this “Doctor” on doctorsstudio dot com appears not to be a Medical Doctor and is posing as one. No M.D. anywhere on the site. Anyone can call themselves 'Dr", e.g. Dr Phil.

 Thanks for clearing the record nopecia

Please stop bumping this thread Dut…we get it…you want us to buy this miracle shot…


I don’t see what the resistance is, if it is helping others, I don’t see why it won’t help the guys here with these specific problems, anyway, I made my point. I know Jorbie that you think that it is more likely that I am making money off of anyone anywhere in the world buying this shot than that I am just trying to help people, how cynical you are! I wish!


It could make the penis bigger but would it do anything for the testicles? My testicles have shrunken a lot. I wonder if this shot would increase bloodflow in the penis and also help the testicles.


Have you tried HCG? That should rebuild your testicles even with PFS, PFS never seemed to interfere with HCG’s action on rebuilding my testicles (as they shrink from testosterone injections).


I am not sure i want to do that now i don’t want to introduce foreign stuff into the body i want to see what the heck i can do naturally before trying stuff that could potentially make things worse. Thats just my opinion, i don’t know what to do at the moment to be honest,


Hi Guys Im having this shot next week. I have not been able to maintain an erection for 6 years but this year i have started to get morning wood again. So i am hoping that this will help. Will let you know


Best of luck keep us posted


Dr. Roy is a DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine) which is actually an alternative credential to an MD. A DO can prescribe medication and basically do everything an MD can but the education is slightly different.

I’m curious to hear back if anybody goes through with trying the treatment. I’m cautious about everything I hear but always hope for the best.


Any new experiences?


Has anyone tried this yet? I would love to hear some feedback. I see more and more doctors are offering this in my area, so I’m wondering if it’s worth a shot?


Did anyone ever do this or what ?


I’m getting the priapus shot and 6 sessions of gainswave therapy starting on Monday.

I talked to the anti aging doctor and he said a guy who had prostate surgery due to cancer and loss all sensation in his dick completely recovered so well he actually now has premature ejaculation issues. He even gave me his patients phone number to back up his strong claim.

IDK guys. If a dude who literally had his dick nerves surgically cut up made a complete recovery then I don’t see how it couldn’t at least improve our situation. The guy he mentioned had to get two priapus shots and 12 gainswave sessions but he suggested I should only get 1 shot and 6 sessions.

I will keep you guys posted.


That sounds really promising. Let us know how it goes

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I’ll have to research this, what is the cost of treatment?


$1500 for the shot. $1500 for 6 shockwave/gainswave therapy sessions. It’s really expensive.

I’m in a position where I can do this and will report everything. Please note that the guy he talked about had to do this twice which was $6000 total 2 shots and 12 wave therapy sessions for that prostate cancer dude.

This isn’t an instant fix. The shot only starts working after 4 weeks and is completed after 4 months. I still have to do the wave sessions with the first one on the same day as the shot.

Some dude here posted a link to a study showing finasteride damages nerves like the pudenal nerve. These treatments are specifically designed to regenerate nerves and promote healing. So my guess is that there is a chance these procedures can at least restore nerve activity in the groin area. No mention about libido

I have very positive expectations about this and will keep you guys posted.


Please do share your experiences. If you do, You’ll be the first in 5 years of this thread! Wishing you good luck.


Had the shot today. The shockwave therapy machine needed repairs so I’m going back tomorrow for the 1st shockwave session.

On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain was either 1 or 2. I highly suggest not looking at the needles being driven into your dick as it will be scarred into to your mind…at least for me but not painful at all due to the numbing cream.

I will report back tomorrow after the 1st shockwave therapy session. Then I will report back one month later.

Yeah it’s a needle being driven a total of 7 times into various spots of your dick but quite pain free. Truly a 1 out of 10 pain wise


Woke up with a boner the morning after the shot. Wasnt even thinking about anything sexual, it just stayed up at like 70 to 80% strength.



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