Progesterone treatment?


He knows his shit and he is an advocate of using a lot of everything it seems, so if he says this stuff is no good, I am staying away. Already someone reported it made them feel depressed, being depressed and dopey doesn’t help with PFS!


Just another update… since Thursday I have masterbating 2 times a day… Not sure if this progesterone related or test cyp related or both… I have done it so much my dick feels numb… Now I do get extremely hard when doing this… even the second time in the same night… so that tells me without a doubt that something is going on. I am only 13 days into this protocol… Im not even supposed to be noticing anything until 21 to 35 days in… But already noticing this… takes 4 to 6 weeks for benefits of sexual on test cyp to take effect… I got HARD WOOD… Now if I could stop masterbating and see if I am able to screw every other day on no meds successfully… Ill keep posted


i got the shakes from it,i got very dothery like a really old person,my balls ached constantly,my vision went blurry,my cock went even number like 100% numb,and shit loads of my head hair fell out almost overnight,also lost hair from the fronts of my shins,tops of my feet and toes,the shakes went away first,the ball ache got better over time,maybe gone after a year or so,my eyes are ok now but not what they were before progesterone and id always had perfect eyesight all my life,the blurred vision comes back sometimes,pain in head when trying to focus etc,the hair i lost has never grown back,i cant believe how much hair fell out,my scalp started to itch like crazy,what a big mistake taking progesterone was,i hate it when i see people say on here oh try this or that what have you got to lose etc,if you think things cant get any worse think again,things can get a lot worse by trying different hormones etc…


I have used it 14 days now and none of the stuff u are saying has happened… I have slightly lower libido now… that it…


Update… 14 days into new protocol… no nocturnals, low libido… but I had sex today and dick was rock hard as if I was on an ed med… was good from start to finish… orgasm and sensation were great… only 2 weeks… I talked to an endo yesterday about this protocol Im on and the endo said that prog/chrysin along with test cyp and hcg will take 6- 8 weeks but after acclimation period I will have major improvement… Already seeing improvement in my dick


Praying To Heal, ask your Endo about the HGH protocol I am on, they will no doubt offer it, your hormone doctor that has you on all this stuff most definitely offers it. Let her know it is helping another PFS sufferer, it really has reversed my condition. I warned you about Progesterone, my anti-aging hormone doctor is very much against it in men. Though, you should follow your doctor’s suggestions, we should always try everything, but if I continue to remain this way I will insist everyone go on it!


Some docs are against it, mine is not… this week alone I have talked to an endo and an internal medicine doc and my doc and another hrt doc and all of them have said its safe and it wont hurt me… the progesterone/chrysin will not hurt me sexually nor make me worse…Here the thing I never had full blown pfs… I have been off finasteride for almost a year… nothing will get worse… cant believe everyhthing u read on here and after just 2 weeks I am already having sex every other day on no ed meds… only been on protocol 2 weeks… dick is extremely a hard and stays hard until I orgasm and orgasm is good, On topical test alone I could get hard and be doing it and lose the erection and 50 percecent of the time it would be a really weak soft erection hard to obtain… Its not happening now… so something is working… progesterone is a 5 ar inhibitor but it doesn’t do the same thng propecia does… it blocks estrogen… propecia blocks dht not extrogen… Ive already hit my worst… cant and will not get any worse… these things are already happening 2 weeks into this, imagine where I will in 5 weeks from now…


Praying To Heal, ask your doc about HGH therapy, it has reversed my PFS symptoms, your doctor probably does it.


Update … Day 15 of Protocol… had sex yesterday on no ed meds… dick was hard and stayed hard until orgasm… didn’t lose erection and wasn’t a soft erectiion… went to sleep last night and woke up with 2 nocturnals and morning wood this morning… so 15 days in body is responding to the protocol… very happy about this… jut got to keep e2 in line but I am doing that with the progesterone ai… GOD IS GOOD…u guys need to o to a naturopathic doc and get onboard and stay off this forum… only believe half of what u hear and none of what u read


That’s true about spending too much time on the forum, but I suppose even with my condition in remission, I feel we all have some kind of bond. I mean, this condition remains, we can send it into remission and hopefully eventually get cured, but I suppose I have taken an interest in the discussion on how this works and how we can fix it. Anyway, my friends won’t tolerate me going on about this with them, so I need an outlet where people don’t think I have lost my mind.


