Progesterone treatment?


Xhorndog brought it off topic but it’s a fascinating possibility.


as per your links have you tried progesterone ? if you have could you give some updates?
if you have not tried progesterone then would you mind telling why you have not tried it?


What exactly does progesterone do ???


it fucks you up even more,keep well away from it,its pure bull man…


Damn im definitely not gonna try it!!! Not now… So it made ur symptoms worsen??


yes it fucked me right up,i got took in by some post on here saying had recovered etc with progesterone cream,i tried it for two weeks,at first i felt mentally sharper etc but my cock was even number,anyway after two weeks on it i got glandular fever,at the time i just thought it was coincidence,but now i know it was my body reacting violently to the hormones,after a week or two i recovered from the swollen glands etc and decided to give the cream another bash,big mistake,so after around a week or so back on the cream my hands start to shake,i get very dotherey like a frail old person,anxiety goes into overdrive,my balls start hurting constantly,my eyesight becomes blurry,and worst of all shit loads of my hair fell out overnight almost and hasnt grown back since,i think it took my eyes about 18 month to get back to somewhere normal again,the ball ache is mostly gone,the progesterone gave me new sides i didnt previously have,id never had blurry vision or ball pain before like a lot of other sufferers,if you ask me mate its a load of pure bullshit,be very careful who you listen to on here,you never know who you are talking to,best stick with the natural recovery stuff,even if it doesnt work atleast it wont do you any harm…


I will keep that in mind and thank u I wont be trying that anytime in this life


So where we at with this stuff? I just received my Progesterone…but haven’t taken it yet. Are people still seeing results with this crap? Right now, I just started DIM, and have been taking the 7 natural T boosters. Probably will do that for a week before starting Progesterone.

We still on this bandwagon?


Just my opinion. Progesterone is a bad idea. DIM is safe.


I crashed on it, but I had a super bounce back and have been upward since I used it. That’s my 2 cents


Im fisten to do it every night with my new protocol… only difference is my hormones showed low progesterone… So that means I already know its gonna help me and plus doc said I needed it


10 days into my new protocol using progesterone cream as an ai and I had 5 spontaneous erections yesterday… I believe this is getting better slowly… Had sex tonight on no meds and I didn’t lose erection… I was having soft erections sometimes on topical test. but erections are starting to harden up on injections… only been 10 days now. doc says it will take 4-6 weeks to acclimate my body… Good thing is I am getting responses to the protocol


gret news, PTH…can you outline your protocol?

So far I’ve done stints of progesterone gel (Progest-E) roughly like so:

-14 days on/ 4 days off / 10mg 2x a day
-3 days on / 4 days off / 6mg in AM only
-5 days on right now / 6mg in AM only

The progesterone seems to depress me. Especially the first round of 10mg (possibly more, it’s hard to estimate what a “drop” of gel is) twice a day.

I’ve had historically low T and DHT, so perhaps 2 weeks (the point where someone pointed out some research indicates there is risk of T suppression) is too much for me, hence why I’m trying briefer cycles.

I’ve also been playing with rotating natural T-boosters on an ongoing basis.

I’ve been stacking the natural t-boosters AND cdnuts’ recommended PCT protocol (Res100 and TransynergyDAA) as a counter-measure to the potential LH and T suppression of progesterone.

There was a point a couple of days into the progesterone where I felt something clicking, but I don’t know if progesterone had anything to do with it, as I was in the sun all day and also used D-aspartic acid. I’ve tried to note responses to DAA and IT seems like the booster that gives me the most response, perhaps more so because it’s stacked on top of other t-boosters. I never noticed any response with actual T (testim) or clomid, in years past.

I’ve also overlapped some high dose tribulus, a week on, a week off, since a couple of times where I’ve used it, it seemed to give me a kick. I used my stock product at first, and have switched to the Medi-Herb brand recommended elsewhere on this forum. Just disclosing all the variables.

Just reporting some feedback, unsure of what progesterone is doing or not doing. If the point is to incite a “mini-crash” and rebound effect as some have suggested, as some of the literature suggests w/ respect to GABA, etc? I think I’ll keep on experimenting, but I’m not noticing any obvious benefit or rebound during “off” cycles.


Well i was on topical test… and when i switched protocols my nocturnals and morning wood went away immedialtey… But now they are coming back and they are consistent… then i had 5 spontaneous erections the other day in one day… Now today i can still get hard masterbating and during sex. and it stays hard… i don’t lose erection and its not soft… Today i noticed a slight dip in libido… it seems a little lower but however i can still get hard without taking ed meds…and i had hard morning wood this morning…

Test Cypionate 0.4 ml (80mg) im once a week
Compunded Progesterone/ Chrysin (aromatase inhibitor) nightly
Hcg 200 iu once a day
… that’s it… i have been on this 10 days now and these are the things that are happening… Libido may be a little lower but i can still get hard for sex and keep the erection thruout… Doc said its gonna take 4-6 weeks for body to acclimate… On topical test libido was higher but i would lose erection after starting sex and then a couple of minutes i would lose it. Now i can keep a hard erection until i orgasm… libido is lower… But the women seem to like it… Doc has me all of this because she says at 35 i should never need ed meds… Morning wood is coming back and nocturnals…


After u stopped progesterone how long did it take u to recover from what it did to u??? Or to go back to the way u were before u took it?? ANd what kinda sides did it give u… and when u stopped did u go back automatically to the way u where when u stopped propecia


Just an update…Day 11 into this protocol… My libido lowered yesterday but today it cam back in full force… it really did… also I noticed that my penis was a lot sensitive to the touch like there was more feeling in it… body is supposed to acclimate in 4 -6 weeks… im only on day 11…there was so much sensation and feeling in masterbating… it felt like prefin


You guys be careful, I asked my HRT doctor about Progesterone, he is considered one of the top HRT doctors in Florida, all the doctors go to him. He knows his shit, he told me that Progesterone is a bad idea, it makes guys “dopey and depressed.”


I understand that but he didn’t say anything about it hurting people sexually did he??


for the people who felt better with progesterone treatment, did you have high dht or low?
it is very interesting

thank you


I actually had a crash on it (rebounded in a big way) and I had low DHT . What’s the theory?