So I was complaining to my HRT doctor again (as I have mentioned one of the world’s top doctors), he offered me IV vitamins and some other stuff. I thought about you guys here when he said he has this new “Priapus shot,” apparently it’s a big deal. I suggest you google it, it improves penis size, sensitivity, ability to get erections, and it is a medical thing, just a shot.
I wonder if this could help some of you guys here who aren’t working properly, I have a potent sex drive, but when the crashes hit it drops a bit, besides, who wouldn’t want a little more size. That I found interesting, I googled it and was impressed.
Just wanted to share this with you guys.


Sounds interesting! Do you know if any MD can administer it? How much is the shot and how safe is it? We can’t depend on FDA’s approval since it is completely worthless.

I googled it and ran into some forums with guys who had another disease that had this done to restore function. I am not sure about FDA approved, this hormone doctor I go to believes in combining a lot of vitamins and vitamin injections and some interesting stuff. This shot is performed by a doctor, apparently guys are using it to grow their penis size, you have to read about it. 
Supposedly restores everything, hey, if I only need the shot once and it adds an inch or two onto my dick, well hell, and enhances everything else, can't hurt. Not sure of the price, but I am sure it is probably expensive, but not too expensive, because they want to sell as much as they can. I would do some research and find a local doctor doing it.


I just emailed a doctor in UK who offers it to ask if it might help me. Lower libido and sensitivity are my only problems. Thanks for the tip, I’ll let you know.


Seems to me like this shot could help a lot of guys here, help get the word out on the forum.


Why isn’t anyone talking about this shot?! It is being used by men with other diseases to cure sexual dysfunction, 1 shot and your sexual function, sensation, returns, guys are even using it to increase penis size. Google it and find a doctor who does it nearby, I don’t know why anyone isn’t talking about this, I posted it, and only a couple replies. My HRT doctor told me about this, I am going to do it, I don’t have the sexual dysfunction guys here have, but I am getting it done anyway, why not!?


This guy seems a little too eager for us to buy this product…


Yeah it seems his “cure” didnt fix his cock.


depressed guy, I don’t have a problem with my cock that needs to be fixed, why do you always have to post such negative shit? Here I am trying to help and share information and you always have to say something nasty to me. My hormone doctor mentioned it to me in email and I read about it and it looks pretty cool, went on forums and guys are using it with other diseases that cause problems.
I have my PFS under control and am managing it with HRT in low doses, I am not what I used to be, but I managed to get myself to a happy balance with low level HRT.


Oh yea Jorbie, I am profiting off the entire endeavor, anytime anyone anywhere gets this new worldwide famous shot, I get a piece, give me a break. You guys are so cynical, you can’t even accept that someone is simply trying to share information and help. You really make this forum a place that is unwelcoming to people sharing information from their experiences. I happen to have access to the latest stuff as I used to be an exec of an anti aging company, so I was sharing it.


I emailed a doctor in London about it and he replied:

I hope you are well, thank you for your enquiry and sorry for the tardy reply as I was attending my other clinic abroad.

Iam very familiar with Post Finasteride syndrome, as Iam also a hair transplant surgeon and I do have a lot if hair loss patients.
I believe the P shot will give you a very good chance of increasing your libido and enhancing your sexual life quality, the neovascularization with blood-derived growth factors was mentioned as a possible future therapy for erectile dysfunction (ED) as early as 11 years ago.
Recent research demonstrated that the use of PRP improved penile circulation and nerve preservation/rejuvenation, the growth factors in the PRP work by rejuvenating the Penile tissue and increasing the blood supply to the penis, this along with the penis pump that I give you post procedure to use at home as well, gives you a big chance of improving, considering that the PRP is extremely safe procedure, with the very good feed back from the patients with different background indications, I believe it’s a very good option for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries.

Best regards


I did a quick google search on this. Looks like it generally costs around $1500 and the effects last about a year.

Id like to do more research before I start seriously considering doing this. Id also like to hear from other pfs sufferers how they reacted to it. Is anyone considering this?


I emailed the doctor in this video to ask if she thinks it would help guys with pfs.

I’ll let y’all know what she says.


3 guys have done stem cell treatment. Including getting injected into the penis. Jotez, Kentucky, and BP. Joetz claimed much improvements at first but later said it went away. Kentucky didn’t say much. BP said no improvements other then mental. However he couldn’t say that mental wouldn’t have improved on it’s own. Maybe if you have mild sexual sides and no neurological issues it could help.


I’d be even more skeptical if he replied said, yes. Considering how many people believe this is even a real condition.


MCI, this isn’t just stem cell, it is something new


nopecia recently posted that some book cured him. You can see how this gets very exhausting and ridiculous. No one reading this could ever take it seriously. To much crazy shit going on.


MCI, what does that have to do with the PRIAPUS shot, I found guys on forums with some really serious and fatal diseases that recovered sexual function with this shot. Why such resistance? This is as accepted as Botox now, my penis works fine, but I have read others here have completely dead penises, so I don’t see why they don’t try this. Just google it, seems to be very great results, my hormone doctor was raving about it, he is an anti-aging doctor, super renowned and doesn’t need money or business, he is really into this stuff, said it is amazing.
A book is ridiculous, but a who to fix just penis problems? That is reasonable.


It wouldn’t be so crazy if you took the time to understand before criticising. A book didn’t cure me of PFS. The book cured me of CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome), a different problem - although it may have been triggered by PFS. It’s a condition caused by tension in the pelvis, and the solution is really simple.

I still have PFS problems and I’m going for more testing next week to figure it out.


To be honest, it’s like you intentionally went out of your way to misread what I wrote. Here is exactly what I said:

Please don’t misrepresent my words or claims.