Another update…LIBIDO is back again… in full force… I believe the prog/chrsyin ai is getting e2 where it needs to be… getting super hard when I talk to dirty to gf on phone… I am starting to think I never had PFS just low t because the longer I go on this protocol the better I am getting all the way around… im gonna beat this thing, but I would have never beat it if I would have believed what I read on here…either way… the prog/chrysin is eliminating my mild ed… which leaves me to believe that this was and has always been low test and after being on test cream for almost 10 months high e2… things are looking up. I did have lower libido after I started this protocol but now its back… this is day 15… imagine how good I am gonna feel on day 42…I believe if anything bad was gonna happen it would have already


what were your symptoms before treatment? Did you have full blown PFS?


I had low libido and mild erectile dysfunction…8 weeks off propecia went to uro and was diagnosd with secondary hypo… I was on topical test for 8 months and it got to where i would lose erection sometimes and have soft erection… I however did not have all the full blown symptoms of PFS… i had saliva tests drawn and i was showing low progesterone, low am cortisol and low pm cortisol… e2 was at 30,""" elevated e2… that’s when i switched to this new protocol…oh by the way i was still having nocturnals and morning wood on topical test consistently… now on injections the first week they went away in the first week and morning wood and nocturnals are resurfacing… Im doing test cyp 80mg …once a week… hcg 200 iu daily and progesterone/chrysin every night(topical)… before bed… its working…next Wednesday will be 21 days… i also had lower libido last week but it has come back today… so i am responding and im responding well…i was skeptical about trying progesterone/chrysin but i had an internal medicine doc, an endo and my naturopathic doc and another hrt doc tell me that it cant hurt me that it is safe or make my sexual functioning any worse… and so far it hasn’t… It blocks aromatization of estrogen… and they are right its not hurting me… I may not have full blown pfs and that may be why this is working for me… Not sure all i know is its working… things went away that are coming back like libido and nocturnal, morning, spon, erections…i had insomnia for the first week on progester/chrysin along with no nocturnals, hot flashes was feeling like shit the first week and a half but now im starting to feel better, body is acclimating… even this early into it i can have sex on no meds and the erections are hard from start to finish… pleasureable, sensation, orgasm is good.

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Just an update::: Day 18 of protocol… It has definatley put lead in the pencil… Libido is strong and now like the last 4 or 5 days I having consistent nocturnals and morning wood, sleeping 8 hours each night…orgasm is good and sensation… it is definitely helping me…I feel really good… I am also doing test cyp…once a week…hcg daily…my e2 fluctuates on this protocol… but even with e2 fluctuating I can still have sex… I dot think the prog/chrysin ai is strong enough to keep e2 at 20 where it needs to be… I got tested last Tuesday and e2 was 45.8… im gonna stick to it unless doc prescribes me another ai… On the bright side of things this Wednesday will be 21 days on this protocol… and things are getting better the longer I go on it… right as first things went south but by a week and a half they are getting better…I can fuck without meds consistently now and on topical test I couldn’t…


So you never had penis or testicle shrinkage? Any digestion problems or insomnia?


No i never had any of that…why u ask??


Hey praying, glad to hear you’re doing well. Try this if you like: when you stop your cycle, instead of just stopping suddenly wane yourself off over a long period. do 2 mg for about five days, then 1 mg (it’s just a tiny dab) and stay on the 1mg for awhile and see how you feel. I’m still testing but I believe I had a very good reaction last time I did this…not sure though.


I feel really good off the test and the hcg … The progesterone is mixed with chrysin… And my e2 is fluctuating… Im going to see doc tomorrow and get a different ai if she will give me one… my goal now is to get e2 between 20-30… I believe when I do that my problems will be solved…I am still havig nocturnals and morning wood even with e2 fluctuating… so im not sure if its the progesterone or the hcg and test… but either way im responding to test which is good…


When u stop using the cream what happens??? Do u go back to baseline and if sowhat do u mean??