Post-Drug Syndrome Surveys

Please participate in a valuable research project if you have experienced persistent symptoms for a minimum of three months after stopping finasteride, isotretinoin, serotonergic antidepressants or another endocrine-disrupting substance catered for by

Through completing the survey, you will contribute to the accurate characterisation of these conditions. The survey may be saved, closed and resumed at any time. This survey can only be submitted once.

Click HERE to take the Post-Drug Syndrome Survey

After submitting your Post-Drug Syndrome Survey, you can take part in additional surveys to report your therapeutic responses and the results of your clinical tests

Please note: You must complete the Post-Drug Syndrome survey (above) to participate in these projects!

Click HERE to take Survey 2: Therapeutic outcomes and notable reactions

Our second survey records the reactions members have to therapeutic attempts and and/or substances taken for reasons other than relief of lasting post-drug symptoms. This could include food and medications. Please note: You may continually update and revise your reports in this survey by revisting the link after submission.

Click HERE to take Survey 3: Clinical Tests

Please submit structured results from your clinical tests on a given date, for example blood tests. Please note: You may take this survey multiple times for each date you received results from clinical tests. Please revisit the link to add additional dates and tests.