What happened man?



Good to report, but I want to chime in and say I havent noticed any bruising or damage from the procedure so far.

Is there anything else you noticed after your shot procedure?






Doc didn’t use a turniquet for mine.

Had the 1st of 6 shockwave therapy sessions today. Will keep you guys posted.

IDK man I’ve seen numerous testimonials they work for people.

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Had my 2nd shockwave therapy session yesterday.

I can say my erections are much more firm than before and my girlfriend can confirm this. I mainly got this for sensitivity purposes ad havent noticed much but the effects take time.

Seriously noticeable increase in erection strength.


Shockwave therapy

Keep us updated bud and god speed



Update: The shot and shockwave therapy helped erection strength absolutely. Not so much for sensitivity.



awesome man, I appreciate you coming back. I’m buying one of these now (which Is why I messaged you,) I’ll keep everyone posted. the machines are expensive at around $1k, but they are much more affordable than the treatment prices I’ve seen quoted, which are around $3k for 6 treatments. @Burito101, you may want to look into buying your own device if you want to continue treatments, wayyyy more affordable. glad you’re doing well brother



I think the shot itself had more effect than the shockwave therapy. But I agree getting your own machine is cheaper.

The shockwave therapy is absolutely painless. Doc literally put the gun to my knee cap and pulled the trigger and felt nothing.

The shot for the most part is painless. Doc applied a heavy amount of numbing cream to my dick and then used lidocaine injected directly onto the nerve to numb the crap out of your dick.

Don’t look at him put the needle in. Last thing you need is to see a needle go 6 inches deep into your cock and not feel a thing



I actually, as crazy as it sounds, got a whole PRP kit with a centrifuge to spin and make my own PRP like they do in the docotrs. didn’t cost much. haven’t had the nerve to use it though. pretty sketchy, but the evidence stands, PRP is useful, and I think those who are mostly recovered besides sexual health sides are often just dealing with calcification and “plumbing issues” that can be helped a lot by something like this. what would you say your erection quality is compared to pre-fin, if you don’t mind me asking?



70 to 80 percent? Its hit or miss, sometimes I get lucky and get so hard my dick twitches with every heart beat. The improvement was seriously noticeable.

I wouldnt do the PRP by yourself. Doc injected it into 5 specific sites and used liquid transferring device in order to transfer the plasma from the centrifuge to the syringe. Last thing people need is a dick infection imo



nice man, that’s wonderful to hear. I bet you’d be pushing a full recovery and beyond if you balanced your body a bit more. My sensation, loads and orgasm came back after fixing brain/body balance stuff. Now I just need to unclog some I’m thinking.

what does your diet/lifestyle look like, are you pretty balanced?



@Quest Do you mind sharing what it is you did that worked for you? I’m having all the same issues



all the stuff you’ve heard before. eat clean, for me that meant paleo, sleep 8 hours, balance everything to what a normal human body should have, for a long time. be happy. this is overlooked and part of the reason why I think many stay in a really bad shape. no one is happy on these forums, and you can’t blame them. depression wreaks havoc on your body, and it’s a viscous cycle with this illness. Think of being happy as any other supplement. it’s probably the most beneficial “supplement” you could take, really think about that. additionally, cycling CD’s herbs helped a lot along with a lot of stuff the hacks---- boys are doing. there’s also something to be said about what really light ar inhibs do when you hit the sweet spot. obviously we don’t like talking about that here, but I genuinely believe anything that alters AR at all in a very mild way has a tendency to create a snapback that seems to strengthen everything else. fasting was also hugely beneficial and will help everything along. counteract whatever it is you’re dealing with. I used to be cold all the time so I’d make it a point to keep my junk warm every night and I think that stopped a lot of further neuropathy.

it’s taken a long time but I’ve seemed to normalize except for some sexual sides and all over drive. this usually takes the longest anyways so i’m not too worried. I could obviously write a book about everything that could help but this is it in as few words as possible.



This shot is offered by doctors all over the US. It is sometimes referred to as a p-shot.



I take you didnt have shrinkage or muscle loss issues?



mine wasn’t as severe as many have mentioned, but everything seemed to slowly come back after time and continuing to “bend” my body. at first my body resembled a more estrogenic body type that I reversed through bringing my BMI down to very little with fasting and then putting back on weight with lots of exercise, lifting and lots of cardio. I think cardio is very important. I also think that most people don’t have the discipline to keep up with a serious program, like what CDNuts has outlined. Do 3 months of vigorous protocol and you will see progress. It will increase your baseline and your health will get to a place where you can start experimenting with things.

Without improving your overall health, and setting a strong foundation, you wont be able to “bend” your body enough to push it gently into a place where you can feel better. I think that’s how a lot, if not every recovery seems to happen. there is a pattern here. People normalize their bodies, they start getting good sleeping, eating and mental/physical health. they can then start really using supps to push around their baseline and they get a snapback, similar to how your body will heal old scars if you wound it lightly enough to resurface the area that was originally scarred (dermabrasion.) This is a metaphor, but essentially how I see your bodies baseline working.

Putting that into other words: If you are at 50% pre-fin baseline, and you do 6 months of CDNuts protocol that brings you to 80%, then you start messing around with some more supplement cycles, throw in some fasting and pushing your mind mentally and physically, you may feel shitty at first, but if you manage not to crash yourself, your body will come back stronger. You may be at 90% after a few cycles of whatever it is that you are interested in. It seems to be irrelevant a lot of the time what you actually cycle as long as it interacts with a lot of systems, like tribulus. We’ve seen a LOT of tribulus recoveries lately. I don’t think it has much to do with the light testosterone boost it gives, nor all of the other stuff in it. I think it directly alters your Androgen receptors and your body pushes back and finds a new normal that is in a more positive direction. This same logic can be used on light AR inhibs, which actually make me feel better than trib. but I’m talking really light. Trib crashes me easier than, say licorice root will, and I feel better on lic. there’s likely multiple cases where different supps will help your body chemistry specifically, so you really have to pay attention to what your body is asking for and then cycle it.

Again, you cannot cycle anything if your body isn’t in an adaptable enough space to handle pushing on AR, or the subsequent dirturbance of your bodies balance that it will create. The more you can push AR without messing up your “balance” the more of a snapback you will get. I think this is why CD’s protocol is so good, because your always cycling so many things that mess with AR, and a lot of stuff that has no effect, giving your body enough time to recover.



Any morning wood increase?