Progesterone treatment?


Yes I go back to baseline eventually but had a stint where I felt “recovered” for about two weeks straight. When I say recovered I mean everything felt like a normal person would, so any question someone may have about how I felt would be answered with “as if I hadn’t taken finasteride”. I did eventually return to baseline and was doing other things at the same time so God only knows what caused it. However the recovery period was right after I had slowly decreased my dose of progesterone instead of stopping cold turkey. I’m currently in the middle of another cycle (this is probably fifth cycle) and will be doing the same thing to see if I can recreate it. My baseline has not improved as far as I’m concerned.


UPDATE::: Day 21 of Protocol… Test Cyp…once a week (80 mg a week) Hcg Daily 200iu… Progesterone/Chrysin Aromatse Inhibitor every nite before bed… Having consistent nocturnal, spon, and morning erections in a 7 day period I prolly have them 5 nights a week on no ed meds…i can have sex every other day with no ed meds and unlike on topical test the erections are not soft and I don’t lose erection… they are hard erections and I don4t lose them…arousal is better as well… I feel better overall and sleeping 8 hours at night…So overall its working for me… I was skeptical at first about all the stuff u read on this forum… But if u believed everything u read on here u would never get better… Im starting to think I never had full blown PFS because I responded well to topical test and I respond well now to injections… so I respond well to both… But either way this is whats helping me…So regardless whether this was PFS or just low t… This is working… Having sex now is easy more or less… Hard erections and feels good… the whole reason I switched from topical to injections was so I could have sex consistently with without having to eat Cialis or Viagra and its working… So I am gonna keep doing it… Almost been a month and things are getting better… I will update in 2 weeks


Update::: Day 27 of Protocol… Had sex earlier and dick was hard as a ROCK… Orgasm was great… Sensation PREFIN… Had really , really good sex… I am beginning to like injections… No more weak erections…Everything is great… What im doing cannot hurt me… Don’t be a fool waiting on things to get better… If u have low t… get on trt and get ur e2 where it needs to be… Im living proof. U can overcome this…I haven’t taken ed meds since I started this protocol… I don’t need them anymore…


what was your testosterone levels before going on TRT?


To4tal Test was 383 and lh and fsh were both 2.5…Why u ask??


TRT is not the cure to PFS, there are many men whose androgen receptors won’t absorb the testosterone in their blood, so they don’t feel any different. But for some TRT will work and they should be considering treatment with a good doctor and getting on with life. Glad to hear your doing well.


because mine was 450, and the endo said it was in range so TRT wasn’t an option. Did you gave to go to a specialist?


I know it doesn’t help everyone… i guess i am lucky… if i wasn’t on it i prolly wouldn’t be able to do the things i am doing now… However i am responding well to it… its worth a shot for anyone


Yes i went to a urologist and he diagnosed me with secondary hypo… he put me on topical test immediately… I went and seen a naturopathic doc and she is a medical doctor… if i were u i would go and see a hrt doctor or a naturopath…


This is good advice. Your T should be around 650-700 to feel healthy and normal. Join this group the mods are excellent and have a list of good Dr’s in American who can treat TRT properly.


So u saying I don’t have PFS?? is that why u are telling me to join the testosterone group??


Praying to heal, if you continue with this “convince me if I do or don’t have PFS” nonsense, you will be banned. You’ve posted the same comments multiple times. Based on your posts you had low T and are able to sexually function since TRT. I would advise you to move on with your life whether you believe you have PFS or not. Continually posting here and asking “do I have PFS” like we all have a magic answer is not only annoying, there is no way for anyone to “diagnose” you over the Internet and your situation from what you’ve posted does not seem to be “bad”. Further your previous account TRYINGTORECOVER was already permanently banned for spamming the forum with similar nonsense. This is the last warning.


If you have to ask if you have it, then you don’t. Treatable low T ain’t even close.


U know what I guess ure right…


What s the consensus on progesterone?
Anyone had a lasting recovery from it?


My response has no intention of being critical towards this question. But in my experience, nobody should be referencing a ‘single’ treatment item or protocol and using the word ‘recovery’ in the same sentence. It shows how little you know about the repercussions of inhibiting 5ar for all SEVEN of the downstream conversions which have been affected.

By now, I would expect everyone to know this is not just about T to DHT conversion. With new members being given the benefit of doubt.

Having said this, my answer is “Yes, I have experienced a ‘benefit’ from Progesterone cycling, but not a ‘recovery’ from PFS in light of this single item”.

We are all looking for hopeful assurances, but must resist the temptation to think that it only takes one or a few things to result in a recovery. Evidence all over this board proves my point.

Latest lab tests while ON progesterone showed my levels of PROG were in the upper range, however, T/DHT and Thyroid still need further attention/treatment. I can only say that PROG is helpful for improving an aspect of sex function. That’s all.


the consensus is that it gives mixed results and only the original poster “lightattheend” has been cured from it. On the other hand if you look at the people who have tried it none of them have done his exact protocol or used the progesterone as long as he suggested- So it’s not conclusive


To be honest with u I am on Test cyp once a week…hcg every other day and I use progesterone/chrysin every nite as an ai… and all sexual symptoms have been reversed… and I feel great,just keeping it REAL


I believe you feel great, I was just answering the question on what the consensus is for progesterone treatment. The majority of people describe progesterone as giving them mixed results with only one person being cured from it.


I think what has helped me the most is the test cyp once a week and the hcg every other day… The chrysin/progesterone is just an aromatse inhibitor