Progesterone treatment?


Hey praying to heal, that is an interesting protocol you are on, I thought you were taking the hcg every day? If you incorporated sermorelin/ghrp2/ ghrp6/ you would have even more significant improvements.
What is your exact protocol currently? You are lucky to have such a creative doctor, what kind of doctor is she? HRT?


She is a naturopathic doctor…My current protocol is test cyp (0.4 or 80mgs once a week) … Hcg 200iu every other day… and progesterone/chrysin every night(topical cream) used as an ai to lower e2


Update: Almost 6 weeks in… I can have sex everyday if i don’t masterbate… If i masterbate during the week… I can do it every other day… My favorite position is doggiestyle so i generally put the ladies on there knees… No more soft or weak erections with topical test… Now they are hard and i don’t lose them… Im not sure if its the progesterone/chrysin or the injections… Maybe both… Could be my e2 is where it needs to be… Either way… its working guys


This is pretty interesting. Check out the symptoms under Associated Symptoms and Consequences of Impaired Adrenals. … enals.aspx



I haven’t posted in a while because I was pretty fed up with the constant questioning of my success with the protocol I tried and various other reasons. I’ve cooled off from that though and have a quick update to give on my condition.

Am I 100% pre fin? No.

Do I feel better than I have since 2008/2009? Yes

What did I do / what am I doing?

10 mg progesterone daily, with a 5 day off period every 2 weeks.
Naturethroid 87.9 tab daily
75 mcg T3 daily spaced out throughout the day
P5P 50 mg twice daily
Drinking about 2 french presses daily of Yerba Mate.
Limiting adult content (pictures, video, etc)

How do I feel? I have pretty much full energy recovery. If I don’t sleep well (happens about once a month) then I feel like absolute crap for a day, happens randomly and I can usually tell when it is going to happen by how I feel around 3pm, can’t figure out why it happens, but it does. 98% of the time I’m up at 6, go to work, get stuff done, exercise and have fun with life. Sexual function works great 95% of the time.

Effects of different things (my interpretation)

Progesterone- Controls Estrogen and helps me mentally. I can get the same effect from drinking lots of beer, looking back on it, and with all the research on progesterone being neurologically protective I think this is the reason. Beer leads to an estrogen uptick though, progesterone cream helps keep E2 in check and repair neurological functioning. I have no more bathroom issues except if I get overly excited or worried about something. Even then, it’s 10x less then previous. 30 days out of 31 I’m normal.

P5P- Controls prolactin. I was originally using pramipexole to do this, but it got to be too strong for me and would make me feel sick to my stomach. The prolactin control helps me in the sexual department and also in the dreaming / sleep department.

Yerba Mate- I discovered this wrinkle while taking a cross country trip in the family minivan with my in-laws. I drank it off and on before, but drank a ton while on the trip. Those nights I slept great, had vivid, almost real life dreams and felt a very calming but energy. I don’t have any scientific literature to back this up, just experience only.

Thyroid meds - I was hypothyroid before fin. Found that naturethroid works best for me, added in T3 on my own and found it helps with energy, and weight control.

Like I said I’m not cured, but I’ve found this protocol keeps me going. I don’t think about PFS anymore except for maybe a day or two a month. Best wishes to everyone. Keep trying different things and see what works for you. All of our bodies are different, which is why Fin affected us when it didn’t affect others. Does progesterone work? Yes, it can, it helped me but that doesn’t mean it will help everyone.


Glad to heat about ur recovery.

Anyone got worse after trying progesterone?


At least two people have gotten worse. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7855


I don’t know if I told you guys that I met one guy in Brazil that had pfs and got cured, he was so sick that he got 32kg. He said to me that he got cured using proviron and tribulus, now, reading all the recoveries, people used testo boosters, I never believed so much in herbs but all of them cicled herbs and the ups and downs must be from the herbs that all of them used. If you read Apr1989 you will see that he said if he stay with tribulus more than 2 weeks he start to get bad, doesn’t it sound familiar with the progesterone thread, 2 weeks on, 4 days off.

The guy that I talked said he was using 15 pills of tribulus per day. Since asparagus gives the same result, maybe ciclying asparagus can help us all to reach the same cure.

