To date, four members have had their immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels tested and all of them have come back above normal range.

Could this be a clue to our syndrome? IgE is the most powerful isotype of immunogloblins and it is capable of triggering the most powerful immune reactions. Did it trigger an autoimmune response against DHT or the 5-alpha-reducatse isoenzyme? The world’s leading endocrinologists and urologists are hapless when it comes to treating post finasteride syndrome. Is it because they are not looking at the biggest piece of the puzzle?

Get tested as soon as possible to shed light on this mystery.



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What did you get tested? Anything besides ige?

Complete Immunoglobulin assay

igG subclasses aka igG 1, 2, 3, 4?


IgG 1179 mg/dL (700-1600)
IgA 254 mg/dL (70-400)
IgM 77 mg/dL (40-230)
IgE 29 IU/mL (0-100)

Immunoglobulins are just one test we need to disprove an autoimmune theory.


you have normal level, so no auto immune possibility?

I think high IGEs can be a result of low free cortisol.

I think more people should get this test done and other testing in this area. I think more people should get off their arse and explore what these test results could actually mean rather than filling the forum up with meaningless spam.

what is the test name for IgE? what should I tell my dr to write IgE test?

My inmune response got better in my subjective opinion after leaving gluten outside my diet, I feel a lot more normal

My IgE is 330 (KU/I) <100

3000 IGE. It has dropped significantly since I started Dupixent though.

Any improvement in symptoms?

IgE 1050 IU/mL (0-499)

You could add elevated ige antibodies for myself as well. I also have allergies. Would it seem more then not have elevated ige that have tested this so far?
One question would be if these are elevated in anyone that doesnt have an allergic reaction on skin prick tests, as this antibody is not exclusive to allergies.

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Idk why this thread ever died out

Interestingly enough, I had elevated IgE As well. I can’t find that lab result, but I remember high IgE specifically because the doctor said maybe it was caused by allergies.

Interesting anyways!

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Once again idk why this thread died out