Probiotics benefits

I will try probiotic,which gives more and more here improvement and recovery,I watched.
There are several threads where probiotic is recommended and no one got worse because of it perhaps.
please share your experiences of it with us.
and,here is the place where we discuss the effect of probiotics,so please don’t give advice. like"avoid all suppliments!!"


I tried rhamnosis and reuteri. I felt calmer. Supposed to reduce cortisol and make your balls bigger. mentioned it and I tried it. Hard to find and the only one I found was for women vaginal health lol

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rhamnosis and reuteri are a group of probiotics?Sorry for my ignorance.

They are strains of bacteria.

Check that link #42 talks about it.

Apparently there is a strain that converts cortisol into androstenediol in your gut.

I share with someone.

42. Probiotics and Natural Androgen Production

probiotics The definition of probiotics is as follows: “live micro-organisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host” . In other words, probiotics are friendly bacteria most commonly used to improve gut health.

The idea of using probiotic bacteria for health was first coined in 1907 by a Russian researcher and Nobel laureate Élie Metchnikoff who had a novel idea of replacing the harmful gut microbes, with beneficial (probiotic) microbes, this essentially improving gut flora and overall health.

These bacteria naturally occur naturally in many fermented foods, such as yogurt, kefir, kimichi, sauerkraut, kombucha, and sourdough, and can also be supplemented with, currently it isn’t known which one is the better delivery method – supplements or food – but common sense would suggest its the naturally occurring kind from fermented foods.

What does all of this have to do with testosterone though?

Well for one, our gut health is strongly correlated with testosterone production. People with poor gut flora are much more likely to suffer from micronutrient deficits and lower T-levels…

…But it doesn’t end there, some modern research has shown that some strains of probiotics can directly elevate the levels of androgens in blood. Take this 2014 rat study for example193, where a probiotic strain commonly found in yogurts; Lactobacillus reuterii (affiliate link) was able to significantly increase multiple parameters related to reproductive health. In fact, the addition of L. reuterii to male rodents feed resulted in;

  • increased testosterone levels
  • increased testicular size and weight
  • increased markers of social domination
  • prevention of age-related testicular shrinkage
  • improved sperm quality, motility, and volume
  • increased luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormone levels

This isn’t the only rat study with promising results, another one found similar results, the more the rodents were exposed to probiotics, the higher their testosterone was194. One study also saw that a probiotic strain by the name of Clostridium scindens is able to directly convert cortisol into androgens inside the gut195.

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I want to make a new thread with an article about the connection between male sexual health and the gut microbiota I just found but why not put this in your OP:

Use sci-hub to read in full.

I would have some agreement with this thought, “bidirectional relationships.”

“Due to the bidirectional relationships seen between the gut microbiome and men’s sexual health, with the metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation, it is highly likely that an association between men’s sexual health and the gut microbiome exists also. Future studies should begin looking at this potential relationship with the aim of developing gut microbiome targeted diagnostic and therapeutic tools for the treatment of men’s sexual health diseases.”

Try acidophilus complex, I’ve mentioned it before many times, it consists of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Casei, I took pretty big dosage of about 10 capsules per day, felt recovered for about a month, also before taking this my testosterone was 23.9, 24.9 and 17, after this it’s been through the roof consistently with reading as high as 35, my last reading was 31.2 (range 8.6-29) also whilst taking this my gut was in good shape.

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thanks for info.
What have you tried?

What brand do you recommend?
I can get NOW brand one,though.

I used one by Nature’s Aid

You said you felt recovered for a month. What happened afterwards?

Recovery eventually faded away, think I’m going to give it another go very soon tho as been a good 3 months or more since my last lot ran out.

Interesting. Keep us posted.

Update on taking L reuteri and L rhamnosis pills. Balls did get bigger and heavier. Noticeable after only a couple days.


Any effect on morning wood and libido?

I’ve been good this week morning wood everyday and increased desire. I am also doing keto (about a week) with one meal a day as well as working out. However after taking the pills it was quite an immediate change. I should mention it’s not the working out that made the balls bigger because I always work out and I never got this much of growth.

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Then which do we choose the amount of kinds of bacteria or the amount of just bacteria?
25billion one is very attractive,but these bacteria in it may be low quality…

I used this one. Not being a troll this is the only one with Reuteri and Rhamnosus

Thats interesting. Ive looked at these exact strains in this product in another product. This other product is probably going to be much cheaper, at a higher dosage and can be found at walgreens. Im not endorsing this, but just so people know.

RepHresh Pro-B

They are finding comparable species of bacteria in both womens and mens urogenital tracts.
This also leads me to think about birthing, and what types of bacteria might transfer to the placenta or could be considered unique or important.

New studies uncover probiotics’ influence on sperm quality, say researchers

04-Mar-2019 By Nikki Cutler

Recent studies revealing a probiotic’s ability to manage male sub-fertility with co-existing chronic pain and obesity, will significantly boost scientific interest in probiotics for infertility treatment, researchers revealed during the recent Probiota conference.

I believe this was sourced from a female.