my T is shutdown, but there is something weird


These are the e-mails that Light at the end sent to me a long time ago.

Hi mate-

Yep im definitely cured buddy. I just returned to the forum to answer a
couple of messages- ive been off for some time, and i like to know how
everyones going once in a while.

Just once a day mate- ive notived the people that have followed my
and stuck with it for 6 months have all gotten significantly better so
stick it out!

All the best

Hi mate

Took progesterone once per day- bit i dont see why you can split it if you
Understand that you WILL feel better then worse in cycles- its unavoidable.
Its important that you stick with the routine. Dermal application to my
knowledge will suffice if you alternate application sites.

I knew i was alot better due to DHT response, amd i imagine normalised
estrogen- ie: itchy scalp, increased libido, body haif and strength etc,
thats when i tapered off progesterone.
The improvement is slow, and as i said in cycles, brainfog then, stamina,
sleep, body composition then libido
. That’s exactly the same sequence that I felt when I got better by his protocol, my face changed it was more masculine, my muscle got pumped without working out and my gynecomastia disappeared. (but I really believe it was just the testo boosters because when I stopped using it I stopped feeling anything from the cream)

Do NOT under any circumstances quit this routine before you’ve stuck with
it for 6 months. PFS will take time to correct and no matter what you may
hear, if something seems to work quickly, chances are it wont last. A slow,
and gradual recovery is a sign of a permenant recovery.

All the best mate- Never give up hope, stay happy, POSITIVE and active,
stick to this protocol and you will in all likeyhood get better


In my experience you want to use progesterone with test boosters and work out. Working out used to make me crash but now when I feel that coming on 10 mg prog stops it.


do you still have progress?


I’m about to go into an off cycle in about 1 week or so and I’ll be able to see then. Right now when I’m off of it I can’t say that I feel better so it hasn’t “happened” for me yet. However, using progesterone to control those estrogen spikes has been huge progress in itself. If I ever have days where I feel especially brain fogged, heavy headed, apathetic and low energy I can put 10 mg on and within 30 minutes it washed ALL of that away. It’s allowed me to lift weights again which I think is part of light at the ends success - he was able to lift weights without becoming overwhelmed with estrogen.


ok progesterone and pregnenolone made me worse.
before that my sleep was great now i wakeup every night at 4-5am, and sexualy i feel also worse, no noctural erections and penis feel more dead