The problem is that he deleted his skype and we live very far from each other. I live in Rio Grande do Sul, next to Argentina and he lives in Minas Gerais. Would be a travel from Portugal to Poland.

When I used progesterone cream I also used tribulus and got a better baseline, so maybe the biggest improvemtns people got on the protocol was testo-boosters, beekay said he took a ton of testo-boosters, Elb too, we just got 3 people cured in this protocol Late, elb, beekay, all of them used testo-boosters.

Finatruth said he is almost recovered, he is eating tons of asparagus, if you read you will see that asparagus has protodioscin, the same thing on tribulus, he said his libido turned back on like a button on/off. He also said now he has energy, he also said his digestion is 100%. That makes me thinking, letsconvenience got cured by expelling estrogen/copper while taking ox bile. I will be doing a water fast and then I will try to eat asparagus while I take bile acids to help my liver detox the excess estrogen I have. I intend to do it by cycles to try to reach homeostasis, like the OP maybe this protocol will lead me through up and downs but maybe a much higher up and a small down each time like Apr1989.

What do you guys think? I always like to read your opinion.


I really admire your dedication bro… how long are you gonna do a waterfast… how many days? Just curious what’s your diet and exercise? Like your attitude man


i ordered progesterone cream and will use 5mg a day with methylation regimen. ( p-5-p, methylbocalm, folic)
what should i excpect?


progesterone helps to control Estrogen, you can take testosterone if you get your estrogen under control with progesterone or an AI, if you do not produce enough DHT, you can replace DHT and that will give you full effects when all doses are done right.

Here is Praying To Heal’s protocol, he had a good doctor, it makes sense, he recovered with that, I have a more aggressive protocol that I am using, but his was a good one too.

Testosterone Cypionate 0.4 ml (80 mg) IM once a week
Compounded Topical Progesterone mixed with Chyrsin at Bedtime every night…this will also be an AI…Progesterone is 25mg and Chrysin is 40 mg combined together in one topical…
Hcg 200 IU SQ/IM once a day
Iodarol 50 mg a day for T4 and T3 Stimulation
Vega One Nutrional Shake (2 a day)
Ferrochel Iron Chelate 30 mg daily
Vitamin D Supreme 5000 iu daily
Ultra B12 - Folate once a day
Omega 3+D squeeze…(2 a day


It would appear that there is actual scientific evidence for cycling Progesterone such as has been suggested.


do you think 2mg a day will do anything?


Found this while browsing. Another link to progesterone possibly helping out. … 007-9034-6


Please I think its important that we see some blood test with Progesterone to Estrogen ratio so we can get to a few conclusions. I havent analized this because I ignored the importance of progesterone in general.


To anyone trying progesterone: It’s almost a guarantee that you will have periods of time where you feel bad, and probably worse than when you are not on it. This has happened to everyone including the person who claimed to be cured by it and does not necessarily mean that it is “not working” for you.


The only use progesterone has with pfs is in addition to testosterone as an anti estrogen, using it alone to try and treat pfs will give unpredictable responses both good and bad. The reason it helps is only because we all have high estrogen (on a neuro steroidal level). I have thoight of adding progesterone to my protocol in the future to help with estrogen. However, my protocol has my condition reversed and my body seems to be adapting over time to the reversal and recovering.


Any updates concerning your progesteron treatments?


Hey guys, just finished reading this whole thread and I’m interested in giving this a try. Just have a question as I remember the OP mentioned possibly substituting the deprenyl for mucuna pruriens, which I already own. Did anyone try this? Would you expect it to have the same effect?


I think it wasn’t the prog cream that cured all these guys, because only 3 felt better/cured. Light, elb, beekay, what they have in common that others who tried don’t? They used testo boosters high quality, high dosage.

Apr1989, Cdnuts, hopingformore, all of them got cured, they didn’t use prog, all of them reported ups and downs like light, elb, beekay. They used testo boosters, Apr1989 even said he tried before and nothing, then he increased the dosage and felt different, then after 2 or 3 cycles he got his sexual function back.

This is something to think about, what do you guys think?